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Behind the Scenes: The Crane

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Jun 08

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The Crane

See the BTS footage of our latest portrait, as well as a sneak peek of the other shot we did that day! This image was inspired by the crane and is part of a larger series we are doing on bird species. I used part of a plastic 2 liter bottle to construct the base of the headpiece and our hairstylist hot-glued white feathers onto it, then incorporated it into the model’s hair using bobby pins and eyelash glue.

Lighting Setup

Strobist Info: WL1600(2) cam right into v flat gelled 1/4 CTB @1/2. WL1600(2) info v flat cam left gelled 1/4 CTO @1/2. WL1600 above model into med. strip box gridded @1/4. WL800(2) into ceiling for fill @1/1. WL1600 cam right into beauty dish @1/16

Paying attention to your light ratios and spot metering will make a big difference with your images. Gels are also a great way to warm up  or add cooler tones.

Post Production

We had a great shot to start out with for this image. Retouching, color toning, and replacing the background gives it much more of an effect to transform it into a stylized fantasy portrait. The most important part about putting a new background on a portrait is getting a great selection around your subject. Once that is accomplished the color tones need to match as well, paying attention to details will make all the difference.

Phlearn Pro

Half price this weekend! Learn to take a studio portrait and turn it into a piece of art in this 1:20 Hr long tutorial. You will learn skin retouching, background replacement, coloring, texturing and more!

Bonus: 5 free textures, 2 actions, and 2 brushes included.


Makeup: Mary Cerjan

Hair: Jessica Tiddes

Model: Madeline Dahlia

Assist: Zach Spinner

Production: Amelia Fletcher

Video: Joh White

  • Itslikeabc

    I don’t want to bitch and moan but a BTS video would be better if it was actually behind the scenes and not some choppy i-know-how-to-do-fast-cuts-in-premiere music video

  • Aaron Brown

    John’s been KILLING these BTS videos for you guys. :)

  • John White

    I got the footage yesterday evening, they wanted it today.  I didnt get to choose what they took video of.  I worked with what I had to make it entertaining. If you are wanting a full BTS video stay tuned to phlearn in the next few months, big announcements in regards to that.  You will be pleased with what is ahead.  Phlearn on! :)

  • fashionrisk

    @ John, I like the video but it does have more of a show reel edit than a BTS video (to me), I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for BTS!

    @Aaron, you HAVE to let us know what was going on with the oatmeal scrub (or what ever that was).

  • Judy

    What was on her skin?  It doesn’t look like it ended up on the final image?  

  • Waseef Akhtar

    This deserves a thumbs up! I’ve never been this productive.. any tips? you might wanna do an ep about that.

  • Artyom

    Да Просто нет СЛОВ) Как все легко и просто у вас получается ))) ну а на самом то деле нет))

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