Amazing Eyes Photoshop Actions

  • Difficulty
  • Length
    15 mins
  • Software
  • Compatibility
    Photoshop CS6 & Newer


Amazing eyes in just a few clicks! Add beautiful color and contrast to any pair of eyes with our easy Photoshop Action.


  • 5 Sample Images
  • 1 Photoshop Action
  • 1 Photoshop Install Video
  • 1 PDF Quick Install Guide


Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action BeforePHLEARN Amazing Eyes Action After

Brilliant Eyes, Every Time

Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action BeforeAmazing Eyes Photoshop Action After

Enhance Color, Brightness & Shine

The eyes are the window to the soul. Help them shine bright with this easy-to-use Photoshop Action

Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action BeforePHLEARN Amazing Eyes Action After



Enhancing Eyes in Photoshop

Every pair of eyes is unique, each with their own shape, color, and detail. Learn how to bring out the qualities that make a subject’s eyes special with our custom Photoshop Action.

Any Eye Color

Whether a subject has dark brown eyes, bright blue eyes, or shimmering green eyes, each has to be handled differently in Photoshop. Our Amazing Eyes Actions can help bring out the details in dark eyes and intensify the color in light eyes.

Eye Contact

People are naturally drawn to the eyes of other people. Help eyes stand out in a portrait by enhancing colors with saturation adjustments and bringing out the details with pro-level sharpening.

Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action BeforePHLEARN Amazing Actions After 3



Beautiful Color

Increase the saturation of a person’s eyes, bringing out more of their natural color. Rich blues, greens, and browns are just a few clicks away.

Highlights & Shadows

Eyes have a particular way of absorbing and reflecting light. The best part about our Actions? They recognize the natural highlights and shadows automatically, creating a realistic and powerful dodge and burn effect.


If you’re going to sharpen anything in a portrait, make it the eyes. Our Action automatically applies professional-level sharpening, helping eyes stand out more to the viewer.

Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action BeforeAmazing Eyes Photoshop Action After



Install & Get Started

Follow along with the included video tutorial which shows you how to download our Action Pack, install the Actions in Photoshop, and start using them right away!

Actions, Presets & LUTs

This is just a small part of our extensive library of Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, and custom LUTs. Best of all, everything is included in your PHLEARN PRO subscription.

Take it Further

Enhancing eyes is just a small part of the portrait retouching process. Take your skills further (and use our Action along the way) with Intro to Retouching in Photoshop, a beginner’s course that can help you enhance eyes, skin, hair, and much more!

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

Your download includes 4 exclusive Photoshop Actions to brighten, sharpen and add more color to eyes.

Photoshop Action Includes:

  • PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Blue
  • PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Brown
  • PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Green
  • PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Dark


  1. I LOVE IT. on point!!!!!!

  2. I love this action! You save time. Gracias y Saludos de Tenerife

  3. I love this action! It makes everyone’s eyes really pop. I have done my own eye actions, but they take more steps…and tend not to look as good. I would, however love to know how and why it works from the inside out.

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