In today’s episode, the rounded rectangle tool comes in handy as we create our icon. The rounded rectangle Tool helps us create are shape and there are enough options available for us to be really specific.

free float lightroom presets

Fill your images full of energy with our bright and creamy Free Float Lightroom Preset Pack! Perfect looks for all of life’s adventures.

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides


Learn how to quickly select and change colors in this free Photoshop tutorial!

Sample Images Included

bohemian lightroom presets

Bohemian style is all about timeless and unconventional looks. Give your photos a soft, timeless, and artistic feel with our Bohemian Lightroom Preset Pack!

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides

spring lightroom presets

Add bright whites and soft, springtime pastels to your photos with our Spring Lightroom Preset Pack!

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides

real estate luts

Enhance your architecture and real estate photos and videos with these easy-to-use color-grading LUTs.

5 LUTs   |  Quick Install Guides


If you are looking to add some security to the images you are uploading online, this episode is perfect for you! Today we’ll show you how to create a watermark to place on your images.


Having your own signature at the end of your emails is a great way to leave a professional impression. No matter what type of business you are in, having an email signature is the perfect way to sign off.

minimal food lightroom presets

There’s a food photographer in all of us! Enhance colors, lift shadows, and soften textures with our Minimal Food Lightroom Presets.

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides


Add a futuristic look to your images. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to add a light up display over the eye for a cyborg look.

lightroom presets minimal blogger

Perfect for the web, a blog, or your Instagram, our PHLEARN MInimal Blogger Lightroom Presets will give your photos a clean, fresh, and minimalist look.

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides

lightroom presets family

Fill your photos full of bright whites, soft colors, and lasting memories with our PHLEARN Family Lightroom Presets.

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides


Video Game lovers, rejoice! In today’s episode, learn How to Make a Call of Duty Title Screen in Photoshop, and take away some versatile font techniques too!

neutral tones lightroom presets

Enhance the natural colors and lighting in any photo with our Neutral Tone Lightroom Presets!

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides

sweet caramel color grading luts

Add shimmering copper tones to your photos with our Sweet Caramel color-grading LUTs!

5 LUTs   |  Quick Install Guides

lightroom presets beach

Grab your swimsuit and towel and head to the sea with our Beach Lightroom Presets! Brighten shadows, add contrast, enhance the deep blues of the sky and water, and leave skin looking warm and sunkissed.

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides


Learn how to add a Reflection to sunglasses in today’s episode! Adding a little Paris to your studio portraits is simpler than you might think!


You will be stunned by the simplicity and effectiveness of this technique! Learn how to auto-Remove Objects from your images in no time!

phlearn winter lightroom presets

Instantly give your photos an icy cool, wintry vibe with our PHLEARN Winter Lightroom Presets!

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides


It’s always a sad time when you end up with unwanted Reflections in someone’s glasses! Learn how to utilize the clone source dialogue to remove glare in today’s episode!


If you have a complicated selection to make such as hair, let us introduce you to your new best friend: the Refine Edge Tool!

maternity color grading luts for photo and video

Preserve those days of excitement and anticipation with our Maternity color-grading LUTs. Give your photos a warm, soft feel in just a few clicks.

5 LUTs   |  Quick Install Guides

sunset tone lightroom presets

Get the most out of golden hour with our beautiful Sunset Tone Lightroom Presets!

10 Lightroom Presets   |  Quick Install Guides


Master the Liquify Tool, matching color, matching light, and learn to completely recreate areas of an image with the Brush Tool. This tutorial is a great exercise for advanced Photopshop users.

Advanced   |   4 Hours   |   9 Video Tutorials

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Join us for a jam packed episode on how to create an amazing painted album cover!


In today’s episode, learn how to use amazing Lighting Effects in Photoshop! Watch and learn as we Transform a flat piece of art into a textured, 3-D masterpiece!

moody food color grading luts

Add subtle contrast and rich, creamy tones to your food photos and videos!

5 LUTs   |  Quick Install Guides


Learn How to Use the Vanishing Point Filter in Photoshop! Trust us, it will take all of your perspective troubles away!


The trickiest part of this whole process might be the very first step! If you are adding a different sky to an image, make sure it compliments the rest of that photo. The two images should match up really well in terms of Color, Contrast, and tone.


Learn how to completely repair an old torn photo in Photoshop! From tears to discoloration, we will show you how to fix it!


You won’t believe how quick and easy it is to remove red-eye in Photoshop! Learn how to fix those creepy pupils in today’s episode!