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PRO A Giant Ego
Difficulty: Advanced , Length: 2:40 HR
• Select Hair Perfectly
• Learn to blend exposures
• Light Flare Textures Included!
• Master the Pen Tool
• Create Custom Brushes
• Composite Action Included!

In this 2:40 HR very advanced Photoshop tutorial we cover every detail in creating a realistic composite from advanced selections, exposure and color blending to stylization and creating custom brushes.

BONUS: Free included brushes, compositing action and light flare textures!

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PRO Tutorial: A Giant Ego
PRO Texture: Distressed Paper

Progress Video

Creating a Believable Illusion

Rollover the image below to see a before and after with the room. Looking at the before image you can clearly see that it looks like a normal sized room. Creating these illusions will allow you to place any subject in any environment you can imagine!

Phlearn PRO Giant Ego

Every Little Detail

You would not guess from looking at this frame that the girl was originally photographed sitting in a small plywood box. We go through special lengths and techniques to make sure that every detail is taken care of so the image will remain true at any scale. Here you can see that each and every hair is accounted for and they all glow with light from behind, just as though they were lit with the chandelier. Even though that is impossible.

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Make Amazing Hair Selections

You are going to be amazed when you learn how we make the selection for our subject’s hair. This is an exact representation of the layer mask used to cut out the girl from her background. You can see every single hair is accounted for!

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Light Glows

Not only do we cover how to make this composite believable but we also go over stylizing the image using techniques such as adding light glows. We also include bonus textures that you can use to add flare to any image!

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Managing Reflections

One of the hardest things to get right when making a composite image is reflections. In this image we are taking into account not only the reflections of the wall onto the floor but also from the heel of her shoe.  We go over a unique method of combining and blending layers that will make pulling this sort of thing off much easier!

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Making Perfect Selections

In order for this composite to come across as realistic, the girl had to be cut out of her background perfectly. We cover in depth some great techniques on how to do this from the pen tool to making custom brushes.  You can see here how important every little detail is in making these composites come to life.

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Creating Interaction Between Subject and Environment

One of the big things that will help to make a composite more believable is to create some sort of interaction between the subject and their environment. In this image we use the table on the left side of the frame as a place for the subject to rest her arm. We go over what is important in making this interaction seamless.

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Matching Color and Light

There are millions and millions of colors that are made up of hue, saturation and value. It can be very hard to match color ranges from one image to another, especially when you are creating a composite like this. A slight change in either hue, saturation or value can make the difference between a good and great image. We don’t like to leave that sort of thing to chance, so we have developed a special action that will help you to analyze color in a new way and allow to you make more believable composites!

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Matching Lighting

We take special care in matching lighting during a photo shoot because it makes the compositing job a bit easier as well as makes it more believable. You don’t always get it perfect, and that is where photoshop comes in. We go over a great technique for taking care of your edges to make  sure they match the rest of the scene.

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego

Final Image

Phlearn PRO Photoshop Tutorial A Giant Ego
  • Eddie Sebastian

    Wow…In the middle of half the tutorial and I think it’s a fantastic Pro, Aaron. Really wish you put out the Dollhouse Pro, tho’. I’m waiting for that one as well. Peace and Love!

  • Isaiah

    whats the dollhouse pro?

  • Eddie Sebastian

    There isn’t……… Yet. I hope….. Just watch this one:

  • Paul Frocchi

    Aaron this tute is outstanding. So many great techniques. And the checker is excellent! Thanks for that.

  • Ken Wallace

    Really enjoyed this as my first PHlearn tutorial. Great information that I can’t wait to try. One question: why didn’t you comp the wall area in the triangular area between her back and arm? Seemed like you just forgot about it!

  • Andrei Oprinca

    The matching relative hues and value totally blew mi mind, awesome technique, much better that doing it by eye only. Also the hair masking stuff was clever. I usualy do the same technique on masking grass but how stupid I am that I didnt try it on hair hehehhe. Thanks aron, you make this classes funny. This was my first purchase. I think I’ll get some other pro tut
    Good luck

  • William Psolka

    This is a great tutorial and one that I may actually try with my class. However, I would like to know one key piece of information. Can you please elaborate on how you matched both the angle and focal length from when you shot the actual room to shooting the scaled down room?

    Many Thanks.

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Ray Miles

The quality of tutorials and content that is produced by Phlearn is second to none. After spend...
More The quality of tutorials and content that is produced by Phlearn is second to none.

After spending years watching tutorials on YouTube and buying expensive videos, I discovered Phlearn. The average Phlearn tutorial is much longer than any homemade YouTube tutorial. The content of each video is also much more in-depth.

It's unbelievable how many new things you can learn from each video. There's always a couple small things, that you pick up here and there, that you find yourself using all the time. This is in addition to all the extras that are included with the tutorials like brushes and actions.

The price point for videos in perfect, especially because I have paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars for 1-2 hour videos.

I am constantly telling my friends about Phlearn . I am found that both photographers and artists love it equally.

Daniel Cook

Phlearn is one of those exceptionally rare places where you can learn from someone (Aaron Nace)...
More Phlearn is one of those exceptionally rare places where you can learn from someone (Aaron Nace) who is so good at what he does that he doesn't need to be teaching. But Aaron teaches because he loves to and he's a darn good teacher to boot.

The "PRO" tutorials on Phlearn over-deliver every time, sometimes reaching over 3 hours of pure content. These tutorials are vastly superior to anything available on any of the subscription learning sites or in any college.

The latest "PRO" tutorials have gotten scary good. It should be pointed out that only a hand full of people in the world can produce the level of work that Aaron does now. Naming these tutorials "PRO" is appropriate as he's a consummate pro at composite work rivaling photographers like Gary Land or Dave Hill.

Professionals like these aren't teaching their craft at any price. Yet through the Phlearn episodes, Aaron takes you by the hand and and gives you an education you can't get anywhere else (believe me I've looked).

Natalia Osmolovskaya

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop for 4 or more years now, and I found myself consta...
More I've been experimenting with Photoshop for 4 or more years now, and I found myself constantly using the same techniques which did not help me progress and did not make my photos look too realistic. After coming across Phlearn, joining the daily discussions in the episodes and getting a Phlearn Pro video, I realized how much more there is to Photoshop. The episodes opened my eyes to new ways of editing a picture and making it stand out. Aaron covers absolutely everything there is to know about the program!

The Flood Pro episode that I have purchased showed me the process of making an image (explanation of the light sources was very helpful), as well as the post production. I learned how to make the model look perfect yet natural, I learned about making a composite and how to create a mood for the picture, as well as many more ways of creating a photograph that I still use today.

I highly recommend getting a Phlearn Pro to anyone who is interested in taking their creativity to the next level!

Eduardo Perez

I met Aaron at B&H in NYC for a free lesson on retouching a portrait and I was completely ...
More I met Aaron at B&H in NYC for a free lesson on retouching a portrait and I was completely blown away by his skills, his style and -of course- enthusiasm! Then I follow the guy on twitter and he announces that he's launching "something" called Phlearn! I give it a try and I became addicted to "phlearn" something new almost every day. Then, he launched the first Phlearn PRO and I became addicted once again. Nothing is left out, he tells you EVERYTHING he knows while he's doing it! You see him doing the stuff step by step, explaining it to you and then you do it and magic happens!! I actually keep notes with the minutes and seconds of the videos of stuff I like to keep for future references (like how to apply some make up or how to put light on a fairy's wings) :D

Phlearn PRO tutorials are phenomenal. Almost all I know in photoshop is thanks to those tutorials. I was completely lost before this, I had some skills but without direction and since Phlearn I've been able to apply Aaron's techniques to my own style and I'm more than satisfied with the results.

I gotta warn you, you'll get used to Aaron's energy and style and it's going to be hard for you to go back other tutorials from another artist.

John Liot

There’s not much more to say about Phlearn and the work of Aaron Nace that hasn’t a...
More There's not much more to say about Phlearn and the work of Aaron Nace that hasn't already been said, but it bares meaning every time someone spouts a similar story. Phlearn has been invaluable to my development as a photographer. Whether it be learning new techniques, understanding pitfalls and avoiding cliches/ common mistakes, learning important business practice or just taking the time to humble ones self to the creative brilliance this site is always oozing.

The Pro Tutorials are just too good to comprehend sometimes. Being given so much for so little is a rare encounter these days, but it exists here, at Phlearn. The tutorials provide stunning depth and tutelage for amazing images at very affordable prices. Money aside though, the thing I enjoy most about these videos is the way Aaron walks through an image, recognizing which bits may need to be explained multiple times and never ignoring the fact he has made these video to TEACH. He is not, like so many other tutorial sites, just showing you how he made an image and leaving up to you to figure out the details.

I could speak for hours on just how brilliant this site is, but I won't because the site is more than capable to show you for itself. A unique website that accommodates to all skill levels, whether you watch a video a day, or return when you need help, you can get something from Phlearn immediately.

Kim Whittemore

I own 18 of the Phlearn Pro Tutorials, and each one has taught me something new. Aaron is such ...
More I own 18 of the Phlearn Pro Tutorials, and each one has taught me something new.

Aaron is such a great teacher, everything is explained in a way that I can understand. What I thought was once out of my reach in Photoshop is now at my fingertips. I have grown and expanded my knowledge to a point where my imagination and time are my only obstacles.

Thanks Phlearn!!

Michael Woloszynowicz

Phlearn’s free courses trump most of the paid options that are out there and the PRO ones...
More Phlearn's free courses trump most of the paid options that are out there and the PRO ones absolutely destroy them. Phlearn is the only place where I've seen practical solutions and examples to the problems that photographers face on a daily basis.

Aaron's presentation of both photography and Photoshop techniques is clear, concise and enjoyable. The value you get from the texture packs and PRO courses is fantastic and they immediately take your finished products to a whole new level.

I love my weekly dose of Phlearn and look forward to the ambitious projects in upcoming PRO tutorials. Keep up the great work Aaron!

Rj Osorio

Even taking into consideration the seemingly endless amounts of free tutorials on the internet,...
More Even taking into consideration the seemingly endless amounts of free tutorials on the internet, I was hard pressed on looking for something that contained a purpose in its teachings. Mostly all you would find is how to apply a one-off text effect you'll never use in your work, or how to pull off a half-baked manipulation where the steps and narration get so verbatim that you get to the point where you'll see yourself following directions for a couple of adjustment layers without any other guidance besides "Set hue to +34, lightness to -7" and so on, and so forth.

Taking this into paid services such as creativeLIVE, or perhaps even; although you do receive some supportive commentary, you'll find yourself doing a lot more review work and get to the end figuring out that the person teaching you this segment might benefit from some tutorials themselves.

I feel as though PhlearnPRO changes this. These tutorials on an arbitrary scale of work are not completely out of the norm, but the combination of thought process and conversation throughout the edit from the sketch to the sharpening will have you interested in the *why* as much if not more than the *how*. This is imperative to visual learners (Which I'm assuming by coming to websites such as these, we all are), and I feel that Phlearn nails this. I knew of the tools of photoshop and how to use them properly, but PhlearnPRO taught me *why* to use them and *when* would be the best time to according to what is on my canvas. That help alone has been immeasurable, and the experience of watching PhlearnPRO has been a pleasurable one, as you get to know Aaron on a professional, as well as personal level.

I recommend this service to anyone who's been looking for that purpose in their post-processing that will give them the drive to execute work that they have had in their heads, and the confidence to follow through without feeling like you've bit off more than you can chew.


Scott Goodwill

I found many new and unique editing and photography ideas that have opened up my portfolio into...
More I found many new and unique editing and photography ideas that have opened up my portfolio into so many new and fun directions. I really like how every element isn't just pitched as a new trick or gimmick but a group of many final elements that are layered to create a wonderful image. There is so much useful information on the web but it seems as though it is very condensed and clear on this website. The tutorial and clips are very easy to follow and help you produce your own creative ideas.

Dru Lester

To start, Phlearn is amazing! I have searched the web over and over trying to find good photosh...
More To start, Phlearn is amazing! I have searched the web over and over trying to find good photoshop tutorials that actually went into depth on the tools and techniques for creating the type of photos I see in my head. About six months ago I found Phlearn and am so glad I did. I'm only on my 3rd Pro Tutorial, but have already learned more than I could have imagined in that short time.

Aaron Nace is such a good, fun teacher and really breaks down every step and tool used to create his photos. Not only that, but he shows you how to do things several different ways so you can pick the one that is most comfortable for you. If you're questioning wether or not to get a Pro Tutorial or if Phlearn is right for you, the answer is YES! Thanks for all you do Aaron and all the others who make Phlearn what it is.
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