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How to Duplicate Anything in Perspective using Photoshop

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Learning Perspective

A photo is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional world. That is one of the things that makes Compositing images together difficult, you have to calculate for interpreted perspective. If you intend to move things around in your images, you are also going to have to move them around in the perspective of the image as well.

To move an object around in the “perspective” of an image, the easiest thing to do is find the Vanishing Point and Transform around it. The vanishing point is where all lines meet. You can use the horizon as a Guide for Vanishing Point.

In this tutorial you will learn how to Transform an object to make it appear as though it is following the rules of perspective.

Here are some of the Tools we use:

  • Clipping Masks – Allows you to create New Layers but have the layer’s visibility based on the layers underneath it. We use this technique here to add fog over top of the dog./li>
  • Smart Objects – In this tutorial we create a Smart Object then apply a “Smart Gaussian Blur” on it to mimic Depth of field.


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