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How to Draw Attention to Your Subject in Photoshop

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How to Draw Attention to Your Subject in Photoshop

Photographing a subject on a blank (seamless) backdrop is very common in the studio and will give you a nice clean look. Sometimes you may find yourself wanting to add some interest to the backdrop in Photoshop and this episode is perfect for showing you how it is done. There are many ways to add interest to a Background, but this is one of the simplest and most effective.

Getting Started

We start out by using the Clone Stamp tool to copy some of the flowers from the headdress onto a New Layer. Then we convert each of the two layers to Black and White and change the blending modes to “Soft Light”, this gives a subtle Texture to the Background. After scaling the layers a bit larger to fit the Background we use a Layer Mask on their group to make the effect only visible on the Background.

Draw Attention to Your Subject

Photoshop is a great Tool when it comes to drawing attention to your subject. You can use things like Color, Saturation, Sharpening, and Exposure to Draw the viewers eye to a specific part of an image. In this tutorial we show you a great technique for Sharpening just part of your images, helping the subject’s eyes stand out.


Coloring your image in Photoshop is fairly easy and can give you effects that would be very hard to capture straight out of camera. We Color the background a bit on the cool side and then add some warmth using Curves over the subject’s Face to help bring attention to that area.


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