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Remove People From The Background Of A Photo In Photoshop

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Sometimes people get in the way while you’re taking photos.

You can’t always shoo them away, but you can take them out in post-production. In today’s episode we show you how to make it look like they weren’t even there with the Clone Stamp tool.

Clone Stamp Tricks

If you want an instant preview of what your Clone Stamp will look like, go to window > clone source and make sure “show Overlay” is checked. This will make it much easier to line up Patterns like the one in the brick wall we’re working on.

If you don’t want this option on all of the time, you can simply hold alt+shift while sampling your Clone Stamp and line things up before painting.

Now, some of the areas we’ve stamped aren’t blending in as well as we’d like them to. We can fix this by clone stamping over the edges, but this time with a Flow of 20%. This maintains the Pattern of the wall while evening out the lighter and darker areas.

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