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simple cutouts photoshop

Learn how to cut out subjects in front of relatively simple backgrounds, recover and recreate fine details in hair, and fix common issues like color fringing.

Easy   |   2 Hours   |   5 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 12 )

This is our most comprehensive Photoshop tutorial, and the perfect place to start learning. Improve your photos, help people look their best, and share your ideas with the world.

Easy   |   8.75 Hours   |   50 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 90 )
Product Mockups in Photoshop

Product mockups can save you and your clients time and money while making it easy to bring a brand, product, or design to life. Learn how to create mockups on billboards, books, packaging, digital displays, and more!

Medium   |   2 Hours   |   10 Sample Images, 5 PSDs

100 out of 5
( 17 )
advanced compositing stock images 2 after

Follow along and create an epic fantasy scene using free stock image assets and some Photoshop savvy! Learn how to cut out and place objects in a new background, create lighting and disintegration effects, create fog and atmosphere, and much more!

Advanced   |   2.5 Hours   |   8 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 25 )
advanced cutouts in photoshop

Learn how to recreate hair with the Pen Tool and Brush Tool, extract details from alternate stock images, and much more.

Advanced   |   2 Hours   |   6 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 4 )

Learn how to create your own custom logos and graphics in Photoshop! Use shapes, type, color, and gradients to make beautiful designs.

Easy   |   4 Hours   |   5 Sample PSDs

100 out of 5
( 10 )
how to create text effects in photoshop

Learn how to create stunning text effects in Photoshop! From dramatic drop-shadows, to realistic textures, to bold 3D, we cover all the bases to help your letters, words, and phrases pop.

Easy   |   2.5 Hours   |   3 Sample Images, 8 PSDs

100 out of 5
( 14 )

Create smooth, vibrant skin tones with natural texture and details with Frequency Separation in Photoshop. Learn how to separate frequencies, edit the details and color independently of one another, and use our Photoshop action to work faster.

Medium   |   6.75 Hours   |   25 Video Tutorials   |   Frequency Separation Action Included

100 out of 5
( 158 )
intermediate cutouts in photoshop

Learn how to cut out subjects from complex backgrounds, fix color fringing, and recreate fine details using custom brushes and compositing tricks.

Medium   |   2 Hours   |   7 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 6 )
intro to compositing

In this tutorial, we break down the compositing process with techniques for choosing images, making selections, and enhancing light and color. Learn to analyze light, perspective, and camera settings to predict how well photos will blend together.

Easy   |   5.5 Hours   |   22 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 38 )
advanced color grading lightroom

Master the art of color grading in Lightroom Classic. Learn how to use tools like the Tone Curve, Color Grading Tool, Range Masking and more to create your own beautiful looks.

Advanced   |   1 Hour   |   4 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 16 )
how to choose photos for compositing

When it comes to realistic compositing, Photoshop can’t do it all. You need to have images that share similar lighting, perspective, color, and more to create a seamless final image. Learn what to look for when choosing the very best images for compositing in Photoshop!

Easy   |   2.5 Hours   |   21 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 26 )
The Beginners Guide to Lightroom Classic Thumbnail

Lightroom Classic is the best way to organize your photos, pick out your favorites, and create beautiful edits with perfect color and detail. From capture to export, this is the easiest way to learn Lightroom Classic!

Easy   |   5.75 Hours   |   60 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 31 )
animate a composite image in after effects

Take the jump from Photoshop into After Effects! Learn how to export out Layers from a Photoshop composite, import them into After Effects, and create a smooth, dynamic animation. Never used After Effects before? No problem.

Intermediate   |   3 Hours   |   40 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 5 )

Professional coloring can transform a good image into an unforgettable one. Learn to color correct, color grade, and add your own unique style. Help skin tones look more natural, enhance the colors in a sky, or create a classic vintage look.

Medium   |   5.5 Hours   |   32 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 33 )
dodge and burn in lightroom

Master the art of dodging and burning in Lightroom Classic. Sculpt highlight and shadow, enhance details, and guide the eyes of the viewer.

Medium   |   2 Hours   |   4 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 9 )
restore photos in photoshop

Restore your old and vintage photographs so that they can be shared for generations to come! Learn how to remove scratches and tears, even out lighting, and correct the colors of any paper photo.

Medium   |   3 Hours   |   4 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 16 )

In this tutorial, we walk you through how to manually blend exposures using the power and flexibility of Luminosity Masks. You will learn to create selections based on light levels and then use those selections to paint detail back into your photos.

Advanced   |   3.5 Hours   |   10 Video Tutorials   |   Photoshop Actions Included

100 out of 5
( 129 )

Professional retouching is a valuable skill and a great way to improve any photo. Learn how to remove skin blemishes, smooth skin tones, clean up flyway hairs, fix exposure, and make subtle adjustments for an all-natural look.

Easy   |   8.75 Hours   |   21 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 32 )

Dodging and burning is a staple technique for professional photographers and retouchers. Learn how to sculpt highlights and shadows to add dimension, remove blemishes, and guide the eyes of the viewer to the most important parts of a photo.

Medium   |   5 Hours   |   14 Video Tutorials   |   Photoshop Brush Included

100 out of 5
( 61 )
watercolor effect in photoshop

Turn any photo into a realistic watercolor painting in Photoshop. Hand-paint in color and detail using the included custom Photoshop Brushes and then apply realistic paper textures made from scratch.

Advanced   |   5 Hours   |   5 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 25 )
portrait retouch one hour photoshop thumbnail

Your time is valuable! Learn how to retouch a portrait quickly and efficiently as we take you through every step of the professional’s workflow. And all in under an hour!

Medium   |   1 Hour   |   1 RAW Sample Image

100 out of 5
( 25 )
phlearn dispersion effect

Learn how to create a realistic dispersion effect in Photoshop! Follow along with the sample image and included Photoshop Brushes to make your own amazing effects from scratch.

Medium   |   2.5 Hours   |   1 Sample Image

100 out of 5
( 10 )

Learn to realistically cut out and paint hair in Photoshop. Make quick selections using Select Color Range, make advanced selections with Channels, and paint in new, ultra-realistic hair with the Brush Tool.

Medium   |   4.75 Hours   |   18 Video Tutorials   |   10 Photoshop Brushes

100 out of 5
( 39 )
bold vibrant coloring photoshop

Create colors that pop in any photo! Learn how to enhance colors in both Lightroom and Photoshop while making sure the people in your photos look natural.

Easy   |   1 Hours   |   4 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 9 )
edit family photos in lightroom classic

Join us through four complete edits as we show you how to balance exposure, add subtle color toning, draw more attention to subjects, and help life’s most precious moments last a lifetime.

Easy   |   1 Hour   |   4 Sample Images

80 out of 5
( 3 )

Recreate the color of style and style of any photograph using the color tools in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Easy   |   1 Hour   |   8 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 10 )

Learn the art of retouching or brush up on your skills! This tutorial will teach you how the pros work to remove blemishes, smooth skin, dodge and burn, apply makeup, and sharpen images. See our exclusive PHLEARN workflow and tools in action.

Medium   |   9.75 Hours   |   40 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 65 )

The most in-depth introductory photography course out there! Learn all about lenses and the fundamentals of exposure. See over 20 locations and photoshoots where we fuse techincal theory and practice.

Easy   |   14.75 Hours   |   75 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 44 )
soft light coloring lightroom photoshop

Give your photos a timeless feel with soft and subtle coloring in Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn how to lift shadows to recover detail, reduce contrast for a softer look, and add subtle color toning to the highlights and shadows with our included presets and LUTs.

Easy   |   1 Hours   |   4 Sample Images

100 out of 5
( 9 )

Removing a background can be one of the most challenging problems in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we show you how to remove a background, change background colors, remove unwanted objects, and make perfect selections of people and hair!

Medium   |   4.75 Hours   |   14 Video Tutorials

100 out of 5
( 28 )