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Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action


Instantly add light rays to any photo!

This action pack makes enhancing eyes as simple as possible. Simply click play and the action does the rest!

What’s Included

4 Photoshop Actions | 3 Sample Images | Quick Install Guide →

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One Action, Four Eye Colors

People come in all different colors, and so do their eyes. This action pack makes enhancing eyes incredibly simple.

PHLEARN Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action

Included in the Amazing Eyes Photoshop Action Pack are 4 Actions:

  • Blue Eyes – This action sharpens and brings out blue saturation, adds highlights to the bottom of the eye and adds a teal color dodge layer to the highlights, giving the blue more depth.
  • Brown Eyes – This action sharpens and brings out yellow, red, and green saturation, adds highlights to the bottom of the eye and adds a light brown color dodge layer to the highlights, giving the brown more depth.
  • Green Eyes – Add sharpening and add more green saturation. Add highlights to the bottom of the eye and a light green color to the highlights, giving the green more depth.
  • Dark Eyes – Often times there is color information hidden in dark eyes and this action brings out that color. Add sharpening, bring out color in the shadows while protecting the highlights, remove blue and green color fringing, and add natural saturation to dark eyes.

After installation, double-click on one of the 4 included actions based on the original eye color of your subject.

The on-screen instructions will guide you through the simple process of selecting and enhancing eyes. This action is designed to work will RAW and JPEG images at all sizes and with any eye color.

Quick Tip: To add more effect, simply duplicate the group made by the action, for less effect, lower the opacity of the group.

PHLEARN Photoshop Action Amazing Eyes

How to Use the PHLEARN Amazing Eyes Action

After downloading and installing the Amazing Eyes action, press play on the action that coorelates to the eye color of your subject. For instance, if your subject has blue eyes, click on the Blue Eyes action.

You will then be guided through a series of steps that involves selecting and enhancing the eyes.

A red circle will appear on the top left of your image. Resize and relocate the circle to cover the pupil of your subject’s eye and press ENTER. Next, another circle will appear – do the same thing with the other eye. If there is only one eye in the photo, place the second circle over the first.

If there are multiple people in the photo, run this action for each person in the image.

After placing the red circles over the subject’s eyes, press ENTER. You will be asked to blur the edge of the circles to make the transition appear natural. Try to emulate the softness of the edge of the pupil in the original image.The action will then translate the circles into selections and load those selections as a group mask.

More magic happens, then you will be asked to adjust a slider that will add sharpening to the eyes. You will have a live preview of the sharpening, so there is no guess work. Press ENTER and you are done!

PHLEARN Photoshop Actions Amazing Eyes Example 3

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Installation takes just a couple of minutes.

Included Actions

PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Blue
PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Brown
PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Green
PHLEARN Amazing Eyes – Dark


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love this action! You save time. Gracias y Saludos de Tenerife

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thank you for using my photo in tutorial :D:D:D

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    I love this action! It makes everyone’s eyes really pop. I have done my own eye actions, but they take more steps…and tend not to look as good. I would, however love to know how and why it works from the inside out.


The actions included in this set are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, & 2017CC. All the included actions will work with JPG as well as RAW images.

Installation takes just a couple of minutes. Check out our Photoshop Actions Quick Installation Guide.

Photoshop Actions are a series of steps that have been recorded by their creator. This sequence of steps can then be reapplied at any time, which allows you to recreate the end result without having to go through each individual step every time. Think of them as short cuts.

A basic understanding of Photoshop is suggested. We designed the Photoshop Actions to be as simple as possible. After loading the Actions into Photoshop, simply double-click on the action to apply it to your photo.

PHLEARN Photoshop Actions are created by PHLEARN founder Aaron Nace.

Yes! Each of our Photoshop Actions creates a new group in your layers panel. Feel free to stack as many actions together as you please.

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