Sep 25, 2014

How to Make Facial Hair in Photoshop

How to Make Facial Hair in Photoshop

In today’s episode, we give you the gift of facial Hair! Whether for fun or for professional Retouching, creating Hair can always come in handy.

Creating a Custom Brush: Step One

The first and possibly most important step is to make one single hair with the Brush Tool. This Hair should be as perfect as possible and match the other Hairs on the Face, because it will become the custom Brush. If you want to create stubble, simply make the brush a little smaller to resemble a single spot of stubble.

Create a white Background around the hair by using the Marquee Tool. Then, after selecting the boxed hair, go to Edit -> define brush preset. After it is saved, you can open it in the Brushes panel.

Creating a Custom Brush: Step Two

Spend time playing around in the brush menu! Many little Adjustments add up to an amazingly realistic look. Make changes such as increasing the Angle Jitter, Roundness Jitter, Scattering, Opacity, Spacing, etc.

If you don’t feel like creating a Brush from scratch, you can download the Phlearn Custom Facial Hair Brush below:

A Hairier Face

When you are satisfied with your custom brush, it’s time to paint! All you have to do is paint on the Face where you want the hair to be.

Remember: hair is not always the same Color, so a good mixture of Lights and darks is important when making realistic facial hair. Hold ALT/OPT and sample multiple Colors as you go. Another secret is to paint with white to create some Highlights.


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    Taylor Morgan

    Hey Aaron, I am a long time subscriber to your youtube channel. I have been using Photoshop myself almost from the beginning. I learn so many new techniques from watching your videos. Thanks man, you are awesome! My daughter came to visit us this last Sunday for her 30th birthday. She took a selfie of the two of us on her cellphone. I have attached it. What I would like to know, if you would consider doing a video on this, is there anyway the quality of a cellphone picture can be improved. I really like the composition of the picture and how we turned out in it. I know that a few things in the picture can be fixed really easily – like her hair strands on my shirt or the speaker and wire on the wall. It isn’t very hard to do some exposure and color correction either. The picture is 72dpi with an overall size of 1200 x 1600 pixels. Would reducing the overall pixels to a fourth (300 x 400) and increasing the dpi to 300 help with beginning to get some clearer detail in the picture? Or is it never going to happen? Thanks for your help and drop me a line if you ever come to town (Las Vegas) and we’ll grab some coffee or something. Keep up the good work.

    • user image

      Not bad for a selfie! The quality probably has to do with the camera on the phone more than anything else–looks like it might have had an autofocus mistake. It’s usually hard to keep a phone still while you take a picture like that and the camera shake from your hand will cause softness. Photoshop has a method for correcting camera shake but it only works so well (Shake Reduction filter). Some sharpening would definitely help but reducing the dimensions and upping the DPI won’t do anything unless you intend to print. DPI is only a factor when printing. In digital form pixels are all that matter (unless I’m mistaken). Other than that some color correction could help, the picture is awfully cool from what looks like a flash. A warming adjustment layer (photo filter) or a curves adjustment could help with that. I know you were asking Aaron and not me but just thought I’d give my two cents. Hope that helps, cheers -Todd

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    Love your tutorials… they are fun and you make it easy to learn. Love the host. Great attitude and he makes you wanna keep learning. Keep up the great job. I’m a fan

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    It has been 1.5 years from the last time I checked internet for this tutorial.
    Never found it until now.
    Thank you Aaron! <3

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    Its not all that important ;)

    how to make this look better? suggestions?

    note: uber compressed because filesize limits.

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    Guillaume Gross

    Hello there 🙂

    Just a quick tip if somebody didn’t know: if you want to move something precisely but your snap option is on, just hold down the control(or command) key and as long as you’re holding it, it will automatically turn off the snapping 😉

    • user image
      Nelson Nieves

      That is an awesome tip… thanks!!! I love having the snap on at all times but there are times when it’s snapping and I don’t want it to so this shortcut will be very useful… =)

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    [email protected]

    Great tut.
    That’s more like it !

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    [email protected]

    Thank you Aaron. I’m always amazed with your tutorials. You’ve got a fan here.

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    That’s a cool tutorial and thanks for the brush – I’m gonna try and have as much fun with it as you appeared to be LOL

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    Cheers Aaron & everyone involve in this amazing proyect!! I’ve learn so much and I’m so impress that you guys share all this good feelings and experience in Photoshop, way an incredible tool, but without any masters willing to freely and disinterested pass that wisdom it will be a sad world. Thanks a lot, best of luck and keep up!
    from Chile

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    Do Tung

    Thank for this tourial, but how to do remove facial hair ??? Please help me ! Thank so much

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    Tony Young

    Related to this tutorial, I’d like to see a future tutorial on how to “shave” stubble from a guys face and remove a 5 o’clock shadow.

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    Great tutorial, I never stop learning from you.
    With Halloween coming up a “photochop” horror tutorial would be cool, there are loads on the web but you are the bees knees my friend ..

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    Big fan of u Aaron…good work,
    thank you for given Great tutorial, I never stop learning from you.

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    Ken Byrne Photography

    Just class as usual my man. However i am Irish and we Dont talk like that 😉

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    Lal De Saram

    Hello Sir,
    I am very happy to say, that I saw your facial hair brush and the most out there for us as beginners to Photoshop CC. Your explanation is very clear that could understand eassilly for everybody. I thank you very much and I like you very much and you are real, nothing hidden.
    Thank You,
    All the Best,

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    Trevor Coultart

    As well as using angle jitter and the rest, could you not just use Hue Jitter in the colour dynamics area to avoid the ned to keep resampling colours?

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    This was a great practical tutorial presented with humour. I can make my grey-muzzled greyhound look young again. Thanks.

  • user image

    As per usual, excellent tutorial. Can’t wait to do this effect to a picture of my mother in law (and yes, I’m totally serious).

  • user image

    Good Tutorial – Thanks Aaron… I think this brush will come in handy sometime soon…

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    Dushko Zafirovski

    Hey Aaron, tnx for the amazing tutorial. This is my before and after pic:)

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    Toufique Ahmed

    bro thanks a lot for making a good tutorial.I watched your tutorial video but i dont do like as you.kindly let me know are you using photoshop seven or what?i’m not find hardness 79% only find that is pixel 3.but your custom beard shape and mine are very difference.i’m using windows.How to Phlearn custom facial hair brush include on my photoshop.please help me out.Here is my image.How to create this beard ?

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    Natalli Rodgers

    Omg this is an awesome SUPER AWESOME tutorial!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! You are a life savor!!!

  • user image

    in which edition of photoshop that custom facial hair brush work, it didn’t work any of my editions

  • user image

    how to add any object to a potrait?????
    I will be pleased to see a video on this…..
    Thank you!!!

  • user image

    Thank you for the brush and the great tutorial! Used it for a project I’m working on in school right now.

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    I’m driving myself crazy because I’m new to photoshop, how do I download the hair brush and where do I put the download? Thank you

    • user image

      hi , click the link ^^^ , it will open as a zip … then go to where photoshop is in your computer i.e program files86 find adobe photoshop >presets>brushes then drag the new brush into the brush presets in adobe and you will find it in your brushes folder when you launch the program 🙂