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Take Multiple Exposures In Camera to Combine Later in Photoshop

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May 10

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Click here to watch behind the scenes video of this shoot explaining the lighting!

Layer Stacking

Since we’ll be pulling together three separate images, it’s important that they’re aligned to each other correctly. Doing this manually we be a challenge, but by using Photoshop’s layer stacking function (File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack), we can get it done perfectly in a matter of seconds.

Removing Lights

One of our main goals is to remove the stripbox on the left, which is great because we have a photo where it isn’t present! By using a temporary curves adjustment layer, we can pull up our exposure and see exactly what we’re doing. Masking in the layer without the stripbox will get rid of it without the need for a clone stamp or altering the rest of the image.

  • Dugdale

    Awesome! Thanks for that tutorial!

  • Philippe Maurice

    Aaron you should do a video version of the Jaime Ibarra workshop most of us cannot make it because we are all around the world , so do a sort of a creative live version ( no need to stream ) just sell it as you do with your pro tutorials

  • Bob Bell

    Wicked tutorial Aaron. Cheers :)

  • Alvaro Perez

    Thanks for share!!! Amazing tutorial, photo and photographer!

  • Paul Frocchi

    ha! Aaron Nace is a superstar!

  • JJacques

    Aaron Nace is tha boss of photoshop

  • Azza Hill

    Nailed It! Very helpful, Thanks.

  • claude laramee

    Thanks Aaron ! You always amaze/inspire me !

  • Waseef Akhtar

    OMG Phlearn just gets better and better everytime I head over. I’ve been completely busy these days and it’s really hard for me to keep up with Phlearn. Can’t wait for the exams to get over.

  • Christian.Addy

    BIG fault on your tutorial : you speak too many speedy ! Teacher have to speak slowly if they want to be understood !

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