Jul 14, 2016

How to Use Content-Aware Crop in Photoshop

How to Use Content-Aware Crop in Photoshop CC2015 5.0

Adobe just released a new version of Photoshop CC2015, version 5.0, and with it come some great new Tools. In today’s episode, learn how to extend the Size of your images using Content-Aware Crop.

How to Use Content-Aware Crop to Rotate

If your photo isn’t perfectly straight, you can use the Content-Aware Crop tool to straighten your image, and it will automatically fill in missing area around the corners.

First, click on the Crop Tool and be sure to check “Content Aware” on the top toolbar. This option will only be available on the latest release of Photoshop, so if you haven’t upgraded your software, be sure to do so.

Next, click on your image to activate the Crop Shield. Bring your cursor to the outside edge of your image and make sure a curved double arrow appears, this is the cursor for rotation. Once the rotation cursor appears, click and drag your mouse to rotate your image and click Enter. The Content-Aware Crop tool will rotate your image and fill in the corners with information taken from the rest of the photo.

How to Use Content-Aware Crop to Extend Your Image

You can also extend your image by clicking on the Crop Tool and checking “Content-Aware” on the top toolbar.

Click on your image to activate the crop shield, the mouse over one of the sides of the image until you see the double arrow. Click and drag outwards in the direction you would like to extend your canvas.

This Tool will work better on simple images like a beach scene.

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  • user image
    Larry McMahon

    Sometimes on a “Portrait” you don’t allow enough room for a crop and so when you do crop say to an 8×10, it doesn’t fit. So will this new tool add enough space (if it’s done right) to allow you to go to say On 1 Perfect resize and get a good crop?

  • user image
    Michael Eyre Photography

    Great tutorial, as always Aaron – thank you.
    This new tool will be very useful.

  • user image
    Moses Kailie

    i really love your tutorials. you have made to love Photoshop. thanks guys and God bless you for your service.

  • user image
    Janice Kendricks

    I liked this class. It was easy to follow along. I enjoyed learning how to use this. Thank you.

  • user image
    M. VanB


    Is this available in CS6 version, or is that also considered old?


  • user image

    I have 2015.5.1, and it no longer works like this. There is no check box, and the words “content aware” do not appear in options bar. Instead there is an icon, which does not toggle. When you enlarge with the Crop tool it fills in with the background color. You have to commit to the crop BEFORE the content aware fill begins. I just spent what seemed like a half day on line with Adobe “help.” They wanted me to throw away all my preferences to try to make it work. So glad I didn’t listen and finally figured it out. If you use it in a future tutorial, you might want to give your viewers a heads up.

    I love love love you and your tutorials.

    • user image
      Michelle Porter

      I have the same problem Susie. The crop shield options are grayed out and I can’t even find what the icon is supposed to look like. How did you work it out?