Sep 04, 2013

Use Custom Brushes to Create Atmosphere in Photoshop

Creating Custom Brushes

To save you the time we have packaged the brushes from this tutorial together for you. Click Here to download the custom Brushes!

Custom Brushes can be used to create many different effects in Photoshop. Often times what you need from a Brush is well outside of the “soft round Brush” that Photoshop comes with as a default. The trick can be knowing how to create the custom Brush that will actually work for your image.

In this episode we cover everything you know to create custom Brushes from scratch as well as use them to enhance your images! There is literally no limit to what you can do with custom Brushes, have fun and create something new!

Final Image

Hover over to view the edit

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    Grady Mitchell

    Hey Aaron, there are so many blending/layer modes in Photoshop that it’s daunting to set out and learn what each one does. Would you consider doing an episode where you go through the most useful ones and describe what they do, and what situations they’re best for?

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      He did one here if you have not seen it:

      It is very informative and gets you up to speed quickly. He tells you which ones he uses most often, and he explains how they are grouped so you can quickly find the ones you need.

      He also tells you how to cycle through the blend modes so you can very quickly see the effect each one has (Press the shift key and then +/- key to cycle through them).

      Some great comments from Phellow Phlearners as well!


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    Wael AlChach

    Hey Aaron

    I had about 5 minutes this morning before starting my daily work to try the brushes that you gave us,
    i like the results they are Awesome.
    This is one of the photos i took before 2 months, you can find the original one on :
    I didn’t gave a lot of time for this but i give it a try in 5 minutes.

    Thx a lot for the good tutorials which you are offering.

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    Flora Fellner

    Thanks Aaron, this episode was great and I think the brushes really helped my picture.


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    Hans Galeano

    Hello Aaron, I used the brush in these two images, thank you for the brushes and for the time you spend creating amazing tutorials….

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    Make sure to tell users to ensure their image isn’t larger than 2500 px or the “Define Brush Preset” will be greyed out. Thanks for the tutorial!