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Three Life Periods Any Artist Undergoes

Artist, tell me, have you ever been satisfied with the results of your work? I am eager to know if you feel sufficiently recognized?

I believe that there is only one answer to these questions: No. And this isn’t a result of excessive pride or self-assurance, it is because of the simple truth that no one feels fully recognized.

Artists contend with a constant feeling that they can do and make something better. On the one hand, this seems devastating, as a person never feels satisfied with the results. On the other hand, this feature can serve as a stupendous opportunity for self-improvement, as it helps one conceive a sense of criticism and cynicism.

I touch upon this subject because I am a creative being myself. I create pictures that show my inner world and the way I see this world. I know a great many creative minds and noticed that any artist undergoes certain periods in their journey. Here are three life periods I noticed:

Stage 1 – ‘I am obsessed with the recognition of my works.’

We create. And of course we want people to see our works and express their opinion or admiration. There is nothing bad in this desire. Everyone wants their work to be valued, but sometimes an artist can become so obsessed with their own works that they begin to talk and think only about it, frantically checking the number of views and comments. It is very pleasant to see your works on sites and in magazines, give interviews, note down dates for shoots for those who want to model for you, but what truly defines a good artist is his ability to get along well with his ego.

Stage 2 – ‘I am going nowhere.’

Sooner or later every artist has a moment when they start to think that everything they did before seems to be wrong or even pathetic. My internet profiles show my photography story from the very beginning. Some works I created long ago I now find embarrassing, but I won’t delete those pictures, because without the help of those first steps I couldn’t be where I am now. They naturally formed my personal style and, at present, show my unique journey. Remember, nothing makes you a real artist than your devotion to creative process.

Stage 3 – ‘I am all-sufficient.’

This stage is characterized by a high degree of harmony. An artist is satisfied with himself, he understands where he is and where he wants to go. He asks himself: ‘Am I happy with my results?’ And tends to answer ‘yes.’ But it is important to notice that artistic success doesn’t bring balance. Anxiety, fears and doubts are still there. That is why, my dear artist, if you still live waiting for that special moment, believe me, you will wait forever. It is of high importance to begin to live and create in this very moment. Eventually, it is the harmony with oneself that helps to achieve great goals.

Every artists spends different amounts of time in these stages. Sometimes they return to the same stage several times, receiving new life lessons. As you can see the artist’s way is a thorny one, but trust me, it is an incredibly exciting one as well.

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