PHLEARN MagazineIssue 2: Beginning & Believing: How To Get Started

Issue 2: Beginning & Believing: How To Get Started

Whether you’re dreaming up a new project, a personal challenge, or an adventure, bringing any of them to life requires the same thing: a first step. It’s often the most difficult step to take.

This month in PHLEARN Magazine we’ve been sharing stories and encouragement from fellow creatives about getting started. We hope that by reading these articles you will move from the dreaming-about-it phase and right into the thrill of forward motion. We’ll be here to cheer you on as you get going.

“The only fear that you should ever work with is the fear of the disappointment you get from not trying.” – Chance Sutliff, Phamily Member

Featured Story

Beginning vs Starting

Ever considered the difference between “starting” and “beginning”? This article argues that one may be more difficult than the other.

Find out.


Interview with Dewi Natalia

Travel through Asia with Indonesia-based street & portrait photographer Dewi Natalia. We interviewed her about creative process, community, and motivation.

See what Dewi has to say.

Phamily Contribution

The Art of Not Making Great Art

Trying to improve in your craft? We offer this advice: “Don’t focus on making great art.”


In The Bag

A Travel Photographer’s Essentials

Gearhead, gadget geek, and doodad dabbler, Evan Spiler, a travel photographer from San Francisco, opens up his bag for us. (You decide if he’s packing light.)

See what’s in his bag.

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Thanks for browsing through this issue of PHLEARN Magazine. If you missed our inaugural issue, I encourage you to check it out right here. As always, let me know what you liked a lot, liked a little, or would like more of. This magazine is for you, after all!



Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson was the former Editor of PHLEARN Magazine, where he helped creatives share their stories. Dane currently is the co-founder of Clementine Coffee Roasters and he accepts most assertions of his hipster-ness and millennialism without flinching.

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