PHLEARN MagazineFinishing Well: An Illustration

Finishing Well: An Illustration

I’ve drawn comics while laying on the floor with my babies. I’ve drawn illustrations in corridors while waiting for my kids to complete their music lessons. I’ve drawn stories by the light of a headlight while listening to the sounds of my sleeping sweeties.

At times it’s challenging and stressful to be a full-time mom and a freelance working illustrator. But, on the other hand, it really isn’t. I don’t get the work done in one session but rather bit by bit. And I think that’s a good thing, that way I get to experience more life than just the work. I love being a full-time mom and a freelance illustrator, both at the same time.

View more of the work Anne manages to finish over at her website.

Anne Muhonen

Anne Muhonen is a Finnish illustrator and a comic artist. Ever since childhood, making pictures has been her favorite way of telling stories.

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