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Contest by Phlearn entitled “Females” Check It Out

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May 28

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This Week’s Contest: FEMALES

This week’s contest is all about females! All you need to do is submit your best photo of a female, girl, woman, chick, lady, or dudette in a comment below for the chance to win a free Phlearn PRO Tutorial of your choice! Contest ends Monday, June 3rd at 12:00 AM CST.

Last Week’s Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of last week’s contest! Contact us to receive a free Phlearn PRO Tutorial!

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Contest Guidelines:

How to Enter
Simply add your image to a comment below. Please only submit one image each week. You're submitting images to be edited, so don't do too much Photoshop beforehand. We want to teach not just how, but why edits are being made.

How to Win
The person who best exemplifies the contest theme will be the winner. If two entries are close, the amount of likes, comments, and a great description will be the deciding factor. Winners are chosen by the Phlearn team.

By submitting images, you give Phlearn LLC the right to digitally alter your image and display on, and use your image and any resulting derivatives to promote We reserve the right to change the rules whenever we want.

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  • Alex Darke

    This is my first entry – I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you guys are looking for! :)

  • Samuel Timothy Ouedraogo


  • Majed Alfaraj

    Hey everyone, i’m a street photographer.i hope you like the the photo

  • Dave

    That didn’t work so well. I’ll try again.

  • Amy Andress

    this is my beautiful friend Natalia :)

  • Alessio Vidal

    i, this is my entry. Kate, a friends of mine, “posing” during a Gondola tour in Venice!!

  • Peter Eisenschmidt

    Here is my photo for the contest.

  • Peter Eisenschmidt

    Here is my photo: It is also on my flickr:

  • Josep Vallejo

    My first time shooting with gels (backlight)

  • Joseph W. Brown

    -”Oreo’s are better with milk” (minor retouching, hope you enjoy!)

  • Milla Kouhia
  • aliYO
  • aliYO

    Here we go, yo! Here we go, yo!
    So what, so what, so what’s the scenario?

  • Guest

    to the Female contest! :)

  • Karl-Filip Karlsson

    Female contest

  • Jacob Benjamin Taylor
  • Hassnal Sulaiman
  • Marrek Mikula

    hi there,

    my grandma

  • Jake Hicks Photography

    Hey guys, love so many of the shots entered this week, here’s my submission for the ‘Females’ contest this week by

  • Morjane Filali

    “Urban Face”

  • Erica Coburn

    My entry! :)

  • François Vendiol

    This is great, makes me think of Erwin Olaf in a way.

  • Arielle Stroman

    My entry.

  • Kim Lein

    Good luck to everybody!

  • Jesse Herzog

    My girl!

  • Antony Shvain

    Something like this for weekly contest

  • Antony Shvain

    Something like this for weekly contest

  • Antony Shvain

    Please delete this comment, I accidentally duplicated write on behalf of the guest

  • Juan Carlos Salgado
  • Kyle Meadows

    I’m glad you said that! He was my inspiration for this shoot.

  • Jacek Woźniak

    my entry from our last weird shoot :)

  • François Vendiol

    Well you did great so !
    I mean, you got this “little thing” that inspired you :)
    Congrats !

  • Travis Zielinski

    Water element from my Element series, enjoy.

  • jennaskiing

    Here is my entry. Hope it’s not late! :) Guess I can’t get my image to load. Darn!

  • Craig Fouts

    Model: Holly Doll

  • rdewind

    maybe I’m late… but hey hope you guys and gals like it anyways :)

  • Jeroen van Rooij

    Love cought by window light ;)

  • Tjeerd Doosje

    My entry for this weeks contest. Succes everybody. And Aaron: you were amazing at Creative Live!

  • WayDen

    My lighting assistants, two sisters helping me shoot their youngest sister’s senior portraits on the windiest day of the year.

  • Simy

    my entry

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