Replace Color & Colorize Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

We live in a wonderful colorful world and the only thing that can express its colors in full beauty is photography. It is not a secret that each color is usually associated with some emotions. For example, pink color is usually considered to be girlish and sweet, while blue color is a boyish one. As colors affect our visual perception, you may want to change some colors at your photos for some reasons. Don’t worry, it’s not a problem at all, because today you will learn to replace color in Photoshop.

Photoshop provides you several techniques for changing the colors and all of them are simple enough even for the beginners. Let us look at each method a little bit in detail.

Replace Color command is a rather quick method which let you change one certain color or a range of colors at the picture by another one. It is really nice to use, just select the color by clicking on it and choose the replacement color. Corrections can be easily made by Eyedropper tool.

The Color Replacement tool is also suitable for the Photoshop amateurs. Again you need to choose the color which you want to replace and the desired one. At the next step you just need to paint over the color which you are changing with the chosen preferred color.

And among others we would like to mention the Selective Color tool. It is based on selecting the color range (for example, reds) and changing its hue. This method is rather flexible and you can control the shades of the color during the process. Make sure you made a selection of needed part of your picture, otherwise the entire image will be retouched.

Choose the most appropriate method for you and replace color in Photoshop whenever you want.