How to Use Custom Shape Tool in Photoshop

That is not just one figure there is a whole pack of them in Photoshop. Custom shape tool photoshop is included to the primitive vector packet of Photoshop. Rectangle, line and circumference are great but it is not enough for us. Often for work you need concrete and simple vector images like cross, heart, triangle, Stop sign. We are not going to draw it every time we need it, right? Custom shape tool is symbol analogue from Illustrator or CorelDRAW. And there is an instruction below for use that instrument.

Choose custom shape tool photoshop and go to the Tool Bar. There you can see common settings for any shapes of figures and individual settings custom shape tool. There hidden in falling out menu all shapes of figures that exist. By default there are number of popular figures. Besides standard collection it has thematic collection like animals, signs, people and etc. The manager window works as like all other manager windows in Photoshop.

Choose any figure from manager and stretch it on working screen. Now you are close to learning how to work with custom shape tool Photoshop.

Also you can make arbitrary custom shape tool Photoshop figure. It is very simple. Choose any vector instrument like Rounded Rectangle Tool and then draw a rectangle. You can switch function in options of vector figures into Subtract from Shape Area. Then your Rounded Rectangle Tool works cutting everything off. With help of this instrument you can create new icons like TV or something else.

So you’ve already understood that we can create hundreds and hundreds icons like that. Also you can save it in the collections and share it in net. Some designers create that icons other guys use it. That’s a good idea, I suppose. And that’s everything you need to know about the custom shape tool Photoshop.