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Letter From The Editor


Over the years, as the number of tutorial viewers and subscribers has grown, we’ve not only witnessed the great skill and technique of individual photographers and photo editors develop, but also the formation of an amazing community of creatives that transcends industry, age, and nation. We’ve seen a Phamily form.

Among this diverse community are photographers, designers, writers, illustrators, entrepreneurs of many stripes, and storytellers. And what connects everyone in this Phamily is a drive to become more skillful in their creative pursuits.

So, beyond photo-focused tutorials, we asked ourselves: How might we nurture even more creativity within this remarkable group?

Our response to this question was informed by feedback received from the Phamily paired with something that we love here at PHLEARN: great stories. Naturally, we needed somewhere to collect and share all of these stories, so we started a magazine.

PHLEARN Magazine is an online publication that looks behind the scenes at the creative process of photographers, artists, writers, and creative professionals, by sharing honest stories of their successes and failures.

Everything we share aims to move readers to be more successful in their creative endeavors. After reading an article, we want people to feel like their limits have expanded and that they can now dive deeper into their craft.

Each month we focus on a theme specific to the creative life. Then, every week, we post new stories that explore those themes through narrative essays, interviews, and other creative content. We also send out a bi-monthly newsletter containing all of the latest posts from the site, along with delightful gems to keep you creating and/or laughing.

A prerequisite for all our magazine contributors is that they demonstrate courage and care in the stories submitted. As a result of this criteria, we are proud to pass along insights and learnings that come from incredibly talented and transparent people.

If reading this has motivated you to share a story of your own, we invite you to reach out to us with your submission idea. Simply fill out this form so we can get to know you better. I look forward to making your acquaintance.

All my best,

Dane Johnson, Editor

Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson was the former Editor of PHLEARN Magazine, where he helped creatives share their stories. Dane currently is the co-founder of Clementine Coffee Roasters and he accepts most assertions of his hipster-ness and millennialism without flinching.

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