Mar 24, 2017

How to Remove Haze in Lightroom + Photoshop

How to Remove Haze in Lightroom + Photoshop

A bit of haze can be beautiful in photos but it can also obscure detail. Adobe recently added the Dehaze filter to remove haze simply.

In this episode, you will learn how to remove haze in Lightroom and Photoshop!

Download the Sample Image

How to Remove Haze in Lightroom

Adobe recently added the ‘Dehaze” filter in Lightroom. Navigate to the Develop Module and scroll down the right sidebar to get to the “Effects” tab.

Here you will find the Dehaze filter. To remove haze, slide to the right, to add haze, slide to the left.

If you find that removing haze makes your image too dark, lighten the shadows in the Basic Tab in the right sidebar.

How to Remove Haze in Photoshop

Photoshop offers the same Dehaze filter, although it is a bit hidden.

To access Dehaze in Photoshop, duplicate the background layer and go to ‘Filter-Camera Raw Filter’. Here you will have access to the same editing tools that Lightroom has to offer, including Dehaze.

Go to the ‘FX’ tab and slide the Dehaze slider to remove haze!

In this example, we also use a Curves Adjustment Layer to brighten the area around the subjects.

Download the Sample Image

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  • user image

    Tried several times, cannot make this work using the curves > select > fill with black > invert > blur.
    As soon as I invert the selection looks perfectly normal, then deselect as per video blur is then applied to whole image. So where am I going wrong do you think?

  • user image

    I have, and use, the De-Haze tool in LightRoom but, didn’t know it existed in P/Shop …this will be so handy down the track!!

    As usual you make your training sessions fun, bright and lively!!

  • user image
    Monte Evans

    I have watched many of your tutorials and I like them a lot.

    I have a question about your dehazing tutorial. Why didn’t you simply mask out the two people in your second Photoshop layer so they did not become darker with the “dehaze”. Generally, I like the look of your finished product, but this time I thought the blurred elipse you created looked rather fake and unnatural. Simply painting the subjects back in like they looked in the original image, or brightening only the subjects, would have been more natural and much simpler.

  • user image

    I had to change my password which turned out to be a pain. Now when I type in my email & password, it just keeps reverting to the sign in page. Very frustrating. This is not the first time this has happened.

  • user image
    Karl Shreeves

    Very cool. I use dehaze a lot. It is also in the adjustment brush of the Develop Module/RAW filter, so you can paint the effect just where you want it as an alternative to relifting the shadows with the slider or a curves layer. You can also mask the filtered layer in Photoshop.

  • user image
    Chưathấyquantài Chưarơilệ

    I can not download image,
    Can you guide me how to download

  • user image

    Is there a way to simulate the de-haze effect in older versions of Photoshop? I use PS 6 and Lightroon 4, neither of which has a de-haze option. If there is a work around could you create an action for us? Thank’s … Mark

  • Wagner Bizza

    Ótima vídeo aula.
    Parabéns mais uma vez pela aula e pela iniciativa de passar o seu conhecimento a nós. Sou fã do PHLearn.
    Parabéns e obrigado

    • Wagner Bizza

      Parabéns mais uma vez sou fã do canal e de toda a equipe. Sempre acompanho as aulas e as novidades aqui do Brasil.
      Grande abraço a todos.

  • user image
    Mike van der Lee

    Please take note that De-Haze is only available in the cc-version (“Lightroom CC” – subscription) and not in the stand-alone (“Lightroom 6” – “single app license”) version.