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PHLEARN Frequency Separation Action

Frequency Separation Photoshop Action


Create flawless portraits with any skin tone!

Frequency separation is incredibly powerful, and we show you the right way to use it.

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The Amazing Power of Frequency Separation

The PHLEARN Frequency Separation action gives you the ability to separate skin texture from skin color. Once the two are separated, each layer can be retouched separately, allowing more control and a realistic end result.

Because this action separates skin texture onto a new layer, you will never texture while retouching, making this method more realistic than any other skin retouching technique.

PHLEARN Frequency Separation Before After

After installation, double-click on either the 16-bit or 8-bit Photoshop actions or press the “Play” button.

This will create a new group in your layer panel that separates the skin texture from the skin color.

Quick Tip: Once skin texture has been separated from skin color, smooth the skin below the skin texture.

PHLEARN Frequency Separation Before After

How to Use the Frequency Separation Action

The PHLEARN Frequency Separation action separates skin texture from skin tone, allowing each to be edited on different layers.

The included instructional video teaches you how to master frequency separation retouching in just a few steps.

Start by retouching just skin texture on the High Frequency layer by using the Clone Stamp Tool, Healing Brush Tool, or Spot Healing Brush Tool. Make sure the sample is set to “Current Layer.”

Once all the major blemishes are removed, it is time to smooth out skin tone. This can be done by blurring areas of the Low Frequency layer or by using the Included Custom Photoshop Brush to sample and paint skin color, blending harsh highlights and shadows together to create a smooth skin effect.

Best of all, the Frequency Separation Action insures that you will have skin texture over top of your retouching. No need to worry about your portraits looking fake!

PHLEARN Frequency Separation Skin Texture

Reduce Wrinkles & Skin Blemishes

Most of the time you don’t want to completely remove skin characteristics like wrinkles because the end result doesn’t look natural. In those cases, it is a good idea to simply reduce the visibility of those features.

To make wrinkles and skin blemishes less visible, simply use the frequency separation action then reduce the opacity of the frequency separation group. This will keep all the original definition of the photo, but make wrinkles and skin blemishes more subtle.

PHLEARN Frequency Separation Before After 3

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Included Actions

PHLEARN Frequency Separation 8-bit
PHLEARN Frequency Separation 16-bit


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