PHLEARN MagazineIssue 4: The Long Middle: Staying Motivated

Issue 4: The Long Middle: Staying Motivated

Do you ever have those excited conversations with friends about some incredible idea that you can’t wait to bring to life? Someone grabs for the sticky notes to document, another purchases a domain name for the project’s future website, and there’s a lot of, “yes, and….!” happening. It’s wonderful.

And then what?

Well, the next steps depend entirely on you and your motivation. In time, some of your collaborator friends may begin to get busy, stop replying to messages regarding the idea, and reveal a general lack of enthusiasm. This could be its end right here. But, if your idea lives beyond the fever-pitched roar of its inception, then it will soon enter an arduous in-between area we call The Long Middle – a time when the initial creative spark has come and gone, and yet the finish line is still a long way off.

In this issue we share stories of motivation and heart to keep you true to your initial idea. With time, and hard work, you can get through the Long Middle. And we hope these articles serve you along the way.

“Don’t you owe it to yourself and to other people to share that magic inside you?” – Christina Castillo, Phamily Member

Featured Story

How I Picture Change

The story behind one photojournalist’s efforts to make storytellers out of those who go unheard. 



Interview with Justin Eisner

In this interview we learn of Justin’s film photography recovery work in honor of his late grandfather. We also learn what bringing these photos back to life has taught Justin about art, family, and himself.

See what Justin has to say.

Phamily Contribution

Don’t Get Stuck

Whether you’re a professional, semi-pro, or hobbyist with big aspirations, the middle point of your endeavour can often feel like the most prominent feature of your creative journey and it’s easy to get stuck there.


 Phamily Contribution

Find Inspiration in the Last Place You’d Expect 

With so many people in the world practicing similar crafts as you, it’s easy to find yourself in the dreaded slump of stuckness. So how do you stay motivated?


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Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson was the former Editor of PHLEARN Magazine, where he helped creatives share their stories. Dane currently is the co-founder of Clementine Coffee Roasters and he accepts most assertions of his hipster-ness and millennialism without flinching.

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