Photoshop 101-301

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BRAND NEW for July 2016!

Five years in the making. This is our longest, most comprehensive, and fun Photoshop tutorial ever. Nearly 22 hours of instruction in total!

Learn, side-by-side with the #1 Photoshop instructor in the world, Aaron Nace. 

It’s time to take your knowledge and ability from beginner, all the way to advanced in Photoshop. Prepare to dive in head first and tackle all of Photoshop’s most powerful tools. Discover best practices that every photographer and photo retoucher will benefit from. Never look at the dozens of tools and their endless amount of options the same way again. Phlearn makes it easy!

BONUS: We have included all the files you need to make it easy to learn and practice at the same time!

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Photoshop 101

Start your Photoshop journey by covering all the basics that will help you build the best habits and prepare you to be more proficient from the get go. In this Phlearn PRO Tutorial we’ll get you set up with a custom workspace to best suit your needs. You will also learn about color profiles and how to get the most out of your images.

  • Learn Proper Workflow

    Photoshop is an expansive program and it can be difficult figuring out where to start. With so many options for editing and saving, how do you make the right choice? The workflow section helps keep you focused and moving forward with confidence.
  • Color Profiles Explained

    Discover the many color profiles and which ones should you use. With Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, sRGB and others the choice can be quite confusing. Some are best for editing while others are best for web.
  • Layers, Masking and Groups

    Learn the best ways to properly work with layers to save time and headache. Layers are one of the primary building blocks of Photoshop. We dedicate an entire section to working with layers, masking and groups.
  • Define Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts will greatly increase your efficiency in Photoshop. While many are preset, you can create your own shortcut for just about everything. Learn how to view all the keyboard shortcuts and then how to create your own.

Photoshop 201

Photoshop offers many options when it comes to adjusting your layers. In the Photoshop 201 Phlearn PRO Tutorial, we take you step-by-step through every adjustment you will ever need. What’s more is you will learn how to make Photoshop work for you—saving you time to create more awesome images.

  • Learn Every Adjustment Layer

    Adjustment layers allow you to change color, exposure and more. Plus, they are non-destructive which allows you to easily go back and change their effects. There are countless adjustment layers to choose from which is why there is an entire section teaching adjustment layers.
  • Create and Script Patterns

    Learn how to create patterns from scratch in Photoshop using any shape. Once you create a pattern, learn how to fill your image with different variations of the pattern. You will be amazed at what you can do with patterns in Photoshop.
  • Save Time with Actions

    Actions allow you to save time by recording your steps in Photoshop. Once you record a sequence of steps, you can apply the exact same sequence to any image. Creating actions can be tricky because they need to work on different images. Learn the best way to create and use actions in Photoshop.
  • Retouch, Quick and Simple

    Learn simple retouching techniques that you can use on any portrait. We focus on making a big difference in a short amount of time. Work on what matters without wasting time on what doesn't.

Photoshop 301

In Photoshop 301, you will see, learn and do more advanced Photoshop techniques and tools. Increase your skills for working with typography and design. Discover the awesome potential of working in 3D. See how smart objects and layers can make last minute changes easier. Follow along as we guide you into an advanced knowledge level in Photoshop.

  • Pen Tool and Paths

    The pen tool is one of the most powerful and complex tools in Photoshop. Learn the details of working with anchor points and how easy it can be to make adjustments to every point and curve. These paths will give you more editing power than ever before.
  • Make Perfect Cutouts

    Follow along as we explain the correct tools and techniques to cut out any subject. Learn how to use the Pen Tool to create paths and turn the paths into selections. Create incredible selections and speed up your background cleanup.
  • Create Precise Selections

    Pen paths can be easily turned into selections and edited over and over again. If you are not happy with the first selection, simply edit the path, and then convert it into a selection again. This process allows you to be incredibly precise when creating selections from paths.
  • Vector Masks

    Vector masks allow you to control the visibility of a layer based on a pen path. The advantage of using a vector mask is that they automatically update when you update a path. Discover greater flexibility with your masks.

Included in Your Download

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience possible. When you purchase the Photoshop 101-301 Pack, you’ll get more than just videos. We provide everything you need to learn and practice at the same time!

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  • 21.5 hours of step-by-step Photoshop instruction
  • Original images to follow along
  • 3 Complete Products – Photoshop 101, 201 & 301

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Add a review

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Awesome !! Really useful and motivate us to become better and better than before.
    You are our inspiration <3

    Thanks a lot Phlearn Team and wish all the best for you guys !

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Only on lesson 2 for 101 and I am just amazed by the quality and content of these videos. I am so glad that I didn’t buy a book on how to learn photoshop. This is so much better! Thanks for all your hard work guys, the tutorials are amazing. Keep it up!

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Phlearn Photoshop 101,

    1. Simplicity of course materials to follow and learn. 

       Extremely simple to follow, indepth detail into the aspects covered from tools and layers followed by menus, in plane english with easy to understand language.

    2. Education value of the content.

      As someone new to photoshop some of the information i found a little boring BUT only due to the fact that i want to just get stuck into creating images. I did rush ahead and found that without the foundations of what 101 offers the later stages are quite hard to get your head around its worth watching from start to finish.

    3. Whether you would recommend it to others.

      If someone is starting from scratch with PS and has no knowledge at all i would most defiantly recommence this series.

    Phlearn Photoshop 102,

    1. Simplicity of course materials to follow and learn. 

      Found this section of the series easy to understand but areas difficult to follow just down to trying to copy what was going on, with the ability to pause rewind and play again it came together in the end. The videos where extremely easy to follow in every step of the process with the explanation not being to fast, allowing easy application of what was being demonstrated.

    2. Education value of the content.

      Understanding the processes of retouching, cutting out your subject in the most effective way and background creation is completely gold dust. Its exactly what i was looking for, understanding about what you need to get images to work together and how to bring the overall look and feel of an image together by colour balancing. I never knew about how powerful the type section of PS was, the ideas and concepts i gained from this area of 201 was unreal.

    3. Whether you would recommend it to others

      Would recommend this to people that have been using PS for some time guaranteed to teach you something.

    Phlearn Photoshop 301,

    1. Simplicity of course materials to follow and learn. 

      Now this section of of the tutorial took some watching, i found the course simple to understand but hard to execute in certain areas purely down to the fact that i am personally still trying to understanding elements of PS. The areas covered in this section really did allow me to understand that the possibilities are endless when wanting to create the ultimate image! 

    2. Education value of the content.

      This section of the tutorial cements the two previously sections, the warping and scaling was mind blowing and will be using this in most of images for sure, puppet warping is such a powerful tool! Have watched several videos on the pen tool and paths, this section is flawless in this tutorial really explains the importance and how best to use in such a simple manner. There was no section in the 301 series that i would suggest needs to be dropped out, the content mind-blowing brilliant.

    The final section of the series allows are a few walk through sections allowing you to bring together your understanding and apply it to a real situation.

    3. Whether you would recommend it to others

      I already have! There is such a massive value in this, well done.

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    I already had the original 101 and 201 so was reluctant to go for the entire new package. However, 101 and 201 bears no relation to the earlier versions other then they are about Photoshop.

    The history; I started with the original 101 and 201 and then got a few pro tutorials to work through. But again and again I was getting lost and realised I needed a better understanding of photoshop first. So I started to check out various books but soon realised that nothing works as well as someone holding your hand, doing it all for you so you can watch and then you do it yourself.

    So I decided to buy this. Good move. I have only completed in the two days, the first three units of 101. But I feel I totally understand what I have learned, and surprised myself when I went through the layers one again, how quick I was at it, plus I knew why I was doing what I was doing. The original package only showed the surface, what to do, this package goes much deeper and shows you why you would want to do it and shows all the options that are there.

    I plan to take this slowly, completing one part a day, and then re-doing that part if not totally sure. Layers was one such part, they were always beyond my understanding, now I feel fairly confident about using them.

    So on the strength of the first three units, and having no reason to think the rest won’t be up to the same standard then yes I think this package is a must have.

    Should I review this after having only done the first three units? Well, like me you might be thinking should I or shouldn’t? There are not many reviews so you are really on your own, so I decided my experience might help people decide. Raymond’s review is excellent, but two voices are better then one.

    If, like me, you have been using photoshop for a little while, you will be surprised at how much more there is. If you are a complete beginner then I cannot imagine anything better then this. You can buy books but I have tried that and even Martin Evening’s bible on photoshop left me scatching my head and reselling it within weeks. Something like photoshop has to be shown, not read about.

    Price wise? Well ask if you already own the previous original verison, you will get a discount, but at £129 for the entire package, you could easily spend that on three books on photoshop and still not pick it up as fast as this. This is a hands on walk through. It’s working for me beyond my expectations.

    The bottom line. You might want to make money from your photography and photoshop takes you so beyond what Lightroom can do, and hence boost your sales income. So it’s not so much can you afford this, it’s more can you afford not to?

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    It was my first payout of many others that will come, I ‘m pretty sure.

    I’ve started with some expectations and it’s above of what imagined.

    By now I’m at the 101, and really wanted to share my contentment.
    Every cent that you spend will be recompensed.

    Thank you Aaron Nace and Phlearn Staff, I appreciate

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Aaron Nace is one of those few people who can really grab your attention and keep it throughout the entire video. He’s explains everything clearly and directly and I found myself easily able to retrace his steps with a little bit of practice. Great tutorials and well worth the cost. I would definitely recommend it to friends.

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Been following Aaron’s free tutorials for about a year now, I just love the way he teaches photoshop, simple, clear and very important, with a sense of humor.
    Now with this package it’s like having a private photoshop course at home with my favorite teacher. And even beter, I can pause and rewind when needed.
    I’m halfway 101 and not regretting one moment, worth every penny. I can truly recommend it to every one who works with photoshop!
    Thank you Aaron Nace and the Plearn team, hope you keep on doing what you’re doing

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    I’m amazed.
    I discovered the phlearn family a year ago and never thought I could go this far… Photoshop is, nowadays, my favourite computer tool and the one that lets me express myself 100% as I want. And everything thanks to those simple-perfectly explained youtube videos that you upload guys… But now, with this bundle OH MAN I’m mastering Photoshop, and loving it among every episode of 101-301. I would buy this pro bundle twice if it was necesary.


  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    My experience level with PS is somewhere between Intermediate and Advanced. Like a lot of us, I piecemealed my knowledge through sundry videos and trial and error. I’m on lesson 6 of 101 and am honestly very surprised at how much I’ve learned already. Just having an overview of every little piece of PS is invaluable. Aaron, as always, is approachable and makes understanding this daunting program PHun! 😉 From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Aaron and the rest of the PHLEARN team for doing what you do, it’s more valuable than you could ever know.

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    My compliments to the PHLEARN Team for a first class professional training series in the fundamentals and not-so-fundamentals of Photoshop. The Video Tutorials are outstanding in quality and content. Keyboard Shortcuts are often annotated on screen. Each sub-series has a detailed printable Table of Contents referenced to a specific video and time. Very high quality images accompany each video and include JPEG, DNG, and Layered TIF formats. Exercises are included wherein you can follow along taking images from Camera Raw to finished Photoshop documents.

    I highly recommend the complete series for those new to Photoshop or anyone not proficient in the understanding and use of specific tools , menu items, adjustment layers. This series with its Table of Contents can serve as a perfect reference for many years to come.

    This training series is a tour-de-force. The material is important to know and easy but not necessarily fun to learn. Keep motivated, take frequent breaks, work along with Aaron, and explore on your own. I recommend investment in your choice of the other PHLEARN Pro Tutorials to take your Photoshop skills to the next level (And No – I am not being paid)

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    Great course! I am 100% satisfied!

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    I fount out about PHlearn just yesterday on youtube, and here I am today, buying the 101-301 course, which talks a lot about the quality of how you do teach us photoshoping. I’m in love with Aaron (not literarily), how he explains everything and the fact of not being boring. Thanks so much for what you do and how you do it :))
    100% recommending

  • user image

    How long is this available for viewing if purchased

    • user image

      After paying, you will be able to immediately download all the files to your computer. They are yours to keep forever.

  • 5 out of 5
    user image

    WOW! Talk about learning to swim by being thrown into the deep end! I’ve been working at learning PS for awhile now, but this course puts things together from the start. I like working with a single image during a tutorial. Gratefully, I have a dual monitor setup, so I can keep “rewinding” or pausing while I catch up to Aaron’s “speed teaching” style. Today I’ll finish 101-05. These lessons are packed with info and each one bears watching –and practicing– more than once. Compared to the earlier PS course –well, there’s no comparison! It is both a learning course and a resource reference. I’m very glad I spring for the new course!