PHLEARN MagazineA Look Back at 2018: 40 of the Year’s Best Photographs

A Look Back at 2018: 40 of the Year’s Best Photographs

Flying high above the ice-capped mountains or deep below the sea, face-to-face with an apex predator, or perched along the edge of the world to spy into a landscape reminiscent of a dream, the best photos have the power to instantly transport us to a perfectly captured moment in time.

Join us in this journey around the globe, as seen through the lens in 2018. These photos made us feel incredible joy and brought us to tears, taught us to appreciate the beauty around us, and inspired us to protect it.

From fine art to photojournalism, vast landscapes captured by drone, and the normally-unseen details of macro shots brought to life, some of the best photographers in 2018 provided no shortage of incredible moments in time, their subject and composition as diverse as the artists that shot them.

While there are many more amazing pics that we no doubt missed, here are our top 40 picks from 2018:

As photographers and artists, your work has the potential to create a global impact, just as these top 40 photos from 2018 did. So, while aiming your camera over the next 12 months, what will you focus on? What striking images can you create from behind your lens? What moments in time will you capture and what places will you transport us to? It’s all about the feelings your images evoke.

Maybe your next shot will be one that takes us on an incredible journey, leaves a lasting impression and maybe even ends up in the best of 2019!

As we look back and celebrate the 40 best photographs, don’t forget to take a look at the 91 Best Photoshop Tutorials as well, which is regularly updated to include the most recent finds from around the education world.

Brooke Arnold

Brooke is a writer and award-winning photographer specializing in cat portraits. She is an advocate for rescue animals and is best known for dressing up her cats as famous people like Bob Ross and Evel Knievel. Her biggest claim to fame, however, is being child #2 in an orange juice ad that hung in a mall in Miami at age 8.

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