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Aug 13, 2012

How To Create a Cinemagraph- Part 1


Awhile back this post was pretty popular and many of you wanted to know how to put together something similar in photoshop. Today’s episode will cover everything you need to know about shooting for a cinemagraph, and tomorrow we’ll cover how to bring it all together in photoshop!

Cinemagraphs are animated GIFs, a file format that is neither a photo nor video.

Shooting video for a cinemagraph is better than stills because you can shoot 30fps, meaning you have many more shots to choose from later and the final GIF will flow together better.


  • make a plan- what will move and what will stay still?
  • plan so that it “loops” well
  • keep it subtle and start simple
  • shoot video if possible so you can have a higher amount of frames per second
  • use a tripod
  • Portraits typically make a more interesting cinemagraph

Final GIF


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    Awesome tutorial Aaron! But the second part seems to be missing. Is it published anywhere?

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    I would like to embed your photo on my wiki so my students can understand what a cinemagraph is. Would that be possible as I already have imbedded your youtube video. I want them to see the finished product

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    Sebastian Ortiz

    Very Cool, Aaron. Amelia is lookin’ beautiful as always. You’re okay too, Aaron, I guess. .. HeeHee!

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    How did you mount that Bogen Clip to the end of your handle?  I would love to do that to mine.  I only have one screw hole in the middle. . .  Thanks.   Great tutorial by the way. . .