Mar 31, 2016

How to Remove Eye Wrinkles and Crows Feet in Photoshop

How to Remove Eye Wrinkles and Crows Feet in Photoshop

Eye wrinkles let us know that you smile a lot, and that’s a good thing. With time, eye wrinkles can become more pronounced, creating shadows around the eyes.

Learn how to simply remove eye wrinkles in a natural and subtle way, leaving your subject refreshed and looking great.

Healing Brush and Fade Command

The key to removing eye wrinkles is to leave a little bit of the original folds of skin, making the transition more realistic. Wrinkles come naturally with age, and removing them completely can look odd, especially on an older adult.

First, use the healing brush tool to paint over a wrinkle. Be sure to paint on a new layer and choose ‘sample: current and below’ from the healing brush tool options. Sample skin close to the wrinkle by holding ALT/OPTN, then paint over the wrinkle. Use a soft-edged brush about twice the size as the wrinkle.

After painting over the wrinkle, it should disappear completely. In most cases you will want to reduce the wrinkle, rather than remove it completely. This is where the ‘fade’ command comes in.

Navigate to Edit – Fade… or press SHIFT + CMD + F. This will allow you to ‘fade’ out the last command you made in Photoshop, and, in this case, it will be used to fade the healing brush stroke.

Choose the right opacity for each wrinkle; you may want some to be more visible than others.

Repeat these steps over each eye wrinkle and soon you will have a wrinkle-free photo!


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    Hey Aaron, thank you for all the Photoshop stuff you provide us on Phlearn. It’s really really helpfull and you make a superb job.

    I’d like you make an episode showing how to make a gradient to follow a path. Let me explain it better: I can make a path full of curves and Ss and use any fluid movement I want. Then I can stroke it using the brush tool, the pencil, the burn / dodge, etc.

    Though I tried to use the gradient tool and Photoshop doesn’t have this option. The point is that I need to make an image where I’d like to use a rainbow gradient to follow the path I just drew.

    Is there a way I can do it in Photoshop? If I didn’t make me very clear trying to express my idea, please just let me know so I can try it again.

    Thank you in advance!
    Fabio from Brazil

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    Irv Freedman

    Why not reduce the work involved by creating a another layer of the background layer, using a blur on it to reduce the wrinkles. Then, use add a black layer mask, and use a soft white brush set at about 20% opacity and paint in the new layers. Paint until the wrinkles are there but soft.

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    Hi Aaron,

    Fun episode! I wanted to ask – what is the benefit of Fade here? Let me tell you about the approach I came up with.
    * copy the original layer
    * in the copied layer remove all imperfections, including wrinkles under the eyes (using healing brush, cloning tool to lighten, cloning tool to darken, regular cloning, etc). In this step using different tools helps achieve best results. Everything will look exaggerated – face has no expression, raccoon eyes, the works.
    *add mask to the layer with all of the corrections, fill in black.
    *Set the brush to white, and small opacity. Now painting with that brush in the layer mask, I have full control over how much to remove the wrinkles, or anything else.
    Benefits – non destructive, lots of flexibility in making a correction layer. Everything kept in 2 layers.

    Try, I think you’d like it.

    Is there something I miss in the functionality of Fade? I would imagine it does the same thing as brushing in the effect with a layer mask.

    I use this approach for any corrections I make – literally brushing in the correction, stopping when I get the subtle correction. If I ever need to make the correction stronger/weaker, I do that in the layer mask.

    Thank you,


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    Doreen Parker

    Wow best wrinkle removal video I have ever watched keep up the good work

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    This is awsome and it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for that great technique. Love it.
    Do you have the phlearn shirt for sale?
    Cheers, Roland

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    Mark F

    Great tutorial, very helpful.

    If you are loooking for ideas fora future tutorial, I would love one on how to creat a faux picture frame in PS. For example, the kind that John Paul Caponigro uses to frame his galler y images on his website..

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    Janice Kendricks

    I just got PSCC and needed to know how to retouch in this program. Previously I had PSE12. So having this advanced program is so much better. I have noticed in retouching the skin, the program samples the texture. Wonderful tutorial for me to start learning in. I plan to take most of your courses in time. Thanks. Photos2framed ~ JaniceK

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    Gary G

    I would like to know how to make really glossy lipstick in photoshop.

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    Michael Sherman

    at the start of the video, i noticed that you were using a BIG microphone. after that it became invisible..hehehe

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    Tina Castaneda

    I’m very new to Photoshop but I am very excited to learn how to use it. Have watched a few of your classes and really liked them. I noticed you have a pen and a pad what is that pen and pad you are using?