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Get pro-level dodging and burning in just a few clicks! Enhance highlights and shadows with our custom Photoshop Action that’s simple to use and fully customizable.


  • 5 Sample Images
  • Quick Install Guide
  • Photoshop Action Install Video
  • 1 Smart Dodge & Burn Photoshop Action


Target Highlights, Mid-Tones & Shadows

Instantly Enhance any Photo

Dodging and Burning is an extremely powerful technique that can sculpt, contour, and enhance the details of your subject.



Smart Dodge & Burn

Dodging and burning involves sculpting the highlights and shadows of an image to add contrast and definition. Used by professional compositers, retouchers, and image creators, it’s one of the most powerful and effective techniques out there!

Pro-Results in an Instant

With our Smart Dodge & Burn Photoshop Action, getting a professional finish on your images has never been easier. Instantly add shape and definition to any photo–portraits, landscapes, and everything in between.

Large & Small Details

Our Dodge and Burn Action can be used on small detail areas, like the eyes, lips, and skin to even out exposure and draw more attention to a subject’s key features. You can also use it sculpt larger textures and shapes, like emphasizing a person’s musculature or the details in a landscape.



Why Dodge & Burn?

Dodging and burning is both powerful and versatile. You can use it to add definition to any image that feels a little flat, emphasize interesting shapes and textures, or to guide the eyes of the viewer to areas of a photo that matter most.

Highlights & Shadows

Our Smart Dodge & Burn Action is a great tool that can help you even out the lighting and exposure of an image. Reduce dark spots and smooth transitions in just a few clicks!

Professional Retouching

Professional retouchers turn to dodging and burning to give their images unparalleled detail. Now you can get the power and flexibility of pro techniques in a fraction of the time.



Install & Get Started

Follow along with the included video tutorial, where Aaron guides you through the process of installing and using the Smart Dodge & Burn Actions in Photoshop.

Actions, Presets & LUTs

This is just a small part of our extensive library of Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, and custom LUTs. Best of all, everything is included in your PHLEARN PRO subscription.

Master Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

Our Actions are incredibly helpful, but it’s always a good idea to learn the ins-and-outs of professional techniques. Learn how to dodge and burn any image from scratch in How to Master Dodging & Burning in Photoshop and take your skills to the next level.

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions

This action pack includes 6 Photoshop Actions to target highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

Photoshop Action Includes:

  • Shadows Darker
  • Shadows Lighter
  • Mid-Tones Darker
  • Mid-Tones Lighter
  • Highlights Darker
  • Highlights Lighter


  1. extremely useful !!!

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  5. Oh my goodness!!! I just finished editing my granddaughters’ photos which took me FOREVER because I wanted them as perfect as possible – and I got carried away with the number of photos I wanted to edit. LOL! Wish I had watched these tutorials (and gotten access to the actions) before I did them. Could have saved tons of time – especially with the Dodge and Burn edits. Thank you so much for sharing your “magic”!

  6. COOL!!! Making life a lot easier.

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  9. Brilliant! So simple and easy to implement. Just click, brush, and you’re done!

  10. Super simple but incredibly helpful to my workflow. Thanks Phlearn!

  11. Great action! I appreciate that Phlearn listens to their users and provides great tutorials as well as useful tools such as these LR/Ps presets and actions. You have made me a loyal PRO subscriber!


The actions included in this set are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, & CC 2019. All the included actions will work with JPG as well as RAW images.

Installation takes just a couple of minutes. Check out our Photoshop Actions Quick Installation Guide.

Photoshop Actions are a series of steps that have been recorded by their creator. This sequence of steps can then be reapplied at any time, which allows you to recreate the end result without having to go through each individual step every time. Think of them as short cuts.

A basic understanding of Photoshop is suggested. We designed the Photoshop Actions to be as simple as possible. After loading the Actions into Photoshop, simply double-click on the action to apply it to your photo.

PHLEARN Photoshop Actions are created by PHLEARN founder Aaron Nace.

Yes! Each of our Photoshop Actions creates a new group in your layers panel. Feel free to stack as many actions together as you please.

Due to the downloadable nature of this product, there are no refunds. All sales are final.

You may only use these products for personal or professional use. This license extends to the single, individual purchaser. This license does not extend to companies or partner- ships and may not be resold, loaned, and/or gifted to another individual and/or party. You may not share, loan or redistribute/sell or copy any of these files in any way. All Actions by PHLEARN are copyright protected.

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