Lightroom Essentials: Mastering Tethered Capture

Lightroom Essentials: Mastering Tethered Capture 2 Videos (25:01m)
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  • 02 - How to Shoot Tethered

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Make Photoshoot Life Easy For Both You and Your Clients

Take the stress and guesswork out of a photoshoot with tethered capture! In this tutorial, we’ll break down the process of connecting your camera to Lightroom so that your images appear instantly on your computer as you take them. Then we’ll provide some valuable tips and tricks on how to get the most out of tethered capture to accelerate your workflow and help keep your clients happy and comfortable.

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See the Details

Your camera’s LCD doesn’t compare to having a much larger, higher-resolution computer display available during a photoshoot. See the details more clearly and make adjustments with confidence. From fixing wardrobe issues to white balance, being able to see and then fix any small problems in camera will make your post-production process that much smoother.

Organize as You Shoot

By using Lightroom to shoot tethered, you can get a head start on your post-production workflow. Save valuable time by creating collections and adding photos to them as you shoot.

Instant Backup

Never worry about losing photos before you have a chance to back them up. Learn how to save photos to both the memory card in your camera and to your computer simultaneously.

Keep Your Clients Happy

Photoshoots can be uncomfortable. Help your subjects and clients relax by bringing them into the process. Tethered capture will allow them to see their photos and select their favorites so that you can be sure you’re getting images they’ll love.

On-the-Spot Edits

Give yourself access to all of the powerful editing tools within Lightroom during a photoshoot. Learn to make quick edits and adjustments to a single photo and then apply them to any additional photos that you take in a series.


We’ve discussed before how important it can be to include metadata in your photos. We’ll show you how to fully customize how Lightroom will name and apply metadata to your photos, saving you time and ensuring that your photos are immediately protected.

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Lightroom Essentials: Mastering Tethered Capture comes with 5 RAW images that you can use to follow along.

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