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    October 6, 2021
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9 Courses
30 Hours

Learn the principles of color theory, color correction, and color grading in this collection of some of our most popular Photoshop courses.

Color Fundamentals

watercolor effect in photoshop

Master Color & Tone

Learn the fundamentals of color theory and how to apply those principles using the tools and techniques in Photoshop.

6 Hours | Easy


Select & Change Colors

From products and clothing to hair and eyes, learn how to select and change the color of anything in Photoshop.

4 Hours | Medium

Color Grading Styles

how to create a glitch effect in photoshop thumbnail

Dark & Moody

Dark shadows. Cool tones. Cinematic style. Learn how to add drama and mystery to any photo with dark and moody coloring.

2 Hours | Easy


Bright & Airy

Learn how to brighten photos without losing contrast and add soft lighting effects for looks that are perfect for images of friends, families, and special occasions.

2 Hours | Easy

phlearn dispersion effect

Bold & Vibrant

Give the colors in your photos some pop, all while protecting the natural skin tones in your subjects.

3 Hours | Easy


Film & Vintage

Apply vintage coloring, realistic film grain, and subtle light effects like lens flares and light leaks that will give your images that classic 35mm feel.

2 Hours | Easy


Black & White

Use contrast, texture, and composition to tell stories in black and white.

4 Hours | Easy

Advanced Coloring

create a sketch effect in photoshop thumb

Lighting & Coloring with Gradients

Gradients can do more than you think! Learn how to use them to blend edits, apply professional color toning, and create realistic effects like lens flares and light leaks.

3 Hours | Medium


Advanced Lighting & Coloring

Master the arts of exposure, lighting effects, color toning, and composites, all with luminance blending in Photoshop.

4 Hours | Advanced


  1. Thank you so much, Aaron. It’s so nice to have all the color grading and toning stuff into one ‘Learning Path’. Just love it! What can I say … PHLearn is just simply the number one go to place when it comes to learning PS and LR.

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