Adapting in Wedding Photography

Now could a better, more experienced photographer captured all of this in one photo, in just one attempt? Sure, I have no doubt. But that’s part of the photography journey. You do the absolute best that you can with what you have.


Photography, A Two-Dimensional Art

I appreciate photography most particularly for its documentary capacity, as well as its potential to be a creative outlet. However, I am not just a photographer, but also a potter – and the relatively intangible nature of photography frustrated me.


Finishing Well

Then it hit me. There is this cool thing called Google. It can give you loads of information in mere seconds. And hey, it might even help you find a solution or two, or twelve.


Subject First

Our job as photographers is to create meaningful art for our clients. As artists, we have to be able to connect with those whom we photograph. If not, every image we create will feature a disconnect.