PHLEARN MagazineThe Best Photography Blogs: The Ultimate List!

Best Photography Blogs Ultimate List

The Best Photography Blogs: The Ultimate List!

There is so much information online these days to help us better ourselves as photographers and build successful businesses – from videos, podcasts, tips and tutorial sites, eBooks, in-depth guides, workshops, what have you. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to narrow down the resource options for you. But instead of laying out one massive article with all the options, we’re going to break it down and just focus on photography blogs for this one.

If you’re more of a listener than a reader, you can check out our list of the Best Photography Podcasts. Or, if you want to watch some great videos for photographers, just head on over to our YouTube channel.

Here, we’ve scoured the web for today’s leading photography blogs and broken them down by category to make it super easy to scroll through and find the right ones for your specific interests and needs. Just click on any category in the table below to jump down to that section and read about the top blogs on it. Bear in mind, sometimes it was difficult to choose only one category for some of these, so we did our best to pick the best one for what the blog offers.

We’ll be adding to this list regularly to keep it up to date, so if we missed any, let us know. Here’s our ultimate list of the best photography blogs in 2020!


Light Stalking

Primarily maintained by Rob Wood, this photography blog features the best lighting techniques that you can use. There is a lot of information that beginner photographers can soak up, and expert advice that even the most seasoned photographers will appreciate. You can also take a look at the curated deals from around the web in their shopping section. Light Stalking has an excellent community of like-minded individuals who are more than happy to help, as well as online training to help get you started. All in all, an excellent online resource for any type of photographer.

Photography Concentrate

Focusing on the gear and cameras that the best photographers use, this is a great site that you should check out if you are just getting started in the industry, or simply looking to upgrade your arsenal of equipment. There are plenty of guides aimed primarily at beginner photographers, and a ton of information that you can view to get the best experience possible out of your next photo shoot or camera purchase. The team consists of Daniel, Jill, Kaitlyn, and Kristal, all of whom are very knowledgeable and have helped to create an excellent resource.


An impressive site that hosts one of the largest online community for photographers, 500px allows you to share photos, ideas, build a client base, and get exposure for your hard work all in one place. In addition to the community, you also have access to their blog, which is impressive in and of itself. It contains helpful tips and tricks to get you started in the industry, or to give you inspiration for new ideas that you may want to try but have not been inspired to yet. There is a lot to see and do here, and your time spent while on 500px will be well worth it.


Due to the amount of content on this blog, you may experience longer loading times, but that should not detract you from appreciating all of the content that it has to offer. This is an ideal blog for beginners as well as intermediate photographers and can teach you how to improve your skills and craft. The crew at Photodoto talks in-depth about the correct tools that you will need to be successful in photography; as we all know, having the right tools can either make or break any project. While there are some helpful tips about technique, the spotlight is on the tools used.

William Beem

Being a successful photographer means that you can tell a thoughtful story through an image, and with the help of William Beem, you can become a better visual storyteller. The website is easy to navigate, and most importantly, has a ton of information for beginner and intermediate photographers. Advanced photographers may not find as many useful tips and tricks on here, but it’s still worth looking through it when you have time, as there’s sure to be something to take away. William is the main contributor, and he is able to get his point across in a relatable and easy to understand way, without making you feel like you just enrolled in a night class.

The Phoblographer

Phoblographer is a great resource to refine your already honed skills to get the most out of your shots. With useful product guides and reviews that will help you when choosing your next piece of gear, or how to frame a shot in a way that will catch your viewer’s attention, there is a lot of information on this site that will help you sharpen your skills and develop more of a storytelling way of taking photos. There is a modern yet vintage vibe of this blog which just works, and this is one site that you will want to bookmark, as you are going to be visiting often.

Thomas Hawk

San Francisco photographer Thomas Hawk has created an impressive and unique array of photos on his quest to publish 1,000,000 images. His latest images catalog some of the best restaurants in the county that serve inspiring dishes to make your mouth water. All of these restaurants he showcases with high-quality photographs and well-written posts showing what makes them unique. This is something that is not done too often, and it makes his photography blog stand out from the crowd.

Photographer Spotlight

At first glance, Photographer Spotlight can appear to be a bit bizarre, but it shows us once again that beauty can be found in the most unexpected of places. All of the photos here are progressive in a way that will make you look more closely and question what it is that the photographer is trying to convey, and how it can relate to your life. There are many contributors to this blog, and sometimes that can make photography blogs appear to be disjointed and lack a cohesive flow. However, that is not the case here, as everything melds together nicely.


PetaPixel has been around since 2009 thanks to the creative minds of Michael Zhang and Editor-in-Chief DL Cade. There’s a ton of content to educate new photographers on the necessary skills needed to be successful. There are also tons of resources on this site that even expert photographers can find the value in, and will keep you coming back for more. The content consists of product reviews, recommended product posts, and unique photo shoots that you can take a look at to get ideas for your next shoot, or if you are looking to upgrade your equipment. Photo technology is in a constant state of change, and it is necessary to keep up with the trends to firmly cement yourself in the industry. Thanks to websites like PetaPixel, you can do this.

Shutterstock Blog

Think of this site as a complete beginner and intermediate guide to everything photography. There is a lot of information on here, and once you get your starter kit, this is one of the sites that you will want to look at first. There are plenty of innovative ideas here that can help you create that perfect setting or atmosphere, as well as advice about what not to do. Also, there are some guides and resources that will aid you in using Photoshop and other editing programs more to your advantage. And for the advanced photographers who feel like they may have something to contribute to the community, there is an option to reach out to Shutterstock to become a contributor. Finding a new client is always a plus.

Photofocus Blog

Run by a team of passion-driven individuals, Photofocus has become a leader in the photography resource industry. It has been around for 21 years now and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. While there are not many galleries to speak of on this site, what you will find is a ton of information that you can take with you on your next photo shoot. While it is catered toward those photographers that have some basic knowledge, any photographer can find value in the information here. In addition to the articles that show you some basic and advanced techniques, there is a podcast section that you can listen to as you work, as well as webinars, videos, software tutorials, and a shopping section. The site is easy to use, and you may find yourself spending hours here without realizing it due to how expertly worded everything is.

Advanced Photography Blogs



The primary focus of this blog is to teach intermediate and advanced photographers how to use lighting to their advantage. You will learn some impressive techniques to improve the overall quality of your images. However, it should be noted that even though beginner photographers will still find a lot of value here, it is really geared more towards the seasoned photog. Strobist has excellent blog posts on how to choose the correct cameras, with other amazing content to keep improving your skill set.

Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot will most likely become your new go-to for checking out new emerging photographers of note, all of whom have a fresh take on the industry. Through their compelling and thought-provoking projects, chances are inspiration will strike for your next photo shoot or opportunity. There is a wide range of art featured here, and you are guaranteed to find something that will catch your eye. Major categories are listed at the top of the page, making it easy to navigate to your favorite, and the site has a cohesive flow that features primarily contemporary shots.

Still Searching

Guaranteed you won’t find another blog on the web like Still Searching. This site is continuously growing and expanding its resources and fan base, which ensures that it is constantly evolving. While it may have some of the similar features of a “traditional” blog, it turns all preconceived notions upside down in a way that will open your mind and let you see each topic from a new perspective. Recommended for those who are already established in their craft, as they will get the most value out of this site.

1000 Words

One of the top contemporary photography magazines available, 1000 Words was founded by Tim Clark back in 2008 and is still going strong, if not gaining momentum every year. What makes this site stand out are the narratives that accompany every post, in a way that neither detracts from the writing or the photographs that are featured. Each complements the other in a way that is compelling and will keep you coming back for more. More experienced photographers will find extreme value in the content here, and you may learn something about yourself while you are scrolling through these fascinating stories.


Photomonitor is a unique photography blog that excels in abstract photography, which is not an easy genre to shoot, but if done right, it can be truly exceptional. And that is what you will find here at its core – exceptional art from very talented contributors. They create thought-provoking content that will make you take a second look at their galleries. Another aspect of photography that can be hard to achieve, but when it is done right is a very compelling feature, and one that this blog does very well. Based in the UK and Ireland, and led by a talented crew of highly talented creatives.

Eric Kim Photography

Eric Kim has created an excellent blog that not only showcases his work, but also provides one of the best online resources for more intermediate photographers who want to improve their skill sets. There is so much information listed here that you may get overwhelmed, but if you take it section by section you will soon begin to see yourself mastering every topic and craving more. Expect to spend a lot of time here if you are just starting, and remember that it is the journey that matters, not the destination.

British Journal of Photography

Although it has come quite a way since its conception back in 1854, the British Journal of Photography still stands as one of the leaders of the industry that takes an international perspective on contemporary fine art and documentary photography. Each edition is focused on a theme for the month, which can include regular subjects that are updated as the issue releases. There is quite an impressive spread of photography from various artists, and any lover of fine art will enjoy seeing all that is offered here. Photographers of all experience and skill levels can see how valuable having a resource like this may be.

Ming Thein

Ming Thein has been practicing photography since the age of 16, and even after all of these years, photography is still more of a passion than a job for him, which is what we all strive for. He has taken inspiration from a variety of sources, which shows in his stunning photos, all of which show a unique take on traditional themes. His use of lighting and framing techniques is nothing short of inspired, and simply by browsing his photos intermediate and advanced photographers can take a lot away. He has the uncanny ability to transform something as simple as a watch or a bird’s eye view of a farm into something that looks as if it belongs in a fairy tale.

Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is an impressive and at times enigmatic photography blog that is run by various creatives. At its core, Magnum is a site that tells stories, and it does this extremely well. The mediums used can vary from story to story, but you can always bet on thoughtful writing and the use of artistic photos. Another impressive aspect of Magnum Photos is the sheer amount of time that it has been around. Conceived just after World War II in 1947, Magnum has been cataloging world events as well as telling these thought-provoking stories that it is now known for ever since. Only the best of the best are contributing artists for Magnum, which is why everything is so polished and refined. While this is a site for everyone, advanced photographers will find the use of lighting and other techniques used by some of the world’s best photographers to be particularly interesting.

Educational Photography Blogs

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash


Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

If you enjoy expertly written blog posts that feature beautiful photos then you will find yourself spending a lot of time on this photography blog. In addition to specializing in street photography, Thomas Fitzgerald is also a writer and he melds the two facets together in such a charming and enthralling way that you will find your self checking back here often. Any photographer, as well as a plethora of writers, will find value in this site due to how easy it is to navigate and the available content. Thomas also discusses the gear that he uses and the type of camera that he recommends, which is a huge plus to go with an already impressive photography blog.


As the name implies, this is a photography blog that specializes in the deep blue sea. These high-quality pieces of art taken by various contributing artists show the underside of the ocean that we are not used to seeing, and it is quite impressive. From sunken ships to fish and aquatic life shown up close and personal, this photography blog has all of the best that the ocean can offer. In addition to the stunning photographs you can find on DivePhotoGuide, it is also an excellent online resource for beginning and intermediate photographers. You can see all of the tools that are needed to photograph aquatic life and read helpful articles. Definitely one that you will want to check out.


ORMS is aimed at helping photographers in all of their artistic endeavors, and is a fantastic resource for any beginner, intermediate, or advanced photographers looking to expand their skill set. There is a lot of information listed here that is of value to those who are looking to expand their knowledge and hone their craft, regardless of what style they are seeking to specialize in. In addition to the helpful tips and tricks, they offer repair services for your gear to get you back into the game in the unfortunate event that something breaks or conks out.

The Photo Argus

Setting itself apart from the rest of the pack, The Photo Argus has a multitude of photography categories to choose from, in the form of blog posts that are carefully worded and executed. Sometimes with such an eclectic selection of photographs, there is an aspect of cohesiveness that can be lacking, but that is not the case here. Each category jives perfectly with the others, and the overall theme of life is prevalent across all of them. This is a good resource for beginner and intermediate photographers to hone their skills and develop their craft.

Expert Photography

The team of Expert Photography (put together by founder Joshua Dunlop), has created an online resource for what they refer to as “photography education.” Joshua saw the need for, and lack of, online resources for photographers to develop their skills. Expert Photography was created to fill this void. There is so much knowledge to soak up here, and every photographer, regardless of their level of skill, will find so much value by looking through the blog posts on this site. While this blog caters to those looking to expand their knowledge, there are still tons of photographs that you can look through to find inspiration and examples of tried and true techniques.

Camera Jabber

Stylized and perfectly summed up with the tagline “for photographers by photographers,” Camera Jabber hosts a variety of information available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photogs. There are a lot of resources available, such as reviews, tutorials, buyer guides, and more. The user interface is very easy to navigate and use, and you will find a ton of value in checking back regularly. Technology is constantly evolving, and as a photographer, it is very important to be kept up to date with today’s trends. This site will help you do that, and one of the best parts is that you can see the equipment in use when viewing the images.

David duChemin

David duChemin’s photography blog focuses on the realness that he strives to display throughout his personal life and career. Through his experience, David has crafted not only an impressive portfolio but also put together helpful tips and tricks that he shares with his audience. He loves to travel, and you can see that in his work. Every photo is unique and stunning, and not only shows how he brings out the subject’s emotion during his photo shoots, but also tells a story of what their life is like. What makes this blog stand out from other photography blogs is the fact that he is not only photographing landscapes and the beauty around us, but the beauty that resides within us as well.

DIY Photography

Think of this impressive site as the Pinterest of photography; there are tutorials, tips, tricks, and news posts that photographers of every level can enjoy. This photography blog and online resource is primarily run by John Alred and Dunja Djudjic, and catalogs their experiences, as well as provides helpful ideas and tips that they have picked up over the years. The site is very easy to use, and on the home page, you can scroll through all of the latest stories, reviews, and product guides that may interest you, as well as check out the archives if you are looking for something more specific. This blog is especially useful for beginners as you will be able to find the gear that is recommended for your current skill level, and what type of equipment you should work up to.

Marc Silber

Created and run by Marc Silber, and featuring a look into his mind and work, this photography blog is geared towards beginner and intermediate photographers. It is aimed at making photography fun and easy, by helping you learn from the professionals that have been doing this for a long time. There are helpful videos, articles, and courses that you can take to hone your craft and develop the needed skill set to be a successful photographer. If you are on the fence about delving into the resources that are available here, you can also take a look at Marc’s professional portfolio to see the different techniques he uses, all of which are impressive in their own right. He does not specialize in any one type of photography, and you can see the years of experience in his work, which makes this site a true hidden gem.

ISO 1200 Magazine

Created and run by Matt Palace, who delivers an impressive online resource for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers to develop their skills by looking behind the scenes to see how the lighting was used and other techniques that were implemented. While it is run by one person, there are other contributors, which allows you to see multiple perspectives and different styles of photography. While this is not a blog that showcases Matt’s photos, what you will find here is quite an impressive range of knowledge with helpful tips and tricks, equipment reviews, and insider looks into the world of photography. There are no gimmicks or courses that you need to take, and everything is laid out in an easy to use format.


Fstoppers has a talented team of contributors and is a great educational resource for beginner and intermediate photographers. Although it should be noted that to benefit from this site the most, you might want to consider spending money on the tutorials that are offered. But you can simply browse the site and take away plenty of free knowledge, too. In addition to the tutorials, there are reviews, news, and articles that are added regularly, making this a great website. One of the great things about Fstoppers is the fact that there are not only tutorials for taking incredible photographs, but for using editing programs, such as Photoshop. There is a lot to see and do here, and it is definitely worth the time to check out.

Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video

This can be categorized as a DIY site, or an educational resource for budding photographers. Various tutorials cover a wide range of topics on Adobe Suite, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. And although you can subscribe and have full unlimited access to Envato Elements and Envato Tuts+, it is not necessary to receive the benefits from this site. Every tutorial showcases the project at a glance, as well as how long it may take and what level of difficulty it is. And while this is more geared towards the web design and technical aspects of photography, we know that they go hand-in-hand with the physical aspects of taking photos, and any graphic designer or photographer will see the tremendous amount of value that this site offers.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Scott Kivowitz has created a noteworthy blog that provides not only tips and tricks for beginning and intermediate photographers, but also an insight into his life and career. There is so much information here, and it is all cleverly written in a way that is easy to grasp and understand. If you are the type of learner that does better with videos, than he also has his own YouTube channel that he links to in nearly every post, and you can see how he implements his techniques. This is a site that is best suited for photographers who are starting in the business, but even more advanced users will find some useful information on here. You can take a look through the easy to navigate home page, or view all of his YouTube videos on his channel, making it easy to find the information that you need relatively quickly.

Scott Kelby

It is always nice to find a photography blog that not only has striking photos, but is also very well written, and that is what you get from Scott Kelby. He never takes himself too seriously, while at the same time providing very useful information for beginner photographers in a way that is a joy to read and watch. You can scroll through his easy to navigate blog, or look at his expansive portfolio and see the gear and equipment that he uses. Every photo is expertly taken, and his use of lighting to create mood and atmosphere is excellent.


121clicks showcases photographic artwork from around the globe, with a bunch of different contributing artists from different backgrounds. This is done in categories that show shoots, as well as photos and articles that are categorized by type. There is a lot of information for beginner and intermediate photographers, and all of the photos that are hosted here hold to their intended purpose of telling a story, which you can delve deep into and get lost in. One thing that makes this site so compelling is the fact that the photographs are from all different perspectives, and although some of them may share a similar vibe, you will find that all of the categories somehow seem to mesh together in a way that just makes sense.

Joe McNally

Joe McNally is an acclaimed photographer that people have said is always a joy to work with due to his happy and delightful demeanor. Regardless of the type of photo that he is taking, you can see from his blog that he pours his heart and soul into it, showcasing his experience in the field. Joe seems to strive for excellence, and wants to teach that same ability to his peers who are just beginning in the field of photography. There is a lot of information on his photography blog that beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers can take away and use themselves, such as using props to complement an image. Joe is an expert in creating a central focusing point in a photo while maintaining a sublime atmosphere in the background without taking away from the subject.

Photography Tips Blog

As the name implies, this photography blog is less about the photos and more about providing beginner and intermediate photographers with tips and tricks to improve. While this is geared towards photographers, it is interesting for all types of creatives as well. This is a great online resource that is updated frequently and features an easy to use interface. The crew at Photography Tips Blog has done an amazing job, and it is worth taking a look at.

PHLEARN Magazine

We couldn’t write a guide on awesome photography blogs if we didn’t include ourselves! PHLEARN Magazine and Aaron Nace’s in-depth Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials address common editing hurdles that photographers face and offer easy tips to better your craft. We aim to help any photographer, regardless of skill level, with useful Photoshop and photography tips and tricks to improve your skill set. All in all, every time you visit the site you are almost guaranteed to learn something new.

Exposure Guide

Full of photography tips and basic guides for budding photographers, Exposure Guide is one site that you will want to have bookmarked, as you are going to be visiting it frequently. Founded by Attila Kun in 2007, this is a fantastic online resource for any level of photographer, but especially for beginners. This site does not specialize in one certain area but covers a wider variety of topics, such as the right equipment to choose, composition techniques, and how to take better-looking photos. One of the great things about the Exposure Guide is that it not only helps you with techniques but also with editing your photos after the shot is taken.

Digital Photography School

This photography blog is a great online resource for beginner and intermediate photographers and offers comprehensive tutorials and courses that will teach you the best techniques. There is a newsletter that you can sign up for, as well as equipment reviews and guides so that you know you are using the right equipment for your specific needs. This is run by a group of professionals with the hope and aim to help photographers hone their craft and get better by utilizing the resources available here.


With a team of professionals creating content regularly, it is no surprise that Contrastly is such a great photography blog. It hosts a ton of information for beginner, intermediate, and advanced photographers. One of the great things about his photography blog is that they regularly post articles about things to avoid, as well as product buying guides that will help you to know what equipment is currently on sale and if it is worth buying in the future. There are a ton of guides on this photography blog, and you can expect to spend a lot of time here whenever you are in the need of new equipment or need to brush up on your skills.

SLR Lounge

Upon first look at SLR Lounge, you may notice that there is a “trending” section. This is always a fantastic feature, as it shows you what is up to date, and what may be trending currently in the photography industry. In addition to the latest news articles, you can expect to find tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use to up your game. All of these tutorials are easy to follow, and beginners can expect to learn a lot from SLR Lounge just from checking in regularly and reading through the top stories. It is run by a group of pro photogs who offer up some seriously valuable insights.

SCU Blog

Skip Cohen University is a great online resource for photographers of any skill level to help define their style and find new techniques to try out. There is a talented faculty of photographers and content creators that update and run the website regularly, and you can expect to find a lot of very useful information here, especially if you are just starting in the photography industry and want to discover new techniques as well as tips to succeed. Founded by Skip Cohen in 2013, this site has been going strong ever since.


Any photographer looking to expand their knowledge of underwater photography should visit Wetpixel, as it teaches you about the equipment needed for your underwater excursions. Underwater photography is such a beautiful and primarily untouched form of art, and this blog goes in-depth on topics that will teach you to take mind-blowing underwater shots. A lot of people consider this genre to be only for those who are experts in the field, but with the right techniques, you can start to take photos underwater like a pro.

Underwater Photography Gear

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


Photography Life

This is a great photography blog created by Nasim Mansurov and led by a fantastic team that is great for both beginner and intermediate photographers looking for gear reviews and info. You can also learn tips and tricks to take better photos, as well as more advanced techniques to capture underwater photography. This blog is exceptional because it will help you to take your photography skills to the next level, regardless of your current level of experience. If you are looking to utilize the right equipment to get the most out of your photos, as well as learn how to properly set up each shot, then you will learn a lot from Photography Life.

Photography Bay

Founder and chief editor of Photography Bay, Eric Reagan fell in love with photography at a young age and has been going strong ever since. With an emphasis on finding deals on photography equipment and reader contributions, this is a great starting point for any beginner photographer. Here you can see what others in the community are using for their skill level, find a good deal on gear you have been pining over, and use this online resource to learn photography from someone who has been practicing the art for many years. There are a ton of tips that are all free to use, from basic to advanced lighting setups, and help with editing software. If you feel like you need new tools but are not sure where to start, you can browse the recommended gear section, and take a look at reviews of different cameras and accessories.


More on the product showcase end of the photography blog section, SIGMA blog still hosts a multitude of impressive photos from various photographers. While the blog is aimed more towards the intermediate to advanced photographer, it is a huge online resource with a well of knowledge that you will find to be beneficial to your photography hobby or career. While there is not a single person who runs this photography blog and it is run by a team of individuals, you will find that the tone is very cohesive throughout and the articles are fun to read. The images are stunning, and the gear-related tips are stellar.

iPhone Photography Blog

Technology is constantly changing and evolving, and for the average Joe, iPhones have implemented pretty decent cameras, and with that comes the convenience of always being able to take a photo when the mood strikes. That is the basis of the iPhone Photography Blog, which is a massive online resource for beginner photographers who use their phones to take pictures. Created and run by Kate Weston, this site will show you how to get the most out of your iPhone and take pictures that are the envy of other smartphone users. There is a lot of information here, and even in you are not interested in having magazine-quality photos, there is still a lot that you can learn to get the most out of your iPhone, and even some helpful tips and tutorials to use the iCloud and other software programs.

Digital Photography Review

Specializing in digital photography, this blog focuses less on gallery photos and more on the equipment, process, and techniques used when shooting. Hosted and maintained by a like-minded team of individuals, there is a ton of information here that’s useful for any photographer, regardless of skill level. In addition to the tips and tricks section of the blog, there is a recommended buying guide for most categories of digital cameras and accessories, as well as reviews and articles. Everything is easy to navigate to and from, and is listed under categories in the top of the page. If you are looking to begin your journey as a photographer, or are simply looking to improve your craft with new equipment, then this is the site for you.

Dan Carr Photography

Created and operated by Dan Carr, this blog focuses on the type of gear that he uses, as well as sales that may be going on around the internet. It also showcases his personal portfolio that is quite impressive. Born in the UK, Dan has a passion for mountain scenery and photography which shines through in his work. He has an uncanny eye for detail, and his idyllic photos almost transport you to where the shot was taken in a way that few photographers have been able to master. There is almost a surreal quality to his work that is awe-inspiring and may awaken a deeper understanding and appreciation for nature and wildlife. Although the gallery section is not the only great part about his blog, his articles all have deep meaning and any photographer will find benefit in checking out the sales he has found, as well as the gear that he recommends.

Photography Blog

What may be lacking in galleries or photos, the Photography Blog makes up for in product reviews and recommended gear for photographers. This site is led by a team of creative individuals that excel in product testing and giving an unbiased review based on the features that work for each product, and what does not. There is a lot of good information to be found here, and beginner photographers will especially find it to be helpful. However, anyone that is in the market for upgrading their photography gear will want to check here often.


Less of a photography blog showcasing art, and more of a resource for the tools that you will need to showcase your art, Lumoid is an impressive site that any photographer can find value in. In recent years, technology for photographers has come a long way and Lumoid is there to show you the best of the best for what gear and supplies you may need for your photography career. Run by a team that is there to provide the best unbiased reviews of the top brands and products that you may either need or want to utilize to make your art shine. Everything listed on this site is reviewed in a way to provide you with everything you’ll need to know to decide if that product is right for you.


Updated frequently, this photography blog is one of the best around as far as gear reviews and tutorials go. While beginner and intermediate photographers will especially find value here, there is a well of knowledge for advanced photographers, too. Considering that the site is run by some very talented professional photographers, it’s no surprise that you will find high-quality content here. The photographs are stunning and will make you want to get better, which DigitalRev makes it easy to do.

B&H Explora

Featuring news, tips, and reviews from around the web, this is a great online resource for all photographers. There is a lot to see and do here, and it’s easy to spend a lot of time here soaking in all the information. Among one of the top features of this site are the photography and video categories, which are updated regularly by the contributing content creators. All of the articles are well-written, and you would be hard-pressed to find any sort of fillers here, as all of the information is relevant and straight to the point.

Focus Camera Wavelength Blog

Focusing on the product usage and review aspect of photography, the Wavelength blog by Focus Camera showcases all of the best products, how to use them, and why you would want to. There is a ton of information here for photographers of any skill level. This is run by a group of professionals so you know that the information found here is well-researched and written in a way that is easy to understand and grasp. In addition to the new product release reviews, there are also tutorials for the products, as well as interviews with photographers from around the world.

Photography Business Blogs

Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash


Sprout Studio

While you will find photos on this photography blog, the usefulness comes from the amount of information that is available for photographers looking to grow their business. This is a massive online resource that you can and should use to your advantage in building a successful business. The team at Sprout does an amazing job of bringing the most relevant and useful information to get the most out of your camera, software, and networking opportunities. The user interface is easy to navigate, making the experience that much nicer.

ShootProof Blog

This amazing blog provides information that is easy to understand and utilize in your photography career. There are a lot of business tips listed here, provided by an excellent team. This is a great blog that has a fantastic community that can help you to improve your skill set with advanced methods, as well as the best strategies to use when you are just starting. There is always a ton of information on this blog, and it is updated regularly so you can keep checking in for new tips.


With multiple contributors, PhotographySpark may very well be your go-to for photography business advice, and will be a helpful resource for inspiration on your next shoot. Their out of the box style of thinking and resolving common issues that photographers face daily is one of the main attracting features to this blog and the one that will have you coming back for more. Everything is extremely well written, and you will find a lot of helpful information to get your business up and running.


This blog is focused more on the deep business side of things, which is a great change as many of the topics here tend to get neglected, and many new photographers are often at a loss when it comes to how to run a photography business. Simple yet elegant in its design, this is a perfect starting point for any beginner photographer who wants to start their business off right and win over clients that are needed to be successful. The site is very easy to navigate, and you can choose to view the helpful articles by topic, niche, or country.

The Modern Tog Blog

A lifestyle photography blog, The Modern Tog features articles that cater to those who are just starting their photography career. It was created and is run by Jamie Swanson, who knows just how difficult it can be to grow a hobby into a lucrative career. This photography blog hosts a bunch of well-written and honest articles about how to start in the business, and just what you should expect as a beginner freelance photographer. All of the posts give an honest outlook on what you should expect in the industry.


Adobe Blog

Adobe has proven themselves to be leaders in the digital media and creative world, and that is no less apparent in their blog. As you may expect, you can find a ton of resources here for any type of photographic skill set, and the photographs are stunning. The blog is a great tool that you will want to use to maintain and improve on your craft, and that is especially true if you are seeking to expand your knowledge of the digital media world. This blog is run by a team of professionals, and there is plenty to see and do here so you will want to make sure to check back regularly.

Aperture Blog

When you are looking for inspiration for your next photo shoot, this is a great place to start. Pioneered by an impressive team of photographers and creatives, one of the great things about this blog is that it teaches you to find your center and inner vision as it relates to photography; it is one thing to snap photos, but it is another to create art with a camera. When you take photos with aspiration, you will begin to see a difference in the quality of your images. There are a lot of resources on this blog that can further your growth as a photographer, but don’t expect it to discuss the latest technology or camera reviews; the purpose of this site is to get the creative juices flowing again.

A Bit of Everything!

LensCulture Magazine

Bringing contemporary photography to the masses, LensCulture has proven to be one of the best photography magazines around and has succeeded in providing recognition and exposure to photographers around the world. They have been around for over 15 years, and continue to be a powerhouse of the photograph industry. Their site not only showcases exemplary contemporary photos, but also has online resources for beginner photographers to hone their craft and build the necessary skill sets to be successful in this industry.

PhotoShelter Blog

An impressive photography blog, PhotoShelter not only has exquisite photos that you can view, but it also implements the inspiration of photographers into the design and layout of the website. There are helpful tips that any photographer will find useful, and various categories to choose from that will keep you enthralled. The Friday Inspiration section features a different category every week, and there is a wide range of categories available. This makes Fridays even better, as you have weekly inspiration to look forward to.

PDN Pulse

This is an excellent resource for photographers, as it not only showcases the latest news in the industry but gives excellent advice that should be implemented when starting your photography business. With a focus on quick tips and how social media changed the industry, as well as what to look out for, this is a great starting point for any photographer. Even expert photographers will find value here, as the photos are stunning and the articles are expertly written. The team at PDN Pulse has done an excellent job, and we look forward to what the future holds for them.

CreativeLive Blog

Created and run by some of today’s biggest leaders in the field of photography, CreativeLive showcases how you can make it as a photographer and make a living doing so. It is a great online resource for beginner and intermediate photographers, but even advanced photographers will find a lot of helpful content here. The blog is updated frequently, and it is one of the best resources for freelance photographers looking for the best ways to succeed in this field.

Depositphotos Blog

A great photography blog for inspiration, or to find stock photos for your next design project, Depositphotos hosts a library of millions of photos to browse. The blog hosts a range of content about today’s visual trends, and even offers creative inspiration for design professionals who need to find resources for their next project. Run by a content team that scours the net to keep their library updated, this blog is extremely easy to browse.

1x Magazine

1x was founded with the consumer in mind, and the goal of this site is to bring the best photography from around the world to one place that you can easily browse and purchase as needed. Anyone who appreciates fine art photography will love the site’s extensive collections, and the fact that everything’s gathered in one place makes it easy to look through the photographs. In their own words, “Curation is our DNA”. Even if you are not looking to buy right now, the blog is a great place to read up on today’s up and coming artists and find some inspiring stories.

Resource Magazine

CEO and president Alexandra Niki founded Resource Magazine in 2007 and it was intended to be a quarterly magazine. However, despite their humble beginnings, it has grown into a fantastic online resource for photographers and technophiles alike. Alexandra now leads a team of professional photographers and content creators, all of whom are fully immersed in the creative lifestyle, which shines through in their work featured on the site and magazine. The posts on the blog range from tips and tricks of the trade to insider looks into the industry, and intermediate and advanced photographers will find the most value here, although this is a blog for everyone.


Sydney-based photographer Stefano Caioni curates an impressive photography blog that serves a wide range of creatives. Whether you’re just starting out and looking for the best tools to purchase or you’re a seasoned photographer on the hunt for fresh inspiration, Pixinfocus is sure to have a post for you. Caioni and his team are not just experts on one type of photography, either. They offer advice on capturing anything from portraits to national landmarks, provide useful gear reviews, and produce professional guides and tutorials for every skill level. Over the past two years, Pixinfocus has gained quite a following, and even offers free presets that will get you on your way to editing like a pro.

Portrait Photography Blogs

Photo by Wadi Lissa on Unsplash


Michael’s Photo Tips

Created and maintained by Michael Zelbel, Michael’s Pro Tips excels in providing helpful portrait photography techniques, such as posing, which is important to get the most out of a photo shoot, and something that not a lot of photography resources cover. Some videos cover most of the blog posts on the site, making it even easier to learn the topics being discussed. The website is very user-friendly, and the videos are extremely helpful to grasp the subject matter.

Joey L.

More than just a photography blog, Joey L. is an online resource for intermediate to advanced photographers, showcasing the impressive art of Joey Lawrence. His portraiture work can be classified as alternative, although every piece is thought-provoking and shows the indigenous people of Ethiopia, India, Russia, and Indonesia in a unique and intimate way. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Joey’s blog is the way that he controls lighting, and he offers insights into this technique for the budding photographer.

Master Beauty Photography

Los Angeles based beauty Photographer Julia Kuzmenko McKim has proven herself to be a master photographer, writer, and editor. Each blog post is unique, well thought out, and content-driven, ensuring that there is plenty to see and do here for photographers of all skill levels and backgrounds. This is a spectacular resource for anyone looking to begin their career as a beauty photographer or simply extend their knowledge of this particular field. With a newsletter and multiple products offered by McKim, you really can’t go wrong here.


While you may not find hundreds of stunning photos like on other photography blogs, what you will find here are tips and tutorials to aid you in bettering your photography skills. OnPortraits is not run by anyone in particular, but by a team of experts who aim to help photographers hone their craft, and become better versions of themselves. Everything here is helpful in some way, and the best part is they offer a free eBook for whoever is interested. All in all, this is a blog that is worth the time looking into.


The Fashion Camera

In addition to her portfolio site, Netherlands native Liselotte Fleur has an impressive fashion photography blog that captures the spirit of modern fashion photography. There is plenty to do here to spend your time, and there are various photos to catch your eye, as well as tips and answered questions that common beginner fashion photographers may have. One of the features that stands out from other fashion photography blogs is the fact that there are behind the scenes blurbs on most of the photos that you will find here. This is interesting to see what was going on in the shoot, and what was going through Liselotte’s head at the time. Worthwhile to explore all that this blog has to offer.


Tom Robinson Photography

Created and operated by Cornwall-based wedding photographer Tom Robinson, this photography blog catalogs all of the unique and inspiring contemporary wedding photos that he has taken over the years. One of the best aspects of this site is that his photos capture real emotion, almost candid shots while maintaining professionalism. The blog itself showcases his many wedding shoots, and a candid behind the scenes look at his processes, as well as his impressive portfolio. The really interesting thing here is the pre-shoots, where you can see how Tom sets everything up; and that is where the value to his viewers lies.

Hope Taylor Photography

Hope Taylor has created an impressive photography blog, especially considering not long ago she was a student in high school stressing over finals. What she has been able to accomplish by teaching herself and reading articles online is not only impressive but envious at the same time. Her niche is all things southern, and especially the fabulously over-the-top southern brides that we all know and love. In addition to her impressive portfolio, Hope offers helpful tips and tricks that she has picked up over the years, and any beginner or intermediate wedding photographer will find a lot of value looking through her blog.

Junebug Weddings

If you are looking for a high-class wedding photography blog, look no further than Junebug Weddings. All of the photos in their gallery section are exquisite, and show off what must have been a dream wedding for the clients. While not every photo is the cliche of throwing flowers, or the kiss right after you say “I do”, every candid shot captures the feeling and emotion of the happy couple. A blog for all types of viewers; even if you don’t need to plan a wedding anytime soon, you will be amazed at the feelings that were captured in this blog.

Twogether: The Wedding Photography Blog

Contemporary and elegant in their work, this family-run photography blog features the work of Arjun and Praerna Kartha, who started honing their craft in their native India and have continued to grow and expand their business dramatically. For this duo, wedding photography goes far past taking pictures; they are successfully telling a story of a wedding, in a fun and contemporary way. Their experience is impressive, and is apparent in their candid work. This is a perfect blog for aspiring wedding photographers. You can see how well they use the lighting to their advantage, as well as how gracefully framed each shot is.

Love My Dress

Love My Dress is a blog that any bride to be will want to have bookmarked, regardless of if they are interested in photography or not. There is so much information on this site that will help you to plan your dream wedding, and the photos that are featured are all high-quality, stunning wedding keepsakes. The posts are easy to navigate, and you can easily access an article that coincides with what you are trying to achieve for your wedding. It is also a great resource for any photographer who is trying to get into wedding photography, or any that have a wedding shoot coming up and want to brush up on their skills.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Founder and director Louise Baltruschat Hollis leads an impressive team of creators and contributors on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, which as you can imagine from the title, specializes in picturesque weddings. While the photographs are all unique and inspiring, that is not all that you will find on this site. There is plenty for photographers of any skill (or anyone who is planning a wedding) to find value here, with wedding planning tips, DIY tutorials, and an impressive array of articles to help you plan your special day. As far as the niche of wedding photography goes, this is one of the best sites out there and one that will take your breath away.

Rock n Roll Bride

This wedding photography blog specializes in the perfect blend of modern and contemporary bridal photos that showcase the blending of cultures. There are many contributing writers and photographers working together to complete this beautiful melding of classic and modern. Although there are not a lot of resources for teaching photographers this unique style, any photographer who strives to begin taking wedding photos can find inspiration in this impressive blog.

Family & Baby Photography Blog

Family & Baby

The Family Photo Blog

The Family Photo Blog specializes in providing helpful tips to take those breathtaking family photos that you see in ads and on TV all the time. This is a great resource for family portraiture, and you are sure to find inspiration as well as some basic tutorials for beginner photographers; although any type of photographer will find a lot of benefit in visiting this blog regularly.

Inspire Me Baby Blog

Inspired by all things pregnancy and family life, this blog was created as an anthology of sorts, and has contributors from across the globe. There is a lot to see here, and anyone who is a family or baby photographer will be able to find inspiration here. There are plenty of resources for photographers here, and that is one reason why this site was created in the first place – to give photographers the necessary knowledge and guidance they need for that next family photo session. Every child photographer knows that a co-operating child is not easy to come by, especially considering the amount of time that a shoot can take. Inspire Me Baby Blog has the tried and true strategies to make the shoot go smoothly!

Clickin Moms Blog

Founder Kendra Okolita created Clickin Moms Blog as a way for herself and her friends to discuss photography, and it has since grown into a huge online community for professional photographers and female professionals to share their stories, insights, and discuss a wide range of topics. This is a great online resource that features tutorials, videos, tips, and is updated daily. But the most attractive part of this photography blog is the fact that you can join a huge community of like-minded women. Anyone who values this will benefit from being part of this growing and thriving community.

Click It Up a Notch

Created by Courtney Slazinik, this photography blog started as an educational online resource for anyone wanting to get into the field of photography. Before becoming a professional photographer, Courtney was a teacher who wanted to learn how to better use a camera to capture all of the important moments with her family. After a lot of trial and error, she came up with some amazing approaches and now shares these with other aspiring photographers. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to get into family photography. One thing that we love about this site is the roadmap that she provides, and how easy it is to navigate.

Hardie Photography Blog

Whitney from Hardie Photography Blog understands that with every photo comes a story, and she wants to tell your story to the best of her capabilities. While she does provide a service, (and an excellent one at that), Whitney also showcases an impressive portfolio that features how beautiful and magical the miracle of childbirth and parenthood is. Most parents will want to remember the day their child is born for the rest of their lives, and with a photo that can be accomplished. Whitney also maintains a blog that shows the precious newborns from her previous photo shoots. Anyone trying to get into newborn and parenthood photography should take a look at this impressive blog.

Newborn Baby & Family Photography Blog

Rachel Murphy specializes in pregnancy, newborn, and baby photography and is a mom to three energetic children, so she knows how rambunctious and sometimes difficult children can be. That gives her the uncanny ability to time her photos just right to achieve works of art. In addition to her beautiful portfolio, her blog is full of helpful articles for both photographers and new parents. Rachel’s use of lighting is exquisite, and you can see how well she uses stark backgrounds to make the subject of the photo pop, which is an excellent skill for a newborn photographer to have.

Photography Interview Blogs

Photo by Stefen Tan on Unsplash


PhotoWhoa Blog

Featuring interviews with lead photographers, this blog gives a fresh perspective as well as an insider’s look into the photography industry that is rare to find. There is a lot of information here, and everything is well written and stunning in its conception. Beginner and intermediate photographers will especially find this blog useful, as there are inspiring stories and insights from photographers who also had to work their way up the ladder once upon a time.

Fine Art

Conscientious Photography Magazine

Contemporary fine art at its finest, Conscientious Photography Magazine was founded by Jorg M. Colberg and features photographer profiles, interviews, photobook reviews, and articles that pertain to photography and common issues that can arise when shooting. Each blog post is expertly written in a way that makes you think and features amazingly thought-provoking photos that pair perfectly with each other. Jorg has been able to consistently provide impressive works of art with his magazine. Regardless of the level of skill, any photographer will find value here.

American Suburb X

This particular photography blog is run by a team of individuals from different photography backgrounds and cultures. In addition to the high-quality photographs that are a commentary on life in America, you will find articles, interviews, essays, reviews, and a gallery section. Expect to find yourself getting lost in the incredible photographs for a long time. This is a photography blog that any photographer will want to visit and follow in depth. Even though there are many contributors to the site, the overall feel has the same vibe that you draws you in.

Rita Wong Photography

You will always find Rita with her camera, as she knows that the perfect photo opp can strike at any moment. Simple and elegant in design, her photos show an air of subtle sophistication that is hard to find in today’s modern world. Almost abstract in the execution, she has an uncanny eye for turning something small into something that seems like it was meant for a much larger scale. There is always perfect framing to her shots, and beginner photographers can learn a lot from her use of lighting and framework.


David Cardelús Architectural Photography

Barcelona born David Cardelus has studied photography for over 20 years, and you can see the amount of careful dedication he has in his work. Most of the art on his blog is of architecture, but we’re shown different sides of a building that may once have been recognizable, and this new perspective is all done with an expertly displayed knowledge of lighting and framework that is rarely seen.

Landscape Photography Blogs

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash


360 Cities

360 Cities is a photography blog based in Prague and it hosts multiple virtual reality photographers showcasing impressive 360° panoramic shots of cities and landscapes. There are thousands of panoramas, contributed by hundreds of high-level photographers. What makes 360 Cities unique is that all of their panoramic shots are of real places, and you can interact with each one. This is a photography blog for everyone and can be appreciated by anyone who sees beauty in urban and natural settings.

Dan Bailey’s Adventure Photography Blog

Dan Bailey’s photography blog is ranked as one of the best out there, and with good reason. Based in Alaska, Dan has over 20 years of experience and it shines through in his photos. The Adventure Photography Blog is great for all levels of photographers, and regardless of if you are practicing, or simply an admirer, you will find value here. Most of the photos are of the outdoors, and Dan does an excellent job of making you feel like you were with him on location.

Adrian Evans Photography

What makes Adrian Evan’s photography blog so impressive is the fact that he is self-taught, and he has an incredible portfolio of images. His blog features his work, but not in the typical gallery view that we see from a lot of blogs with a portfolio section. He incorporates all of his photos into his blog posts, and all with a narrative to accompany them. It is inspiring how he can control the lighting and cast shadows so strategically, and his posts are expertly written.

Loaded Landscapes

This photography blog not only has impressive landscape shots, but is also a great online resource for beginner and intermediate landscape photographers. Loaded Landscapes is run by a group of creatives and has multiple contributors. Sometimes when more than one person is adding photos to a blog, it can seem like it does not follow the same flow; but here, everything is cohesive and what you are left with are beautiful shots of our diverse world.

Mark Denney Landscape Photography

Upon first glance at this landscape photography blog created and operated by Mark Denny, you will notice how extremely user-friendly the site is. There is a ton of information here, including useful tips and tricks of the trade; all in an easy-to-navigate and follow platform that showcases Mark’s impressive photography skills. Geared more towards beginner photographers, although there is so much information and knowledge here that anyone can take away from their visit and utilize in their workflow. In addition to his impressive gallery, Mark has a way with words that is unique and will keep you interested from beginning to end.

Land & Colors

Run by two talented landscape photographers, Marek Potoma and Otakar Hevler, Land and Colors captures the natural beauty of our planet by using both digital and traditional photography mediums. While there are blog posts with tips to improve, this blog primarily focuses on the artwork of the photographers and catalogs their adventures and excursions in nature. It is clear that these two love to travel, and they love their careers. Both of these passions shine through in their work, which is stunning. This a blog that is well suited to anyone who appreciates fine landscape photography, regardless of their skill level.

Really Right Stuff Blog

Here we have a blog that is both elegant in design and boasts numerous contemporary landscape photos that will awe and amaze viewers. While there is not a whole lot in the way of technical tutorials, tips, or even product reviews, what you will find here is all the more valuable – fine art at its finest. Any photographer will find a lot of value here, and if you are needing a well of inspiration for your next landscape shoot then this is the place to visit.

North American Nature Photography Association

NANPA has been around for quite a while now, and there are a lot of contributing photographers that add to this impressive photography blog. The nature and wildlife photographs that are featured here are all taken in North America and portray the continent’s unique and wide-ranging wildlife and landscapes. That is a huge amount of ground to cover, and the moderators have managed to ensure that every photo is of the highest quality. Anyone interested in nature photography will appreciate and gain from this blog.

Outdoor Photographer Blog

This blog features the works of various landscape photographers, and most of the blog posts will feature “photos of the day.” There is a vibe that is successfully carried out throughout the blog, and every photo is uniquely stunning in its own right. In addition to the impressive array of photos, there are also helpful resources for beginner and intermediate photographers to help further develop their skill set, as well as photo contests that you can enter, and recommended gear to use.

Wildlife Photography Blogs

Photo by Luca Huter on Unsplash


Andrew Sproule Photography

Andrew (Drew) Sproule has proven himself to be an expert wildlife photographer. His photography blog showcases his excursions in a way that gives the impression of painted works of art. His photos show a rare side of the great outdoors, unique in their composition and execution. Andrew also provides the camera and gear that he uses, if you’re interested in knowing how he got the shot. He also offers his skills as a wildlife tour guide to those who are interested in hiring him to show all that mother nature has to offer, for a very reasonable fee.

Moose Peterson Wildlife Photography

Moose (yes, that is his name) Peterson is a California native specializing in wildlife that is indigenous to California. All of his photos are inspiring and impressive while maintaining the majesty of mother nature and her creatures. Although we all know that California is a pretty big state, a lot of us may not be aware of just how beautiful it really can be, and how many different species and types of wildlife there are in the state. In addition to the impressive gallery showcased on this blog, Moose also has a personal section called “thoughts” where you can see his personality shine. This is a great resource for beginner and intermediate photographers to learn some new techniques, and anyone who appreciates fine art and wildlife will find joy here.

UK Wildlife Blog

As the name suggests, this is a photography blog based in the UK, and you will be hard-pressed to find any photos that do not make you look at wildlife differently after a visit to this site. Neil Phillips’ work is stunning, and you may find yourself spending hours lost in the candid, wild imagery here. There is also an informative and entertaining podcast, as well as plenty of reviews of books and equipment, discussions about wildlife and photography, workshops, and of course the wildlife blog. Plus, you can see all of the tools and equipment that Neil uses, which will provide some insider gear tips for beginner and intermediate photographers.

Dawn Monrose Nature Photography

Dawn Monrose grew up always loving the natural world around her, and that love drives her art today. Even though every photo tells a story through its imagery, Dawn has quite a knack for writing narratives to go along with them. You can see where she was both geologically and emotionally with each photo taken. And while the wildlife and nature photos themselves are impressive on their own, her talent for writing makes scrolling through her posts all the more enjoyable. Dawn has managed to build a connection with her viewers and fans that most photographers strive for but struggle to achieve. Anyone can find the value here, especially those who are starting to hone their skills as nature photographers.

Wildlife Photographic Journals

Owned and operated by Rich Steel, Wildlife Photographic Journals captures nature and wildlife in an up-close and detailed way. Each photo Rich releases on this blog comes with a small backstory, generally of where he was when he shot it, and how he was able to get the shot. This blog is geared more towards intermediate photographers, although anyone who has an interest in either wildlife or landscapes will find it to be incredibly worth the time. Also, Rich freely offers information about the cameras and equipment used, which is a nice bonus, and something that you don’t see from every photography blog.

Street Photography Blogs


Inspired Eye

Inspired Eye is your one-stop-shop for all things related to street photography, and if this is something that interests you, then you are going to be spending a lot of time here. It is a huge online resource that has tips, camera and gear reviews, quotes on photography, a street photography course, a monthly magazine, presets, and an eBook that is available to download. This is catered more towards the beginning photographer and allows you to start down the path of street photography. There are a ton of examples of street photography here from various contributing artists, and you can see why this is such a popular genre in photography these days. And as you would expect with a site of this caliber, there is a blog with plenty of articles to read up on.

Street Photography Magazine

Because of his love for street photography, Bob Patterson created Street Photography Magazine, which catalogs the real heart of the cities that he visits – the people. His photos are great at showing the hustle of bustle of the city streets, all the while capturing true human nature in a way that is inspiring to any photographer. In addition to the stunning photos that you can see here, Bob wanted to create an online resource for budding photographers interested in street photography. There are a ton of online articles, podcasts, tips, and tricks that can help you improve and excel.


The Wandering Lens

A travel photography blog run by Lisa Michele Burns, the Wandering Lens showcases the amazing planet that we live in through the lens. There is so much beauty to be found in the images here that will ignite the wanderlust within you. Lisa has created a fantastically elegant blog that captures the spirit of the outdoors, as well as catalogs the various places that she has visited throughout the years. Beginner and intermediate photographers will not only find value in the photos on this site, but also the articles in the blog. There is a lot of information on the type of equipment that Lisa uses, as well as techniques that can help you frame your shots and use lighting to your advantage. The Wandering Lens is easy to navigate and is worth the time to explore.

Richard Bernabe Photography

Richard Bernabe is known for his impressive nature and wildlife photography, whose love of adventure and travel has propelled him forward to pursue his dreams, and quite successfully to boot. He has published books that showcase his impressive images from around the globe, and he offers workshops to share his knowledge and expertise. In his blog, Richard features product reviews as well as offers us a look behind the scenes of some of his awesome outdoor shoots.

Brendan van Son Travel Photography Blog

If you are into travel photography, you’ll get some great tips here to take you to the next level. Brendan van Son’s Travel Photography Blog has a fantastic layout, which makes it easier to navigate. You will learn how to take beautiful travel photos, how to showcase the story behind the picture, and the articles talk about things like the which filters to use to get the desired look in a photo. Mostly for photographers who already have a decent footing in their education, but there are still some beginner and pro tips, too.


Australia-based duo Alesha Bradford and Jarryd Salem are the talented photogs behind NOMADesaurus, the photography blog that documents their adventures. It started back in 2013 as a way to document their journey from Asia to Africa without ever stepping foot on an airplane. Since then, it has continued to grow as a successful photography blog that specializes in travel and tourism and gives us a peek into their lifestyle as a traveling duo, living life to the fullest. Due to the huge amount of growth and demand that they have seen on their blog, they have recently started to expand into a team dynamic, hiring others to help support their business. There is a lot to see here, and it is a great resource for any photographer regardless of their skill set, and to anyone who admires sustainable travel.

Food Photography Blogs

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


Food Photography Blog

Christina Peters created this blog as a way to document her deep love and appreciation of food. Food Photography Blog is quite an impressive site that has plenty of content for a beginner food photographer to take away and implement in their workflow. In addition to the mouth-watering display of food, there are also articles that delve deep into how Christina uses light to her advantage, as well as the type of camera and gear that she uses to get those insanely high-definition photos. You can see her portfolio and browse the blog categories, shop, get educated, and check out the gear that she uses.

Two Loves Studio Blog

Anyone who has tried their hand at food photography knows that it’s not as easy as some might think. At Two Loves Studio you will find an online resource that is specifically catered to beginner and intermediate food photographers, although advanced photographers will also find this blog helpful. There are a ton of articles and photos to look through on this site, and you’ll be sure to find useful tips and inspiration throughout. Run by a team of professionals, there is a lot to see and do here and a lot to learn about taking the perfect culinary photo.


DJI Photo Academy Drone Photography Blog

Drone photography busted onto the scene a few years ago, and is getting increasingly popular as time goes on. Drone Photography Blog is run by a team that specializes in this type of photography, and they do it very well. Every shot is captured at exactly the right moment and tells a story of what was going on at that very point in time. In addition to the amazing aerial photographs, there are online resources for anyone wanting to start in this field, and there is plenty on this site to keep you occupied for hours at a time.

Above It All Blog

Keeping up with the latest in both drone photography and technology, Above It All features some of the best drone shots that you can imagine. There are plenty of information and articles on this site that will interest anyone who has a passion for aerial photography or the latest technology. This is one of the most attractive features of drone photography, as it is a great blend of both passions that a lot of photographers have.


Photo Lab Blog

This blog is great for beginner film photographers and will teach you the basics of analog, in and out of the darkroom. There are a lot of unique tips listed here that will benefit you, especially if you are not getting the results from your prints that you are hoping to achieve. This blog is ideal for film enthusiasts, but any photographer can find it to be beneficial in expanding their skills and techniques.

Analog Film Photography Blog

Film photography is not an easy area of study, as anyone who practices it will tell you. With sites like Analog Film Photography Blog, anyone who hopes to pursue a career or even a hobby in film photography now is given the knowledge, resources, and opportunity to do so. This blog has a ton of information on it for beginner and intermediate film photographers, through in-depth articles, online projects, group exhibitions, and publications.

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