30 Days of PS
30 Days of Photoshop

Don’t Get Stuck

I’d like to shed some light on a place I’m certain every single creative person has visited, but very few willingly admit to having been…the creative wasteland found in The Long Middle.


The Art of Not Making Great Art

Creation is an experience, not a manual to be followed step-by-step. As soon as I stopped trying to force my creativity to fit into predetermined boxes, it got easier and easier to pull my visions into the physical realm.


Passion Isn’t Everything

Deep down, I was disappointed. I was letting myself down. It was another project that I was putting in the “unfinished pile”. I knew I had to arrest this downward spiral before it degenerated into total failure.

Chess Set Fire and Water Effects

Analog Effects in a Digital World

Learning the ways of these old-school effects not only gave me newfound respect for the art and craft of the masters that went before me, but instilled a sense of practical creativity and problem solving that I’m not sure I would have gotten in the purely digital world.