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10 Questions Answered About Advanced Photoshop

Category: Photoshop
Feb 10

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You asked and we answered

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a casual conversation with your Phlearn Phriends to help answer your burning Photoshop questions.

Answer 1: Tone mapping 0:58
Answer 2: Apply Image vs. Blend-if 4:52
Answer 3: Color matching in composites 9:00
Answer 4: 3 Key advanced techniques 11:17
Answer 5: Coloring an object black 15:00
Answer 6: Realistic figures while compositing 19:55
Answer 7: Knowing when you are finished 25:26
Answer 8: Matching perspectives 27:23
Answer 9: Improving results for replacing a sky 32:02
Answer 10: Sharpening images for print and web 34:04

  • Brian Desimone

    you guys are amazing. i know you hear that all the time. but seriously. you’re amazing. thank you!


  • Justine Tjallinks

    Aaron, could you please help me out? Can you teach us how to make a (from a normal tone skin image) face either really really really white but still keeping the highlights, or either really really black also still maintaining the highlights.

    Kind of like the trick you did with the top of this girl in the tutorial, but than with skin. I would love to achieve this look but i keep on failing at it. In my images the skin just turns grey, like a black and white adjustment layer. I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks!!!!! ( you rock ^^ )

  • Eduardo Fiorito

    I’m having a similiar problem right now with a series called “life of a killer” (shot outdoor with an actor/model). It was first supposed to be a fake/documentary/naturalistic-like series, then I found out some images perfectly worked with a grunge style (dodge and burn, desaturatation, textures…), and some other in black and white and some other with a more natural documentary-like style but all together they just meant nothing. So I was led to think that, when you decide to do a series, you have to set rules first (e.g. it has to be black and white, with a creative use of textures…). Boundaries which will take away something from the single image to give it back to a more comprehensive meaning in the whole series perspective.

  • Aankhen

    Fantastic video. Regarding ‘Coloring an object black’, what about using a Hue/Saturation layer?

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