Jul 14, 2015

How to Create Collage Templates in Photoshop

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Learn How to Create Collage Templates in Photoshop in this episode! This is a priceless technique for anyone with a blog, website, or someone just wanted to combine a few images together into one.

Section 1: Prepping the Images

Start with a blank document and load your images into Photoshop. We choose to go to File – Scripts – Load Files into Stack. This pulls all of the photos in at once. Then, group the images together (Ctrl/Cmd + G).

Section 2: Utilizing Groups & Layer Masks

Pull the first image that you want to work with out of the Group you just created. Then – this will sound odd – group it with itself (click on the layer and press Ctrl/Cmd + G). Next put a layer mask on that group.

This process alone is what allows us to create the sections separately, and you will see later how convenient it makes everything!

Next, fill that group layer mask with black (making the image invisible). Grab the marquee tool and create a rectangular section anywhere you’d like.Now select the layer mask and fill it with white (Shift + Delete). You will see the image show up only where that marquee selection was made. You can scale the image however you’d like, and it will stay right inside of that selection! Woohoo.

Section 3: Defining Precise Sections

If you’d like an image to be split directly in half, you can create a new Color Fill Layer and hold Ctrl/Cmd + T. Then move the center point over to one side, and change the width or height to be 50%. This will split that color layer right in half! This is a quick and easy way to get proper measurements.

If you’d like an image to only be visible in that Color Fill Layer, group it with itself just as we did before. Then, Ctrl/Cmd + Click on that Color Layer. That will create a layer mask right where you need it.

Section 4: Playing with Section Shapes

Keep in mind that you can make these shapes to be whatever you want! For our last example, we use the same technique but use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to make slanted diagonal shapes. This can create some fresh and fun looks for a website or blog.

Have fun with this! Combining multiple photos together into one image can have a really lovely effect!


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    Awesome video! I sometimes need to create a collage and I ended up using an online tool, not great, but this method of yours is great! I’ll try it ASAP.

    I also want to ask you if you could make a tutorial for this kind of photos, people holding, interacting and looking at holograms or transparent tablets/phones. It’s a pretty cool, hi-tech concept. 🙂

    • user image

      Awesome idea Stefan. Yes Aaron please, that would be amazing. Greetings from Perú 😀

  • user image

    Thanks again for a wonderful technique. I just used this for some group pictures. It’s nice to do something different. Most times something different means to study…most people will not the forth the effort. But you tackle it. Thanks.

    • user image

      Thank you for watching! Is there anything else you’d like to learn?

      • user image

        Brilliant tutorial Aaron; thanks! (I’m hooked and phlearn is the first website I visit each day hahaha 🙂 )
        I’d love to learn how you did your video intros with the different photo transitions – slide down / in etc.

  • user image

    thanx for tutorial,,really nice and easy to learn… keep it up 🙂

  • user image

    hey Aaron , when i fill layer with foreground colour, make free transform, control the point to the to the left (over the other point ) and change width to 50% the layer thumbnail doesn’t make it 50% of the photo ??? thnx in advance

  • user image

    Sir I desined this logo in Photoshop.
    Is it fine?I’m trying to learn photoshop.
    So i often watch phlearn tutorials…

  • user image

    It was really really helpful for me!!! I manage to do it even though I’m a begginer in Ps…your tutorials inspire me to learn more & more 🙂 thx

  • user image

    Great video. How do you add borders between the different images to make it a little bit fancier.
    Thanks a lot.