The Beginners Guide to Special Effects

The Light 5 Videos (2:13h)
  • 01 - Intro and Planning
  • 02 - Removing Distractions
  • 03 - Coloring the Body
  • 04 - Blending The Body
  • 05 - Coloring and Exposure
Breaking the Mold 4 Videos (1:40h)
  • 01 - Intro and Planning
  • 02 - Warping the Subject and Background
  • 03 - Creating the Transformation
  • 04 - Details and Finishing
  • Easy
  • 4
  • PS
  • 100 out of 5
    6 Reviews

It’s 2 Phlearn PRO Tutorials in 1! Follow along step-by-step to create 2 incredible images from start to finish. If you are interested in learning dozens of tool and techniques to propel your working knowledge of Photoshop and photography, look no further. This is it.

Tutorial Instructor: Aaron Nace

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Skills You Will Learn

  • Coloring
  • Pen Tool
  • Special FX

Change your perception.

In this Phlearn PRO Tutorial, you will learn about compositing, advanced coloring, advanced texturing, how to use the pen tool to create advanced selections and much more. All of which is essential for adding realistic special effects to any of your images.

Blend and Composite

Learn the secrets to compositing and blending multiple photos together to create seamless, stunning effects. From start to finish, you will see how each image is adjusted and combined using Photoshop.

Make Perfect Cutouts

Follow along as we explain the correct tools and techniques to cut out subjects for their image. Learn how to use the Pen Tool to create paths and turn the paths into selections. Create incredible selections and speed up your background cleanup.

Remove Distractions

Refine your images by removing unwanted distractions. Master multiple techniques that will allow you to remove literally anything leaving only the focal points you decide.

Bonus Pen Tool Video

Sometimes the best way to create advanced selections is on your own using the Pen Tool. This Phlearn PRO Tutorial includes a Bonus Pen Tool Video with in-depth instructions.

Transform your reality.

This tutorial 2-pack is perfect for beginners and pros alike. While the tutorials are very easy to follow along, we cover so many tricks and techniques that even expert users will find an opportunity to learn something new.

Perfect Color Match

Create the most believable composite image by matching the colors perfectly. Learn how to adjust the colors separately between shadows, midtones and highlights to create an accurate and realistic color match.

Dodge and Burn

Learn how to dodge and burn in new ways to help blend images together. Alter the highlights and shadows to create extra details in specific areas. Use what you learn to add style and interest to any image.

Sharpen the Details

Learn how to selectively sharpen different areas of the image to draw attention to where it’s needed. Usually, the subject of the photo should be a bit sharper than the rest of the image to catch the viewer’s eye. The most subtle details can make the greatest impact.

Retouch, Quick and Simple

Learn time-saving techniques to significantly speed up your retouching process. Follow along and learn how to easily color-match skin tones from different areas of the body to give any subject a more uniform look.

As real as it gets.

When you perfect the details in your images using our easy-to-learn methods and techniques, even you will start to believe they are real. Don’t leave details to chance or luck ever again. Give your images the professional quality they deserve.

Paint by Hand

Sometimes you will want to get rid of an object in your image but will not have enough information to use tools like the clone stamp or healing brush. In this tutorial, you will learn how to paint by hand to completely re-create areas of your images from scratch.

Blending Modes

Use multiple layers to blend different textures. Learn how to stack layers and adjust powerful blending modes to achieve an effect that blends texture into skin.

Liquify Tool Best Practices

Make your subject look their best without looking unnatural using the liquify tool properly. Use what you learn to dramatically alter the shapes and tone a person bringing attention to the right places. This is a great tool for building additional special effects.

Create Blurs

Use a creative blur to help draw attention to specific parts of your images. In this tutorial, you will learn the most important parts of using a blur and how to make it look as though it is a part of the original photo.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Awesome tutorial and I feel like I learned a lot of things from it!

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    Awesome tutorial. Thats my result 🙂

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    this tutorial is more enough to the beginners…………but little things want more effectively

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    I think this is fantastic tutorial! Thank you!

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    I have just start looking at this guide and i am very impressed.

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    More great tutorials. The hand painting was challenging with a mouse but I wanted to try even though I have a tablet as well.

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