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Everything There is to Know About Curves

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Aug 06

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Check out these curves.

Today’s episode is a request from Emily in the Phamily who had just bought The Complete Guide to Photoshop and she asked if we could go into more detail about curves. The photo we’re using today is taken by Angela of the Phlearn team, of her friend Betsy.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’re going to talk about everything that there is to know about curves, and also we’re going to show you some cool ways to color your images using curves.

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  • Erwan Lol

    Hey there, 
    I always do all my colour adjustments with curves. Let me know what you think of the use of it and textures in this picture.

  • Hervé Sliwa

    I love curves for color toning…
    Here’s one I was pretty heavy on it:

  • Milla K
  • Alexis Kyprianou

    Hi Aaron I also bought The Complete Guide to Photoshop and found the tutorial very helpfull. Thank you  very much . I was woundering if you please could also do a Phlearn Pro tutorial on Light Room. so like how to get your files imported and organised, adding metadata and  the tools you use and what to do first in Light Room before editing it in photoshop. Like what you did with The Complete Guide to Photoshop tutorial. I think it will be very helpful to some people. Thank you very much!!!   

  • Kārlis Briedis

    Hi Aaron, nice episode, but if i remember right there was aleready episode about curves/levels. But this is good reminder, and we all know that we learn best by repeating our knowladge :) Since I learned about them here last time I’m using them all the time. Thank you Phlearn :) 

  • Andyisdead

    Curves all over the place here!! ;)
    We want Aaron for president!!! :D

  • Cristina Ion

    Great episode Aaron!

    And i am happy that you said  the word “channel” more times that you intended, cause this made me ask you… Would you like to do a similar episode but talking about channels? How to use them? I think would be really useful for lot of us!

    Kind regards and all the best!

  • Aaron Nace

    Great idea Cristina!

  • Lauren

    I use curves for all of my image. You can completely transform anything with curves. The final image is here: Basically I’m in love with curves and that is all.

  • Rich

    I use curves for EVERY image… but with this one I tried for a vintage look:

  • Jana Stormanns

    Hey hey! Thanks for making this great tutorial. Generally, the tutorials on here are extremely helpful and fun to watch. 

    I experimented with curves and blending modes after watching a couple of tutorials, here’s what I got:

  • Rt_phot

    Hi there how do we get the curves that you mentioned on this tutorial? THANKS!

  • Vikentijs Lauruts

    Thanks! ;)

  • Lucky Bastard

    Thanks a lot for the lesson. Here’s what I’ve got)

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