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Join Phlearn for this special retouching tutorial covering skin smoothing, body shaping, adding glow to skin, and much more!

Learn how to add clouds and dramatically alter the sky of your images to bring depth and mood, even if there is a tree in the way.

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Dean Bradshaw
The internet is a wonderful thing. Without it, it would have been difficult for me to learn everything that I have.

Aaron has created an amazing resource for people to learn Photoshop. It's a new world, and Phlearn is leading the way in teaching the next generation of image makers. Never stop learning!
Griffin Beste
I can't tell everyone how helpful Phlearn has been to me as a photographer. Its like an addiction to a substance that helps you get further in life rather than holding you down or burdening you with expenses. Phlearn serves inspiration in a large daily dose of awesomeness; pure fun and light hearted honesty in every free episode made my the team.

The Phlearn Pros, of which I own 15+ of are the most helpful resource of photography tutorials that teach the things that I want to learn; I have never came across anything on the internet like it, and I even own a Lynda account.

I would recommend Phlearn to every skill level of photoshop user, from causal beginner to advanced photoshop masters. I would like to thank Aaron Nace for his enormous contribution to the photography/photoshop world and would consider him one of my greatest inspirations in this field. That being said, I will continue to support the community and Phlearn as a whole as long as I can even past a high level of photoshop proficiency.
Sami Saxon
I have been a photographer for almost 12 years, currently in grad school and have yet to encounter tutorials that blow my mind like Phlearn's. I am addicted to downloading tutorials, even if it's material I have learned at the academy.

Aaron's easy to follow videos are perfect for serious artist. I am currently a finalist in Canon Project imagination because of the material I have learned on this site.


The Brush Tool Gets Better Photoshop has an impressive arsenal of tools when it comes to creating and refining masks. But there’s one little tool that’s so powerful, so almost-magical in its application that you’ll wonder why you never knew a...
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How To Apply Cinematic Color Grading To Your Photos We came across this fantastic tutorial by Juan Melara that shows how to get the colors often seen in summer blockbuster movies. The results look amazing, but he’s working on moving footage in a program ...
Laura Zalenga is a 23 year old fine art and portrait photographer from a cute, small town in the south of Germany. Currently Laura is studying architecture at the Technical University of Munich. She started taking photos at the age of 18 and quickly noticed t...
Add Graffiti To Your Image With The Transform Tool In Photoshop Compositing doesn’t always have to be extremely complex. Sometimes you can use compositing techniques for a simple yet cool effect like adding graffiti into a photo. This technique can also ...
Remove People From The Background Of A Photo In Photoshop Sometimes people get in the way while you’re taking photos. You can’t always shoo them away, but you can take them out in post-production. In today’s episode we show you how to make it...
Hi everyone and welcome to the 53rd edition of Weekend Inspiration! Every week we gather 25 inspiring photos to put a jump start to your weekend! These photos are gathered from both amateur and professional photographers, and there’s always an image or t...
Make your Subject Stand Out In Photoshop With Curves Adjustment Layers Using curves adjustment layers along with layer masks is a great way to draw the eye to a certain place. It may not look like anything crazy right off the bat, but if you check out the befo...
Martin Barker is a 27 year old photographer from Northampton in England. He moved to Dundee in Scotland when he was around 5 or 6 years old. Martin is currently residing between Glasgow and London, however, this does not mean he stays in one place! He has shot...
How To Stylize A Portrait Using Layer Blending Modes In Photoshop Sometime you get a great image from a shoot, but it just doesn’t have enough pizzaz straight out of the camera. It may look like the image below was taken with extremely punchy lighting, b...
Jul 09 Color, Photoshop
How To Fix Colors Using the Colorize Function in Photoshop You probably know about the Hue & Saturation adjustment layer, but are you aware that it can be used to colorize? By checking the colorize box, you can change the hue and saturation of your image t...
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