Feb 06, 2014

How To Make Your Subject Glow In Photoshop

<h2>layer FX</h2>
The Layer FX Dialog in Photoshop is packed with a ton of great features that can be applied to any layer. If you have not checked out this area of Photoshop before now, be sure to do so, it has features like Outer Glow and Drop Shadow.

In today’s episode we show you how to add layer FX to duplicates of a layer. The reason we use duplicates is to stack multiple effects. What if you want two different Outer Glow effects on your layer?

Here are some of the other features of Photoshop we cover in this episode
– Layer Opacity vs. Layer Fill
Lock Transparent Pixels
Layer Mask Hides Effects
– Layer Fill

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    Jeff Kennedy

    Ok, so why did you fill the duplicate layer with black? Wouldn’t the effect be the same on just a duplicate layer? Confused. 😉

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      The duplicate layer with black is set to 0% fill so you only see the layer effect, which is then slightly tweaked and masked.