• Create Words From Branches Using The Clone Stamp

  • by Aaron Nace
    July 8, 2013
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Tutorial Description

Today we’re going to be making the branches in this image look like the word “hope”. This will be quite the challenge, as we’re going to have to bend some branches, remove some, and even create some from scratch.

We’ll start by using the Liquify Tool to straighten out the branch that will become the vertical part of the “P”. We can then use other branches from the picture to create the curved part using the Transform and Clone Stamp tools.

Using the Clone Stamp On a New Layer

Since we want to be able to manipulate the branches we create from scratch, it’s important to have them on a different layer. You can Clone Stamp onto an empty layer by simply making sure the “Sample All Layers” box is checked.

Refining Our Image

Now that we have the letters created, we can use the Clone Stamp to make them look more realistic by adding branches and correcting the Light where necessary. To bring more detail into our Shadows, we can use a Levels Adjustment Layer and pull up the greens in the Shadows.

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