Jul 23, 2014

The Quick Start Guide to Photoshop (Pt.1)

The Quick Start Guide to Photoshop

Photoshop is such an expansive and powerful program but all the power in the world means nothing if you don’t know how to use it. We created this 3 part Quick Start Guide to Photoshop to help you get to know the program before jumping in and making changes on your images. We cover the proper settings and preferences to get Photoshop working well – Part 1. We also show you the commonly used tools and features to give you a head start in Photoshop. We have found that learning a few tools will allow you to do 90% of your photo editing – Part 2. You will also learn how to properly save and export your images so they display perfectly on the web and allow for easy changes later – Part 3.

Lightroom Vs. Photoshop

When it comes to editing images there are many different options, Photoshop is just one of them. Before getting started with Photoshop it is important to know whether it is the right program for you. While being very powerful it may be overkill for the type of editing you need.

Lightroom is another great option if you are looking for something a bit more simple. If you are just looking to make general adjustments like exposure and color, Lightroom may be the better option for you.

Advantages of Photoshop

  • Advanced image editing, ideal for retouching, compositing and local adjustments
  • More control than Lightroom.
  • Pressure sensitive tablet support (Wacom)
  • Layers and Masking

Advantages of Lightroom

  • Quick image editing, ideal for correcting color and exposure
  • Great for general adjustments that effect the entire image
  • File Organization and Culling
  • Batch Editing and Syncing

Settings and Preferences

In this episode we cover general settings and preferences that will help you get Photoshop running well. Feel free to adjust your preferences to fit your style of editing. We show you how to increase the amount of “undo” available and how to turn off features you may not need – saving computer resources in the process.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are so many things you can do in Photoshop to make images better and that sometimes results in taking a long time. The best way to save time in Photoshop is to use keyboard shortcuts. Knowing your keyboard shortcuts inside and out will allow you to work very fast and get much more done in less time.

In this episode we show you where to find a list of keyboard shortcuts and how to modify or add your own keyboard shortcuts.

General Overview

Photoshop is a complex program with many tools and features. It is important to know your way around the program if you are to use it well. In this episode we outline the general structure of Photoshop to make using the program easier.


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    Hey i Love your tutorials!!! I was wondering if you could make an episode on how to add colour to a black and white picture. It doesn’t haven’t to be perfect colour but my step dad ha asked me to add some colour into some really old pictures and I have no idea how.

    On a side note Phlearn has changed the way I view everything. I see the detail and variety of colours that are in the world. Just thought I’d say thank you!!

    • user image

      Phlearn already has a video on doing this just have to search for it.

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    You are successful and have a great sense of humor Aaron 🙂
    I am writing from Turkey.
    I have a problem in buying pro tutorials. I have written two times but nothing has changed so could you please help me?

  • user image

    Thank You So Much !

    I been looking for a real fun tutorials since a very long time .

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    Thank you so much Aaron and Phlearn!!! I’m really enjoyed to learn Photoshop with you guys!!! When I watched this tutorial I did the same color settings like you advised. I changed RGB to ProPhoto RGB and when I upload my picture I mark “Assign working RGB: ProPhoto RGB” and my picture turns different color for example more reddish. Do you know what’s that and how can I fix it?

    • user image

      This is what I have when I try to open picture. It says missing profile. Could you help me please to explain that?

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    LD Matte - Rowdy Rajun Cajun

    Aaron I could kiss you right now but it would be like your mom kissing you (LOL). I’ve been stressing over this color profile because I knew you said you used ProPhoto but I was unsure how to get it back to SRGB for the web. I can’t tell you how much stress I was having over this one thing…..You ROCK!! Thanks so much!!!

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    Thank you Aaron. I watch all of your tutorials and no matter how much I think I already know, I ALWAYS learn something new. You and your team ROCK!

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    I was wondering what photoshop program you use and where can I buy it. By the way I love your tutorials.

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    Nicolaas Strik

    I watch Phlearn and Kelby for Photoshop help. Neither offer any help for a newbie like me. I need step-by-step instruction for the basics of Photoshop. Does anyone know where to find such instruction?

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    Rebekah Cooley

    I was trying to find tutorials to help me out before starting my computer illustration class (which I’m suppose to take after digitals skills, ooops) and I can say phlearn tutorials are going to save my life.

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    A friend told me about your site, and I’ve been watching your amazing tutorials for the past several days. I’ve used photoshop for a number of years but only the very basics because it seemed so intimidating. My goal this year is to become a more proficient user and your tutorials will help me to succeed. Aaron, you’re amazing, you make learning Photoshop fun and interesting! Thank you.

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    Jimmy Park

    Is this cs6? I’ve watched alot of your video’s and I can’t seem to find some of the options you use

  • user image

    What do you have for the person who knows NOTHING about working with photoshop? I would like to know how to set up photoshop CS6 and work with a mouse until I acquire a tablet.

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    Could y’all do a video comparing lightroom to photoshop with the pros and cons of each? Right now i just have Elements and I want to get into more photoshop shop stuff but idk which i should purchase and i actually watch all your videos because i find them so informative even though i don’t have the full software.

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    janet temples

    I could not change my settings when you click on photoshop and then general on my photoshop cc would not let me do it is it bec im a free trial

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    Larry Marx

    I an amateur photographer and started with Anthony Morganti’s videos on Lightroom 6. I had purchased Photoshop CS5 when I took a course on beginning Photoshop at the high school for adult education. I have not used it until now. Your course is very interesting and I am impressed with your videos as well. Kudos.

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    Stephanie Baima

    I have the full version and that is not what mine looks like. What do I do?