Sep 25, 2014

How to Make Facial Hair in Photoshop

How to Make Facial Hair in Photoshop

In today’s episode, we give you the gift of facial hair! Whether for fun or for professional retouching, creating hair can always come in handy.

Creating a Custom Brush: Step One

The first and possibly most important step is to make one single hair with the brush tool. This hair should be as perfect as possible and match the other hairs on the face, because it will become the custom brush. If you want to create stubble, simply make the brush a little smaller to resemble a single spot of stubble.

Create a white background around the hair by using the marquee tool. Then, after selecting the boxed hair, go to Edit -> Define Brush Preset. After it is saved, you can open it in the brushes panel.

Creating a Custom Brush: Step Two

Spend time playing around in the brush menu! Many little adjustments add up to an amazingly realistic look. Make changes such as increasing the angle jitter, roundness jitter, scattering, opacity, spacing, etc.

If you don’t feel like creating a brush from scratch, you can download the Phlearn Custom Facial Hair Brush below:

A Hairier Face

When you are satisfied with your custom brush, it’s time to paint! All you have to do is paint on the face where you want the hair to be.

Remember: hair is not always the same color, so a good mixture of lights and darks is important when making realistic facial hair. Hold ALT/OPT and sample multiple colors as you go. Another secret is to paint with white to create some highlights.


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    Hello sir, am Blankson from Ghana and a design and illustrations student of KNUST and wanted to know how well is MacBook Air i7 good for editing such as what you’ve been teaching always

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    tarek sami

    This are the pics XD
    I need to remove this bit on the headphone wire XD

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    tarek sami

    I did it. And it’s pretty cool. 😀 But after I finished I realized that I need to remove so hair and I can’t!!
    How to remove some hair after finish 😀 ?!

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    Awesome tutorial! Extremely well presented, very clear and with all the information you need. And ice on the cake: watching Aaron’s tutorials is a lot of fun!

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Creating my own facial hair brush is very demanding. I sent an email to support for their “free” brush, sadly they sent the link for the MAC system. I need Windows version. I resubmitted my request accordingly.

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      What are you talking about? the brush file format is universal and the link is right there. You must be doing something wrong.

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    I really appreciate your dedication on giving us all of your great knowledge and skills, your explaining techniques are brilliant.

    Thanks a lot, Aaron and crew!



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    Great tut! I had learned not only how to do and use this facial hair, but I got my first experience with brushes; a big step for me into learning the basics of Photoshop.

    Thanks a bunch.


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    hi my name is magnus i’m just starting to use photoshop and i download your brush thing and whatch’t your vidios and i got the adobe photoshop cc 2015 and when i opened the file there pop’s op a message where it said that it was the wrong photoshop

    forgive me if there is some failes in the message becuse im 12 years old and danish so forgive me +_+ ps: i like your vids

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    hai bro u r using which version of photoshop plz reply me bro plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    omg i’ve always wanted to see my self with facial hair!!!
    (my first time on photoshop since 2012)

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    Richard F Randolph

    I appreciate your enthusiasm Aaron. I’m just learning Photoshop and I’m amazed at what you do with it. Thank You for the Facial Hair Brush.

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    What if I want to do the opposite, that is, lessening the hair on a female cheek?

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    Richard Cooper

    Hi Phearn
    If you use pressure sensitivity with fade the hair tapers fron thick to thin. You probably know that but it does help make the hair look more natural.
    I think your courses are great. Best people retouching using Photoshop.

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    Is it possible to port that to gimp? Creating a custom brush is easy. But what about the variations and brush-settings there? How to to that? Does an addon for gimp exists?