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Transform an Image in Photoshop With the Clone Stamp, Smudge Tool, and Textures

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Today we’re editing an amazing self portrait by Amelia Fletcher. Make sure to check out the rest of her work, she rules!

Blurring Hard Lines

The ghosts in this photo create some heard lines that become slightly distracting. By using the Smudge Tool to blur these lines, they look more ghostly and take away less attention from the focal points of the image. This is a destructive technique, so make sure to duplicate your layer before using the Smudge Tool!

Adding Atmosphere and Textures

By using parts of your original image to create Special Effects, you can create a unique and organic look. We take parts of the ghosts and use different layer blending modes, and even use part of the image to create the glow in the center. Using Textures is also a big part of creating an effect like this. Textures can be confusing, but you just have to take the time to figure out what looks good and experiment with different blending layers.

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