Beginners Guide to Lightroom After

The Beginner’s Guide to Lightroom Classic


Image files all over your computer? Stacks of memory cards on your desk? Ready to edit, but don’t know where to start? Lightroom Classic is the best way to organize your photos, pick out your favorites, and create beautiful edits with perfect color and detail. From capture to export, this is the easiest way to learn Lightroom Classic!

Note: This tutorial is for Lightroom Classic. We also have tutorials for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile.


  • 68 Sample Images
  • 4 Lightroom Presets


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 | Introduction
  • 01 - What Youll Learn
Chapter 2 | Lightroom Quick Start
  • 01 - Complete Lightroom Workflow
Chapter 3 | Opening Lightroom Classic for the First Time
  • 01 - Getting Around Lightroom
  • 02 - Catalogs & File Management
Chapter 4 | Importing & Organizing your Photos
  • 01 - Importing
  • 02 - Organizing Photos & Managing Projects
  • 03 - Searching & Filtering
Chapter 5 | Picking Your Favorites
  • 01 - All About Culling
Chapter 6 | Basic Photo Adjustments
  • 01 - General Adjustments
  • 02 - RAW vs JPEG
  • 03 - Virtual Copies
Chapter 7 | Color & Style
  • 01 - Color Correction
  • 02 - Color Grading
  • 03 - Black & White
  • 04 - Sepia
  • 05 - Film Look
  • 06 - Creating Presets & Exporting
Chapter 8 | Advanced Editing Tools
  • 01 - Graduated Filter
  • 02 - Radial Filter
  • 03 - Adjustment Brush & Range Masks
  • 04 - Removing Objects & Distractions
Chapter 9 | External Editing
  • 01 - Lightroom & Photoshop Workflow
  • 02 - Create a Simple Composite Landscape
  • 03 - Create a Simple HDR Effect
Chapter 10 | Exporting
  • 01 - Export Overview
  • 02 - Exporting Multiple Versions

Import. Organize. Edit. Impress.

Beginners Guide to Lightroom BeforeBeginners Guide to Lightroom After



Learn how to use Lightroom

Lightroom Classic CC is the go-to software for professional photographers to organize, edit, and export their work. We show you every single step of the Lightroom workflow, from adding copyright data, to choosing your favorite images, to making detailed adjustments to help your photos look their best. This is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow Lightroom tutorial out there!

Lightroom Classic CC

Lightroom has evolved over the years to become a photo editing and management powerhouse. Memory card packed with thousands of photos? No problem. We show you how to take advantage of Lightroom from the moment you pop that card into the computer–from import to export, and everything in between.

Portraits, Landscapes & Events

If you’re a working photographer, chances are that you take a lot of different types of photos. No matter what you capture, Lightroom’s got your back. Whether you’re looking for a new way to organize and share the family travel photos, or you’re a wedding photographer snapping and delivering thousands of pictures a week, we show you the skills you need to make life easier.

Beginners Guide to Lightroom BeforeBeginners Guide to Lightroom After



Lightroom Basics

Never opened Lightroom before? We’ve got you covered. We start with the very basics, getting you up to speed with all of the most powerful features. Learn every tool, option, and menu Lightroom has to offer.

Complete Workflow

We walk you through a complete Lightroom Classic workflow multiple times. Early in the tutorial, you’ll see the entire process layed out from import to export. Then we take a deep-dive into every step, ensuring that you walk away a master.

Organize Photos

Organization can be boring, but it’s one of the most important things to learn as a professional photographer. Learn how to use Lightroom to quickly and easily create your own organizational system so you can always find the pictures you need. We even show you to use Lightroom to create and maintain the folders on your computer for organization that works outside of the software.

Beginners Guide to Lightroom BeforeBeginners Guide to Lightroom After



Cropping, Composition & General Adjustments

There’s a lot of things that you can do to help your images look their very best. Luckily, Lightroom has everything you need. Adjust composition for a powerful scene, make adjustments to find detail the camera might have missed, and finish it off with style and color that will have people wanting more.

Coloring in Lightroom

Whether you want to do some color correction so a subject’s skin looks natural or you want to add some style and flare, the coloring tools in Lightroom can make it happen.

Lightroom Presets

Create a look you love? Lightroom allows you to save and load custom presets so you can apply the same style to a variety of photos at any time. We also include some customs presets that are yours to use and keep!

Your photography sidekick.

Beginners Guide to Lightroom BeforeBeginners Guide to Lightroom After


Brilliant Colors. Hidden Details.

Learn how to use Lightroom Classic to get the absolute most out of your photos. Find hidden details, add rich colors, and work faster than ever.

PHLEARN Lightroom Classic Icon

Check out our
Lightroom Presets!

Lightroom Presets are a great way to add style to your images with a click of a button. Learn how to create presets in this tutorial, and get access to all our presets when you join PHLEARN PRO.

View Lightroom Presets

Beginners Guide to Lightroom BeforeBeginners Guide to Lightroom After



Perfect Tool for Working Photographers

Weddings, events, landscapes, headshots. There are a lot of different types of photographers out there, and no matter which you are, Lightroom can help you work better and faster than ever. Stay organized, impress your clients, and work more efficiently.

Advanced Editing Tools

If you’ve been using Lightroom for a while and feel like you need some new tricks to step up your editing game, we break down the advanced tools and features that can get you to the next level. Learn how to use Graduated Filters, Radial Filters, the Adjust Brush, and Range Masking to get even more power and precision.

Editing RAW vs. JPEG

We break down the differences between RAW and JPEG to show you how to get the most out of each. Lightroom and Photoshop are both equipped with Adobe Camera RAW, a powerful RAW editor that can bring out colors and details you didn’t even know were there.

Beginners Guide to Lightroom After


Beginners Guide to Lightroom Before


Culling & Picking Your Favorites

So you’ve taken thousands of photos. What now? Where do you start? Learn how to rate, sort, and pick your favorite pictures that you want to edit and share with the world. We show you the fastest way to get through any number of a photos, making it easy to find the very best.

Edit Photos in Lightroom

Cropping, exposure, color, and more–Lightroom can handle almost any editing task. We even show you how to seamlessly send an image over to Photoshop for more complex editing and get it back into Lightroom for the final export.

Importing & Exporting

Every part of the post-production process is important. This includes both getting your photos onto the computer and delivering the final images to your clients or your website. Learn a professional workflow for importing images into Lightroom, making the magic happen, and then exporting for any purpose.

Beginners Guide to Lightroom BeforeBeginners Guide to Lightroom After



Using Lightroom & Photoshop

Don’t think of it like Lightroom vs. Photoshop; think of it like Lightroom and Photoshop. We show you how to use both pieces of software together, ensuring that you can tackle any task that comes your way. Learn the organizational and adjustment power of Lightroom combined with Photoshop’s precision for blending images together.

Create HDR Images

Sometimes the camera can’t get it in one shot–but Lightroom can. Learn how to create multiple exposures from a single image or use multiple exposures from your camera to create stunning HDR images. And do it in both Lightroom Classic and in Photoshop!

External Editing

Lightroom is an amazing program, but sometimes you need Photoshop to tackle some of the more complicated edits. Learn how to send an image from Lightroom into Photoshop and back again, all without missing a beat.

Class Instructor

Aaron Nace

PHLEARN Founder – Class Instructor

Aaron Nace is a photographer, Photoshop artist, and the founder of PHLEARN. He is the #1 Photoshop instructor in the world with millions of YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Loved the course, mostly a review for me. But there were some good take aways for me. I will say that It’s a little dated, it was created in 2019 and I watched it in Jan 24. But I’m sure he has classes on the newest updates. I’m looking forward to that as well.

  2. Love this tutorial and looking forward to learning more with Aaron! Aaron’s simple and straight foward approach is easy to understand and execute. The clips at the end of the videos make me laugh! If there was a way to highlight your cursor with a color to see where you are clicking on would be helpful. Another user mentioned an upgrade video – I agree. My version doesn’t have the same tools and/or location of the tools. I had to hunt to find the tool on my 2022 version. The last two videos I found to be a little too fast. I am very familiar with LR and PS so it wasnt too much of an issue. For a newbie, it may be a bit frustrating.

  3. Whilst theres lots of useful info in this course and, as ever, Aarons style is very easy going, it really needs an update as Lightroom has moved on quite a bit over the last. few years.

  4. Aaron is a very good teacher. Explains the how and the why every step of the way. Look forward to other classes.

  5. Half way through and so far great tutorial! I don’t know if it is just me, but I got suuuper confused between catalog and collection and how to access catalogs without Lightrooms. At least my computer doesn’t let me do that. And seeing how Aaron fangirls over his dog was so wholesome, it really makes it fun watching and learning, especially when he cracks jokes like “N, as in Nace, as in Aaron Nace”. That made me remember the shortcut in an instant!

  6. Hands down best instructor I’ve come across. 100% recommend!!!

  7. Browsing, Watching Tutorials for years. This is the best video-tuturial i have ever seen . Now Lightroom makes sense to me

  8. Excellent explanation of how to navigate lightroom. I am just starting chapter 4, and have learned more in the past few days, then in the past few months, since I bought lightroom. I was having a really hard time organizing photos, as well as finding them once I imported them. Now, everything is organized and a breeze to find. The instructor is easy to follow, and one lesson builds on another. gary

  9. Thank You, Aeron and all phlrean family. Really Great and wonderful Tutorial.

  10. Incredible guide to learn Lightroom, I recommend it if you have never used the program or if you have not used it for a long time and want to remember certain things. I really like how Aaron shows you what you need to know as a photographer, he doesn’t ramble on things that you will never use within LrC.

  11. Great tutorial! I’ve always wanted to improve my skills in Lightroom but always felt like I could never find my way around the program so I would just stick with editing camera raw in Photoshop through Adobe Bridge. Aaron does a nice job walking you through step by step dropping knowledge bombs along the way. This made me want to edit my photos and incorporate this workflow. “Fantastic!”

  12. I love it, I have seen many videos from Aaron Nace in YouTube, and learn so many things that help me. So I decide to buy the subscription to PHLEARN. I just end all this guide and was amazing, I learn many things that I didn’t know form Lightroom. Thanks to all PHLEARN and a special thanks to Aaron Nace he is an great instructor. Thanks!!!

  13. By far the most well explained and well broken down Lightroom lesson I’ve ever used. I’ve tried various podcasts and Youtube videos and decided it was worth my money to try something more legit. Aaron does not disappoint! He is so articulate and his explanations are very easy to understand. 100% worth every penny.

  14. Awesome tutorial! Aaron makes it so simple to understand, excellent teacher!

  15. Arron is so good. I been using Light Room for a while. And these tips and trick I am learning from him are revolutionary to me. I especially love how he organizes his work space. This tutorial is totally worth the time to check out. You learn SO much. That will make your life easier.

  16. Aaron Nace is a fantastic instructor. I got hooked on Aaron’s free 30 Days of Photoshop and wanted more. I knew I needed to start with Lightroom Classic and chose this class. While I had been using Lightroom Classic, this class helped fill in my knowledge gaps. I also gained a better understanding of how to organize all my photos using Lightroom Classic. Aaron is the best!

  17. Aaron always has amazing tutorials. Paying for Pro is totally worth the money. It feels like a bargain price!

  18. It’s 2020 but still applicable!

  19. Aaron is the best teacher. He made complicated things look easy. I loved this course! And I appreciate that he shares tips beyond lightroom, like the way to send work to a client.

  20. This guide was informative and helpful. Would recommend it to people new to Lightroom. Would love to watch a follow up tutorial covering Lightroom trouble shooting.

  21. Another awesome course from Aaron. Just love how he shares his workflows from a ‘professional in the industry’ perspective, makes so much sense. Thank you again.

  22. Takes Patience to make it through to the end but thats because its packed full of great info and knowledge. Thanks so Much Aaron. I Feel way more confident and ready to attack my Instagram account.

  23. Best Lightroom training I’ve ever had. You are the best! Thank you, Aaron!

  24. This was super helpful! I picked up a lot of tips and tricks that I had no idea existed .

  25. really great tutorial I spent months going back and fourth deciding if I should sub or not and it was definitely worth it!

  26. I have been using Lightroom for about three years. I tried using numerous books, YouTube videos and old fashion trial and error. This course answered a lot of questions I have always had, thought me a lot of new tricks. Now I am eager to do more courses and hopefully master Lightroom in the future.

  27. Great tutorial, thanks Aaron !

  28. I’ve been a Lightroom user for several years and Aaron has taught me several techniques that I didn’t know even existed. Thanks Aaron.

  29. Aaron made learning the basics of Lightroom simple and fun with a comprehensive set of videos covering the tools available in Lightroom. This course is great for those who want to familiarise themselves with all that Lightroom has to offer.

  30. Great review of everything lightroom has to offer and to know the new tools for 2019 version. thank you!!

  31. Great totorial! Many tricks and tips, even for a experienced user.

  32. Fantastic tutorial, even for someone who has used Lightroom for a while. Lots of great tips and tricks to make organization and basic photo editing so much easier! I would definitely recommend this to newb and pro alike!

  33. Easily the best 5 hours spent in my photography career! This tutorial taught so much, I thought I was advanced with lightroom but this has taken my skill to a higher level.

  34. This beginners guide to Lightroom supplies the user with every tool needed to file, edit and export your images with ease and safety. Each lesson is a build up off the last, without being repetitively boring. If you’ve been hesitant about learning lightroom, rest assure PHLEARN 101 here will make your uncertainty disappear as he did with a signpost in a photo he took. I encourage you to jump in and have a look around. He sports a great fanny pack too. 🙂

  35. Best Lightroom training I’ve ever had. This, alone, was worth a year’s membership.

  36. Simply the best training on Lightroom I have ever taken.

  37. I love that i’m learning so much about Lightroom. I didn’t realize how much this program had to offer. Great ways to organize and ideas on how to setup for client export. My learning continues and I appreciate your skills and expertise!

  38. So interesting course, I like it . It gives me useful lessons of LR CC

  39. Very good course but some video lags and the speech continues, but the video stops. About the rating I do like this with the colors, those images that I like I give them green color, the once I don’t know yet and want to edit to see what they are like I color yellow. If they look great after some editing I change them to green. Those I’m going to try to fix in Photoshop I color grade purple.

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