PHLEARN MagazineIssue 3: The Long Middle: Sticking with the Work

Issue 3: The Long Middle: Sticking with the Work

Once the shine of a great idea wears off, and its implementation or execution begin to feel like, dare we say, work, it’s easy to lose motivation – distractions pile on; excuses become readily available; despair may even begin paying visits. We think of this phase in the creative process as: The Long Middle – a time when the initial creative spark has come and gone, and yet the finish line is still a long way off.

Throughout July, PHLEARN Magazine will be smack dab in the middle of this phase. Stick with us, however, and we won’t have to remain here long.

“The true measure of our progress is seeing how many hurdles we can pass before we feel we have conquered our personal bests.” – Daniel Green, Phamily Member

Featured Story

3 Strategies for Surviving the Long Middle

If you feel like you’re trudging through an uninspiring wasteland in one of your projects, here are some stories and strategies to make sure you get out of there alive.



Interview with Keean Afrasiabi

In our conversation with Keean we talked about the limitations he faces as a legally blind visual artist, how he got into 3D design, and how he engages in client work.

See what Keean has to say.

Phamily Contribution

Passion Isn’t Everything

One of our Nigeria-based Phamily members shares what he did when a project that initially captured his attention quickly felt like a burden.


Phamily Contribution

It’s Not Too Late To Evolve

Creativity can be a fragile creature. Here are three ways to keep it off the endangered species list.


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Thanks for browsing through this issue of PHLEARN Magazine. If you missed our last one, I encourage you to check it out right here. As always, let me know what you liked a lot, liked a little, or would like more of. This magazine is for you, after all!



Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson was the former Editor of PHLEARN Magazine, where he helped creatives share their stories. Dane currently is the co-founder of Clementine Coffee Roasters and he accepts most assertions of his hipster-ness and millennialism without flinching.

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