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Tips for Removing Distractions

Apr 13

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Working With Commercial Clients

Today I’m editing Zach’s image for a sock company, and because this image will be used to advertise the socks and not the bike he wants to get rid of all the logos. See the best ways to select, paint, and mask out certain areas of an image and add detail back in. There are a few different logos we need to get rid of so we’ll use a combination of methods to get the same result.

  • Ttstinger

    You using CS6 beta on this tut or what? Just sayin that looks like the CS6 interface

  • Ttstinger

     Ahhh 3 mins in you explain!

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  • Maria Dolgopolova

    You are so talented and patient, Aaron! For the last month I say  this: ‘Reading photoshop manuals and video tutorials will give you nothing even if you spend 50 hours on this, but 10 minutes with Aaron and you are an expert’. Surptisingly, but it is really so! The reason while I’m writing this is of course to say thank you and your cruw for doing all this amazing thigs!

  • Christopher Odd

    Awesome video man.  I am super attracted to clean/distraction free images!  Also, tell Zach his work kicks ass ;)

    (Zach’s link doesn’t work, you have it as

  • Milla K

    There’s still one Fuji in there ;)

  • Balint Alovits

    That was useful Aaron! Thx a lot!

  • Jason

    link doesnt work 404 error

  • Aaron Nace

    Fixed it, thanks Jason

  • Aaron Nace

    Thanks so much Maria!

  • Roman

    very cool! Thanks. But you’ve missed one fuji logo ;)

  • Zachspinner

     Thanks brother!

  • Kevin

    Great episode on a very practical application to anything photoshop.  1 small request… there anyway to get these images to work with while we watch the video?  It would be so helpful to my type of learning.  

  • Marius Manastireanu

    great tutorial, you are a great teacher :)

  • Laszlo Mag

    The best spent 0 bucks in my entire life. Awesome. Thank you!

  • SaGa

    Was thinking the same thing while watching this (Y)

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