Dodge and Burn Youtube Tutorials by Aaron Nace

The main idea of dodge and burn is the local clarification and blackout of certain sites of the image for strengthening of depth of space, correction and for portrait retouching to remove local illumination problems or for disposal of small spots on skin. So, if you don’t want to make any permanent modifications, you can do it with those tools.

You use dodge and burn for your works to create more volume and essential to improve the image and also to make him more artistic.

Dodge and burn is applied not only in a retouch of small texture of skin, with its help it is also possible to model the person and a figure of the person and even to change the light-and-shade drawing of space around an object.

Using the “Degradation” tool you can process face skin and bodies for elimination of noise and a pikselnost. With the help of the “Filters” tools you can transform a photograph to oil painting. You can raise a saturation of your image.

Using the “Dimmer” tool it is possible to strengthen photo shadows.

If the effect is too bright, you also can change the blend mode. In the Layers panel, change the blend mode from Normal to Overlay or Soft Light.

Dodge and burn yields excellent results, doesn’t spoil the invoice of skin, and is not a destructive method of handling. If it is necessary to give the image more quality and accuracy— this method is irreplaceable. The method is very good on difficult sites and with its help it is simple to achieve natural smooth gradients. For this series of articles the most difficult examples were specially picked to show all the force and complexity of this technology.