Jul 22, 2013

Remove Distractions Instantly With Photoshop’s Patch Tool

Remove Distractions Instantly With Photoshop’s Patch Tool

The people at Adobe know their stuff when it comes to making photo-editing software. CS6’s content aware patch tool is able to reconstruct parts of an image amazingly well. By creating a new layer and making sure content aware has been checked, we can use the patch tool to simply select and remove the horizontal power lines. The best part is that when we get to a part where the vertical power lines intersect, the patch tool rebuilds them, and only removes the horizontal lines.


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      It’s a tutorial – just a pure explanation of the tool, how it works, and some hints and tips with it.

      Not a professional retouch of a picture.

      Buy the erik almas dvd, full retouches in there. Or buy a phlearn pro!

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    Jesse Herzog

    Love it! Those are streetcar cables, not power lines though, btw.

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    Jacob Daniel Glauninger

    I normally create two layers. I use the dust and scratches tool paired with grain, gaussian blur, and noise reduction on the bottom layer and erase from the top.