Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

How to Create a Pop Art Effect in Photoshop


Tap into your inner Warhol by creating pop art in Photoshop! Learn how to transform any photo into eye-catching graphic art as we walk you through multiple examples using the included Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Brushes, and custom textures. From bright and vibrant coloring, to comic book-style halftone effects, we show you how to create your own stunning works of art.


  • 6 Sample Images
  • 14 Custom Textures
  • 15 Photoshop Brushes
  • 1 Photoshop Action
  • 1 Photoshop Pattern


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 | Introduction
  • 01 - What You'll Learn
  • 02 - Loading Actions, Brushes, Patterns & Textures
Chapter 2 | Pop Art Effect
  • 01 - Side Profile Portrait
  • 02 - Woman with Palm Trees
  • 03 - Mosaic
  • 04 - Male Portrait
  • 05 - Woman in Doorway
  • 06 - Strong Shadow

Create a Classic Pop Art Style

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop



Pop Art Effects in Photoshop

Born out of the 1950s and 1960s, pop art captivated the world by blending of individual creative expression with the pop culture trends of the day. Television, advertisements, mass-market products, and comic books all became sources of inspiration for artists to create images both striking and meaningful. Now you can recreate that classic pop art style using the magic of Photoshop!

Pop Art Style

Classic pop art is often characterized by bold colors, traditional print patterns, and a comic book-style. We show you how to take any photo and recreate it using vibrant colors, dark lines, and realistic print and paper textures.

Photoshop Actions, Brushes & Textures

This course comes with everything you need to start making stunning pop art right away! From Photoshop Actions to make the workflow quick and easy, to custom textures that create the look of traditional print and paper art styles. And if you’re looking for more great creative assets, we have a growing library of Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Brushes, and Lightroom Presets!

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop



Bright & Vibrant Colors

Learn how to separate a photo into different levels of highlight and shadow and then replace those areas with solid colors for a stunning effect. Then paint detail back in for a striking, hand-crafted look. Want to know more about how the process works? Be sure to watch How to Master Layers & Groups to learn everything there is to know about Layers and Layer Masks.

Banners & Advertisements

If you want images that will grab people’s attention, try giving them the pop art treatment! Perfect for posters, banners, and advertisements, these powerful and stylistic looks will surely turn heads.

Eye-Catching Portraits

Looking for a way to make a portrait that’s unlike any other? You came to the right place! We show you how to completely transform portraits using vibrant colors and a bold style. You’ll even learn how to recreate a Warhol classic by making a colorful mosaic portrait.

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop



Transform Any Photo

When we say that these techniques will work on any photo, we mean it! From portraits to landscapes, we break down the process step-by-step and show you how to customize it to work with all of your images.

Pop Art Photoshop Actions

Our Photoshop Actions are built with your creativity in mind. That means not only do they make the creative process faster and easier on you, but they also give you all the power and flexibility to make images exactly how you want.

Print & Paper Textures

Traditional pop art was done using paper and common print techniques. But even though our canvas is digital, we can still get the same effect! We provide 14 different paper textures and print patterns allowing you to recreate that vintage pop art look.

Bold Colors. Unmatched Style.

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Mosaic

Pop Art Mosaic

Learn how to recreate the silkscreen print look of Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe portrait and then turn it into a stunning, colorful mosaic.

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop



From Warhol to Lichtenstein

The techniques in this course are a throwback to two of the pioneers of the pop art movement. Whether you’re a fan of the the colorful mosaic portraits of Andy Warhol or the halftone comic book art of Roy Lichtenstein, we’ve got tools and techniques that you can use to recreate those powerful looks in Photoshop.

Custom Photoshop Brush

We include a custom Photoshop Brush that allows you to both paint over an image with dotted patterns and create screenprinted look when filling in areas with vibrant color.

Customizable Looks

These aren’t copy and paste pop art looks. Once you’ve learned the workflow, you’re free to create your own stunning images however you want.

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop

Pop Art Effect in Photoshop



Duotone Coloring

The creative use of color can be one of the most powerful and satisfying tools in the Photoshop artist’s toolkit. We show you how to apply striking color to any image, including popular duotone styles where an entire image is recreated using only two colors.

Professional Style

Photoshop special effects are a lot of fun, but they can be easy to over-do. We show you how to combine extraordinary style with professional technique for a level of authenticity you won’t find anywhere else!

Photoshop Special Effects

This is just a taste of all of the fun special effects you can learn on PHLEARN. Try creating your own Sketch Effects, Glitch Effects, or spend some time on a bigger project like making someone levitate or visiting another world!

Class Instructor

Aaron Nace

PHLEARN Founder – Class Instructor

Aaron Nace is a photographer, Photoshop artist and founder of PHLEARN. He is the #1 Photoshop instructor in the world with millions of YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Genius.

  2. I invested in a monthly subscription just for this tutorial. I’ve tried so many pop art tutorials and nothing has worked the way I wanted it to…until now. I’ve compared my own images like for like using this tutorial and others, nothing comes even close to the phlearn tutorial. It’s exactly the look I was searching for. I now have a new problem. Having looked through the phlearn catalogue with first hand experience of the excellent quality, I have to carve out some time to get through them all.

  3. Fun course! Thanks again!

  4. Great course, the resources make it super easy to get great results. I’m really happy with what I’ve been able to do.

  5. This was brilliant, managed to create a piece after the first tutorial. Now to perfect the technique.

  6. A fun and rewarding tutorial. I highly recommend this and all Phlearn learning videos!

  7. Very interesting. I believe your stencil action only works on 8-bit images, perhaps because of the PS filter you choose (Or I made some error using it on my own image. Stopped at first, but worked after I converted fm 16 to 8 bit.).

  8. Arron, “HOW COOL! IS THAT?” It’s SUPER COOL! I’ve been watching Arron for about 10 years , who taught me how to use PS. I’ve love Andy Warhol and have created art using Warhol-Like techniques. This video is the BEST of the BEST and is now my New PHLearn FAVORITE!! LOVE! LOVE! this tutorial. Aaron ….the Actions are Unbelievable. It must have taken you months to build those. THANK YOU!!! If you know how to use PS this tutorial is a little tedious with basic information but it’s good reminders and it will be helpful for newbies learning PS.

  9. So much fun, such a great way to get creative and try something new and exciting! I can see myself doing many of these 🙂 Thanks as always!

  10. Thank you Aaron, this so coool. I will get my head around this and practice now. 🙂

  11. Fun and easy understanding.

  12. Awesome… Now photo editing become more fun for me.. Great tutorial.. Thanks Aaron Nace

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  14. I cancelled my Pro subscription because I felt I wasn’t learning anything new. Well, let’s just say I’m back.

  15. Good info on Pop art effect

  16. Lots of great info, again. Thanks!

  17. I had so much fun with this tutorial! Amazing 🙂

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  20. Just amazing work and explanation!! Easy to follow 🙂

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