Oct 23, 2014

Turn Teeth into Sharp Fangs in Photoshop

Making Sharp Teeth in Photoshop

Are you ready for our fourth and final Halloween episode?? Learn how to shape teeth into sharp fangs to give your images some real “bite!”

Shaping and Coloring

Start by sketching out what shape you want the teeth to be. You can do this with just a simple brush tool to get an idea of what you’d like. Then, use the pen tool to trace the outline of the teeth. Once that is complete you can sample colors and paint with the brush tool (Hold alt/opt and click to sample). You can also use the clone stamp tool to sample things like specific highlights.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are clone stamping a highlight, use the lighten blend mode to help eliminate any dark areas.
  • The pen tool produces a very sharp result which most likely won’t match the original tooth. It’s important to add the proper amount of blur to make your new teeth look real, and this can be done with a gaussian blur.
  • Ultimate rule for faking teeth: don’t make them too perfect!! feel free to add little ridges and imperfections by selecting chunks with the lasso tool and then painting them out with a layer mask.
  • For a quicker and not as thorough method, use the liquify tool to shape the teeth. This is best for the bottom row of teeth.


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    Hi Aaron, thanks for these fantastic tutorials. I’m learning a lot from them.

    I was wondering if you have a method for making lightning bolts. I want to incorporate a lightning strike into an image but I don’t want to use someone else’s lightning bolt (and I don’t want to wait for the next storm to try to photograph one because that can be a long wait when you live in Arizona).


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    Aaron thanks for all the great tutorials. I learn something every time a watch one. It always reminds me that there are always different ways to get something done and my way always is the hardest.
    I have been doing more work with video using photoshop. Is it possible to carry edits from one frame to the next frame. Such as a mask and is it trackable?

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    Awesome as ever.
    I’d like to see a tutorial for adding muzzle flashes to images where the subject has a gun.

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    great video i was wondering do you have any tutorials on how to put a spooky house into a forest
    love your videos

  • user image

    Hey Aaron and Phlearn!
    love your videos, they are so much fun! my idea for a tutorial would be how to add realistic beams of light to cars, hiking headlamps, lighthouses and so on! thanks for the great tutorials! Your awesome!

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    Julian Ali

    It would be cool if you could show us how to DRASTICALLY extend body parts such as necks and arms, like how photographer GL WOOD did for N.minaj’s Pink Friday cover or Aaron N. has done in his own personal portfolio. Thanks for listening – Julian Ali

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    Thanks, nice, impressive!!. But what I missed today is the behind the screen ….:))

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    verena greh

    I used the pen tool. but when i tried painting with the brush, it always goes over the edges of the tooth (that i did with the pen tool). what am i doing wrong?!