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Tips to Change Lighting in Photoshop

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Jul 18

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Analyzing What to Edit

The first thing I noticed when looking at this photo is that the paintings in the background are a little distracting. By using the brush tool and sampling the colors from the wall it’s easy to simply paint over them and then mask out the subjects. This helps draw attention directly to the focal point and creates a cleaner photo.

Cropping in is a quick fix to balance your composition. Try using the rule of thirds, already visible when you click on the crop tool!

Light Levels

Curves adjustment layers are great for color toning, as well as brightening the shadows and dark areas of an image. This will make a big difference in your contrast levels.  Darkening the edges and adding a vignette will  also improve the composition. The vignette makes it seem as if the light was falling directly on the dancers.

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  • Mathew Terrance Sato

    waiting on my pat n rub

  • dale

    you are seriously ridiculously talented

  • Cissy / Amara-Photos

    Am using the summer to change my ‘hate it’ relationship with Photoshop into ‘love it’… So many options and it’s really helpfull to see videos like this one. To get a clue what to use for what. Instead of just learning the buttons and then… well, why I would need different colours sliders in the curves?! Ah, okay, getting the idea now! Thanks!!!

  • Claude

    Always amazed as to how you can improve an image ! Bravo !

  • Marek K Nowak

    Amazing edit, very informative.

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Adding RAM to your computer is a cheap way to make Photoshop much faster.