How to Create a Parallax Effect in Photoshop & After Effects


Out-of-this-world compositing and extraordinary effects! Learn how to blend multiple images into a science fiction scene, create futuristic effects, and use foreground and background elements to make a stunning parallax effect.


  • 76 Sample Images
  • 2 Photoshop Brushes


Table of Contents

  • 01 - Getting Started
  • 02 - Create an Outer Space Background
  • 03 - Cutting Out a Subject
  • 04 - Sci-Fi HUD Graphics
  • 05 - Create a Realistic Heads-Up Display
  • 06 - Laser Effect
  • 07 - Adding Type
  • 08 - Lighting Effects & Coloring
  • 09 - Create an Alien Landscape Composite
  • 10 - Color Matching
  • 11 - Cut Out Multiple Subjects
  • 12 - Place Subjects in a Composite Photo
  • 13 - Create a Moving Image Parallax in After Effects

Learn Animation

What is Parallax?

The Parallax Effect can be applied to any composite image in a way that brings new life and dimension into an image. As the camera moves, the objects in the distance appear to move more slowly than the objects close to the camera.

The included After Effects Parallax tutorial includes everything you need to create your first parallax.

Custom Brushes

Designed by the Phlearn Team, these space-age graphics were created with versatility in mind. Mix and match the elements and play with color for your very own futuristic look.

Discover Blending Modes

Explore artistic editing options and learn how quickly you can accomplish them with a simple Blending Mode adjustment.

Composite Panoramas

Here at Phlearn, we’re known for giving you all we’ve got, and that certainly rings true for Parallax. For this tutorial, Aaron ventured into the desert to capture 5 incredible panoramas, which you’ll learn to stitch together manually.

Add Planets

Learn how to blend and color additional planets into the final image. These same techniques can be applied to just about any composite image you create.

Lasers, Parallax & Alien Worlds

Take your Photoshop skills to a galactic level. Learn how to create multiple science fiction-themed images from scratch in Photoshop.

18 Cut-out Images Included

Not only will you receive high-resolution photos produced in the Phlearn studio, you’ll receive the cut-out PNGs to work with as well.

Bonus Headshots Included

After you master the headshot tutorial, test your knowledge and explore your creativity with included bonus images.

Heads-Up-Display (HUD) Graphics

Designed by the Phlearn Team, these space-age graphics were created with versatility in mind. Mix and match the elements and play with color for your very own futuristic look.


  1. Just completed the head shot tutorial, learned loads and really enjoyed it. Struggled trying to warp the text into perspective but that was due to my lack of skill 🙂

  2. I will fell that my like is completed when i will have finish all the Phlearn Tutorials. Until then we gotta keep learning.

  3. Its Really Cool and Fun compositing . but i face difficulty on After Effect i don,t have basic with After Effect

  4. cool effect but the one i would like to learn is the one you do the movement on arms, legs and different parts of the body….thx…

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! And thank you! This tutorial makes things so much easier!

  6. (verified owner)

    Yet another great tutorial. Well worth getting.

  7. Excellent

  8. Male models could have been more masculine, but this is just an amazing tutorial.

  9. (verified owner)

    Yet again – max rating from me as I am downloading the tutorial (:

    I am sure Phlearn has produced top quality material once again.

  10. (verified owner)

    Love this tutorial, I always wanted to learn After Effects and you have shown some basic animation. Thank you once again Aaron, hope in the near future you can show us more after effects animation.

  11. (verified owner)

    Awesome Tutorial, the only thing I would love to see in future Pro Tutorial would be some BTS or a bit information about how you shot the headshots. Cause the choosing the right light setup will help a lot for composites like that.

  12. (verified owner)

    Parallax is another excellent series of tutorials at the high quality that PHLEARN and Aaron Nace provide with all their training programs. I only watched the first video-tutorial 01 Parallax Getting Started and all the information about this new training program incite my imagination and intention to learn more about photography post-production and using special effects to generate the images from our own imagination!

  13. thansk

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