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Product Retouching for E-Commerce


From Amazon to Etsy, online shopping has taken over–and that’s great news for photographers and retouchers! Learn how to help products look their best on any website or online store while working with a client to bring their brand to life.

In this tutorial, we show you how to cut out products from their backgrounds, enhance details with dodging and burning, and export images that are perfect for the web. And best of all, we include 28 RAW images from our product photoshoot with photographer Ross Floyd!


  • 28 Sample Images
  • 2 Photoshop Actions
  • 2 Sample PSDs


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 | Introduction
  • 01 - What You'll Learn
  • 02 - Working with a Client and Photographing Products
Chapter 2 | White Background
  • 01 - White Balance & RAW Prep in Lightroom
  • 02 - Cut Out Products
  • 03 - Retouching Products
  • 04 - Sharpening, Cropping & Exporting
Chapter 3 | Colored Backgrounds
  • 01 - RAW Prep in Lightroom
  • 02 - Blemish Removal & Object Enhancement
  • 03 - Background Extension with Frequency Separation
  • 04 - Changing Background Color
  • 05 - Sharpening & Exporting for the Web
Chapter 4 | Product Portrait #1
  • 01 - RAW Prep in Lightroom
  • 02 - Retouching & Frequency Separation
  • 03 - Dodging & Burning
  • 04 - Sharpening, Cropping & Exporting
Chapter 5 | Product Portrait #2
  • 01 - RAW Prep in Lightroom
  • 02 - Background Cleanup & Frequency Separation
  • 03 - Dodging and Burning & Sharpening

Shopping online never looked so good.

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How to Retouch E-Commerce Photography

When shopping online, it’s important to know how a product is going to look and feel before it arrives at your door. Capturing all of that information in a photograph is the job of the photographer and retoucher. Learn how to use photography and Photoshop to create beautiful, accurate product photos that fit in perfectly with a client’s brand and style.

Product Images for the Web

Most online stores have multiple images for each of their products. Learn how to create and edit photos that will fit with any web design, advertisement, or banner–all while staying consistent with the look and style of each image.

RAW Images Included!

Learn professional e-commerce editing while working with high end image files! We include 28 100-megapixel RAW images taken with a Phase One medium-format camera. That means you’ll be able to practice with incredible detail, color, and quality.

Product Retouching for E-Commerce Banner Example 03 BeforeProduct Retouching for E-Commerce Banner Example 03 After



Perfect Backgrounds

Clients will often ask for photos that have clean, white backgrounds to fit in with a web design or online shop. We show you how to take a photographed backdrop and remove it, replacing it with a pure white background that helps the products stand out.

Professional Sharpening

Sharpening can help enhance details and help draw the attention of the viewer. We show you how to apply sharpening at multiple levels, from general image sharpening to more precise sharpening for the products, keeping the focus on the areas that matter most.

Export for the Web

Learn how to export your final images for the web, at the the right size and with accurate colors. We walk you through a professional workflow that will help you deliver photos to your clients faster and with perfect results.

Product Retouching for E-Commerce Banner Example 02 AfterProduct Retouching for E-Commerce Banner Example 01 After



Light & Color

Even exposure and accurate colors are both essential to great product photos. We take you through Lightroom Classic to make adjustments to light and white balance, and then into Photoshop to wrap it up with additional lighting and coloring to help the products stand out.

Bring out the Details

Learn how to enhance the textures and details of products using Photoshop! Add contrast, shape, and definition with professional techniques like sharpening and dodging and burning.

Dodging & Burning

Give a product a three-dimensional feel with dodging and burning. Learn how to dodge and burn at multiple levels, enhancing the shape and definition of an entire image and then zooming into the product to help the details shine.

Real products. Real clients.

Product Retouching for E-Commerce Banner BeforeProduct Retouching for E-Commerce Banner After



50 RAW Images Included

See just how powerful Lightroom is as you follow along with the 50 RAW images included with this tutorial. Upload, edit, and share RAW photos from any device!

Product Retouching for E-Commerce

Perfect product photos for
websites, banners, and ads!

Learn how to create pure white backgrounds, change the color of backgrounds, and extend backgrounds to fit any aspect ratio. Create multiple formats to meet all of your client’s needs!

Create Product Photos For:

  • Product Pages
  • Website Banners
  • Social Media Advertisements
  • Previews & Thumbnails
Product Retouching for E-Commerce


Products & Portraits

Not only do we show you how to make products look beautiful, we show you how to retouch product images that include people as well! Learn how to retouch a model with minor blemish removal, dodging and burning, and frequency separation. Then we show you how to keep the emphasis on the product using the same techniques.

Banners & Advertisements

We show you how to resize, crop, and export images in a variety of common formats and aspect ratios. These tips are helpful when a client wants to use images for large banners, advertisements, or when they want to integrate text.

Create Multiple Sizes & Formats

Learn a professional workflow for managing multiple exports at different sizes and formats. See how a professional organizes and saves their work, keeping layered files, full-resolution JPEGs, and images resized for the client’s website.

Product Retouching for E-Commerce White Background


Style & Theme

Understanding a client’s brand and needs can help you deliver better images that will keep them coming back for more. Follow along through three different types of examples: retouching products on white, retouching products on colored backgrounds, and retouching products on a model.

Object Removal

Working with products, it’s impossible to avoid little imperfections in your photos. Whether it’s dust, loose fibers, or unusual shapes, we show you how to remove distractions and fix composition using easy and powerful techniques.

Photoshop Actions

We include two of our most powerful Photoshop Actions to help you work faster and with great results. Try our Frequency Separation Action to smooth out skin tones and preserve delicate textures. Then use our Sharpening Action to enhance the details in an image–at any size or resolution.

Product Retouching for E-Commerce Green BG


E-Commerce Product Photography

We take you behind the scenes of our e-commerce photoshoot with professional product photographer Ross Floyd! See how we took the clients vision and used simple lighting setups and photographic principles to make a it reality.

Build a Brand

Learn how to build a relationship with a client and help bring their brand and vision to life. This tutorial uses a real client in a real-world scenario. We show you step-by-step how to use photography and Photoshop to help the client tell their story.

Consistency is Key

The key to great e-commerce photography and editing is delivering consistent photos of every product. Learn how to edit a series of images, all using the same type of background, the same sizes, and the same approach to editing and retouching.

Class Instructor & Featured Artist

Aaron Nace

PHLEARN Founder – Class Instructor

Aaron Nace is a photographer, Photoshop artist and founder of PHLEARN. He is the #1 Photoshop instructor in the world with millions of YouTube subscribers.

View More Classes by Aaron Nace

Ross Floyd

Featured Artist – Professional Product Photographer

Ross Floyd is an award-winning product and interiors photographer and director based in Chicago, IL. He specializes in telling the story of the designed object and space. Ross uses bright and graphic imagery to elevate objects while emphasizing line, shape, form and material with light. He is hired by clients around the world for his ability to convey the experience of an object or space through brilliant images.

View Ross’s Portfolio

Carlette Balcázar Otárola

Featured Client – Jewelry Artist

Carlette is an artist and jewelry maker based in Chicago, IL. Inspired by her Chilean roots, she handcrafts jewelry from macrame, bronze, copper, stones, and other natural elements. Each piece is unique and exquisite, an expression of her colorful spirit and love of individuality.

View Carla’s Jewelry


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  7. This was a great tutorial to learn about a broad spectrum of techniques for retouching images. Taking images from Lightroom over to Photoshop was made simple and approachable. Aaron demonstrates techniques clearly and provides excellent explanations as to the steps in his process. It was awesome to work on a set of photos that had such interesting features and elements.

  8. Amazing again Aaron! This is the most straight forward and fun product retouching I have ever seen.

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